Outbound calls and sales development support's live agents make calls on your behalf following custom AI-driven workflows — so your in-house staff can stay focused on closing deals.

Our 24/7 live agents provide a rapid response

When a new lead reaches out, the clock is ticking. Wait just 5 minutes, and your chances of connecting with a new potential client drop by 80%.

That's where our 24/7 virtual agents save the day. We'll reach out immediately, initiate a conversation, and carry-out desired actions. Lead screening and intake, appointment scheduling, credit card transactions, call transfers — we'll handle it all.

Why leave new business to chance? We schedule for success.

There's truth in the saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." You may intend to call leads repeatedly until you make contact, but very few businesses carve out time for consistent, frequent follow-up. Our live agents follow customized call sequences, carefully mapped to the cadence that makes sense for your business.

Personal injury lawyers may need 5 calls made to new leads in 10 days, whereas Lasik surgeons may prefer a more extended schedule over 10 weeks. Heck, realtors may schedule annual check-ins after a home is purchased. We'll deveop a custom strategy with you and make the calls on your behalf to reach, engage, and convert those leads.

Wait just 5 minutes and your chances of connecting with a new potential client drop by 80%.

Simply share your instructions and identify an objective

We'll sound just like we're "in-house" at your business. Tell us the objective of the call and we'll work with you on a strategy, so we know what it means to be successful.

We can also accomplish much more than sales development calls for you. For example, you can ask our agents to call clients for payment on past-due invoices, thank donors for charitable contributions, request reviews from happy clients, or notify affiliate partners of a new product or service offering.

Monitor our agents' outreach in real-time

Stay connected and informed to our outreach activities even if you're grateful not to be involved. And you will be! See the current status, number of attempts we've made per call recipient, actions taken, and full call recordings and transcriptions of each call in our convenient online dashboard. Access all conversations and keep tabs on all calls handled by our agents.

No more weekly or monthly calls with account managers where you finally get to see your data — with, you have around-the-clock access to real-time results and metrics.

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Real-time call intelligence & analytics

Outreach Campaigns are ROI-sensitive. That’s why we customize our strategy to meet your specific objective and provide rich call intelligence so you can measure progress and results. Our North America-based agents, powered by AI, log each and every lead interaction. The real-time dashboard allows you to monitor call summaries and view follow-up messages (text or email) — along with a full-funnel view of campaign results. Plus, with an array of CRM and other business system integrations, your metadata can populate in the tools you use most to help better measure total sales performance.

24/7 professional outbound calling

Thanks to our hundreds of sales-trained agents, along with our AI technology, we’re able to make calls at the right time and with the right message. Our agents conduct sales outreach 24/7/365 — fully focused on your specific objective — to continually support your growing business.

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The best sales outreach services do much more than make outbound calls for you. At, we provide professional live agents who are capable of a wide range of services from lead qualification, to appointment scheduling, payment collection, new client intake, and more. Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive about our outreach campaigns.

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