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Longer free trial, lower pricing

Smith ReceptionHQ
Free trial 30-day 7-day
Cost $4.50/call $1.75/call
Pricing Per call Per call
Usage prepayment No $50
Call transfer Free $0.50/transfer
Text messages Free $0.20/message
Appointment Scheduling Yes No
Calendar Integration Yes No

ReceptionistPlus does not qualify leads or provide appointment booking functionality. With, texts and transfers are free. We don’t charge for wrong numbers or spam calls. We charge for the work we do, not the work we don’t. receptionists work smarter with better technology — meaning lower prices, a one month trial and no extra fees for you. Whether you try for a month or a lifetime, it will cost less than ReceptionHQ.

Straightforward Pricing

There are no confusing plans to choose from. Smith offers the same high quality receptionist service for every professional.

US Based Agents

Smith hires U.S. based receptionists who specialize in keeping your clients happy. Greet your clients with a familiar voice.

Call Intelligence

Our answering service uses machine intelligence to collect and summarize call information for you and your business.

— Smith gives you —

A longer free trial period

Lower cost per call

No hidden fees

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Questions? Answers!

How is the service different?

ReceptionHQ offers different plans, each devoted to either message taking, voicemail, live receptionist service, or appointment setting. The ReceptionistPlus plan includes live receptionist service, with the option to transfer calls and send text messages for an additional charge. We offer all of these features — including scheduling appointments and live transfers — in one service, for no additional cost. Our receptionists will even transcribe voicemails received after hours!

Why is your basic service more expensive?

While it is true that some of the ReceptionistPlus plans cost less than our basic service, their basic plan does not include any phone calls. At we understand the way our pros do business, so we keep pricing simple. One per call rate, with text messages and live transfers included at no additional cost. That is not the case with ReceptionHQ.

Why Is The Price Lower?

Smith offers you more for less, because of the technology we use. We’ve also considered the features you care about most and got rid of those most pros don’t need. focuses on improving workflow. And sometimes, less is more. We keep costs down when it comes to marketing as well. We only market through word of mouth and recommendations from our satisfied customers — so our customers aren't paying for radio advertising or other costly marketing campaigns. Also, unlike ReceptionHQ, we choose to maintain standard business hours for our live receptionist service, which are currently Monday – Friday, 6am–6pm PST / 9am–9pm EST.

Will You Transfer My Calls?

Yes, we will. We offer live transfer of calls. When an urgent or high priority call comes in, your Smith agent will attempt to connect you directly. If you are not available, we will send you an instant call summary via SMS or email. We can also help you set up automatic transfer for nights or weekends.

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