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It can be challenging to manage every aspect of a solo or small practice. Responding to every lead contacting your firm while you’re focused on existing work can be overwhelming. You’re not alone. Many businesses before you have faced similar challenges, leading them to delegate responsibilities to others. Outsourcing is an affordable and viable solution for any firm with limited time or resources. Because when you’re supporting customers and working against tight deadlines, it’s easy to forget simple tasks like responding to interested leads – leading to potential lost revenue. Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns is a cost-effective automated solution for businesses needing professional, sales-trained agents to make outbound calls on their behalf – whether to existing or potential new clients. This efficient solution can make a big difference in the number of opportunities generated and closed.

Case Study:


Adam Cohen, Managing Partner at Ticket Crushers, first discovered Smith.ai while attending a lawyer coaching event in Atlanta. At the time, he was using another answering service but was exploring other solutions that might be a better fit for his business.

He then reached out to Smith.ai to learn more and decided to move forward after the first call. He quickly went through the onboarding process and – since signing up – has never regretted his decision. 

Since joining Smith.ai, Adam has used both our Virtual Receptionist service and Outreach Campaigns to help manage and grow his business. Ticket Crushers uses our virtual receptionists to handle inbound calls as a backup answering option and for calls after business hours. They use our outreach campaigns for prompt lead engagement and sales follow-ups.

Before using Smith.ai, Adam was monitoring the firm’s email inboxes for new leads and client contact information. It was a major time suck and a work-life balance nightmare.  

With Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns, Ticket Crushers’ lead follow-up is now automated and can work much faster. Now, when new leads call or complete an online intake form, a Smith.ai agent is able to place an outbound call within minutes to qualify them before live transferring them to Adam and his team. Since using Smith.ai, Adam now only spends time talking with qualified leads, providing a much better experience for both him and the potential customer.

The impact on Ticket Crushers’ bottom line was felt immediately. Within one month of joining, Ticket Crushers’ revenue increased by 25% and they now convert about 80% of marketing qualified leads!

Our Solution:


Friendly, North America-based receptionists on duty 24/7.
Friendly, North America-based receptionists agents with expertise in sales and service available 24/7
Integration with their calendaring system.
Lead qualification & client intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
Daily email summary of all campaign activity.
Real-time online campaign dashboard to monitor status.
"The month after hiring Smith.ai, our revenue increased by 25%! Comparing last January [before Smith.ai] to this January [after hiring Smith.ai], revenue increased by 40%. Their outbound calling works so well. We close 80% of the viable DUIs we get. Before Smith.ai, I’d have to monitor the lead inbox. Now, Smith.ai is making the outbound call as soon as the lead comes in. They vet it for me, and I get to talk to only qualified leads. We essentially have a team of intake people [who] know our product and work directly for us."
Adam Cohen
Ticket Crushers

Ticket Crushers represents a diverse portfolio of clients throughout the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Southern California areas in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. Additionally, their team of attorneys handles numerous traffic infractions, defending drivers every day in court. As the business of criminal justice can be competitive, it’s important for firms like Ticket Crushers to be proactive in converting leads by executing outbound sales calls and outreach campaigns. Using Smith.ai’s Virtual Receptionists and Outreach Campaigns, Ticket Crushers can quickly intake clients and follow-up with new leads – before the potential client moves on to another firm. Time is money and Ticket Crushers has no interest in wasting either. 

Smith.ai is a superior 24/7 customer engagement solution for businesses and individuals. Our North American-based business development representatives are skilled at having high-quality sales conversations. We focus on reaching, engaging, and converting your leads through outbound calling to create more sales opportunities.

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