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Increase your speed-to-lead

Our 24/7 live agents provide a rapid response

When a new lead reaches out, the clock is ticking. Wait just 5 minutes, and your chances of connecting with a new potential client drop by 80%.

That's where our 24/7 virtual agents save the day. We'll reach out immediately, initiate a conversation, and carry-out desired actions. Lead screening and intake, appointment scheduling, credit card transactions, call transfers — we'll handle it all.

An outreach plan for every campaign

Why leave new business to chance? We schedule for success.

There's truth in the saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." You may intend to call leads repeatedly until you make contact, but very few businesses carve out time for consistent, frequent follow-up. Our live agents follow customized call sequences, carefully mapped to the cadence that makes sense for your business.

Personal injury lawyers may need 5 calls made to new leads in 10 days, whereas Lasik surgeons may prefer a more extended schedule over 10 weeks. Heck, realtors may schedule annual check-ins after a home is purchased. We'll deveop a custom strategy with you and make the calls on your behalf to reach, engage, and convert those leads.

Custom outreach campaigns

24/7 professional outbound calling

Thanks to our hundreds of sales-trained agents, along with our AI technology, we’re able to make calls at the right time and with the right message. Our agents conduct sales outreach 24/7/365 — fully focused on your specific objective — to continually support your growing business.

Back your sales investment with data

Real-time call intelligence & analytics

Outreach Campaigns are ROI-sensitive. That’s why we customize our strategy to meet your specific objective and provide rich call intelligence so you can measure progress and results. Our North America-based agents, powered by AI, log each and every lead interaction. The real-time dashboard allows you to monitor call summaries and view follow-up messages (text or email) — along with a full-funnel view of campaign results. Plus, with an array of CRM and other business system integrations, your metadata can populate in the tools you use most to help better measure total sales performance.

Custom scripts, workflows & actions

Simply share your instructions and identify an objective

We'll sound just like we're "in-house" at your business. Tell us the objective of the call and we'll work with you on a strategy, so we know what it means to be successful.

We can also accomplish much more than sales development calls for you. For example, you can ask our agents to call clients for payment on past-due invoices, thank donors for charitable contributions, request reviews from happy clients, or notify affiliate partners of a new product or service offering.

In-the-loop, but not involved

Monitor our agents' outreach in real-time

Stay connected and informed to our outreach activities even if you're grateful not to be involved. And you will be! See the current status, number of attempts we've made per call recipient, actions taken, and full call recordings and transcriptions of each call in our convenient online dashboard. Access all conversations and keep tabs on all calls handled by our agents.

No more weekly or monthly calls with account managers where you finally get to see your data — with Smith.ai, you have around-the-clock access to real-time results and metrics.


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Back your sales investment with data

We play well with your software

We play well with business software

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. Here is a selection of our many integration partners.

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged into your systems. By syncing Smith.ai with your CRM and other tools, you can reduce manual activities across operations, sales, and marketing — saving you major time and dollars. With our Outreach Campaigns, pass lead data to us automatically through API integration or Zapier. Here is a selection of our many integration partners.

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"Smith.ai is just excellent. My go-to receptionist team that I use and recommend to other law firms... and business owners generally!! They go above and beyond to cater their receptionist and live chat services to the specific needs of my business."
Joey Vitale headshot
Joey Vitale
Indie Law
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Smith.ai was stellar. They listened to me and tailored my reception service to my specific needs. They were also very good about helping me stay within my budget.
Shamia Cottrell
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My only regret about hiring Smith.ai is that I didn't make the decision sooner. They've been instrumental in helping my team operate virtually during shelter-in-place orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Littleton Legal PLLC
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I love Smith.ai! This has been a really convenient service and enabled me to focus on my work more and screen customers more effectively.
Jennifer Fabian-Verzosa

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24/7 Outreach Campaigns FAQs

The best sales outreach services do much more than make outbound calls for you. At Smith.ai, we provide professional live agents who are capable of a wide range of services from lead qualification, to appointment scheduling, payment collection, new client intake, and more. Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive about our outreach campaigns.

What are the benefits of an outbound calling service?

An outbound calling service will call new leads, initiate conversations, and execute desired actions. From lead screening and new client intake to appointment scheduling and payment collecting, an outreach campaigns solution calls potential clients to reach, engage, and convert them to create new sales opportunities for your team.

The benefits of outreach campaigns include: 

  • Automate your sales funnel
  • Extend hours and capacity
  • Increase speed-to-lead
  • Boost work productivity
  • Enhance client satisfaction and brand reputation
  • Improve ROI on marketing efforts
  • Save money and time
  • Stay up-to-date with leads and clients

Busy teams who opt to use Smith.ai for outbound calling can experience benefits, such as:

Automate your sales funnel

Use outsourced business development representatives for fast, accurate outbound calls at scale. When a lead comes in, automatically add that lead to your Smith.ai outreach campaign via API or Zapier. Smith.ai’s friendly and professional representatives will initiate calls using AI-driven workflows and personalized messaging – custom to each campaign. We work to achieve your campaign objective, whether that’s booking meetings, promoting a special offer, or registering clients for an event. After each touchpoint, we’ll send the call details to your CRM for a full view of campaign performance and progress. 

Extend hours & capacity

With Smith.ai’s 24/7 outreach campaigns solution, your leads will always have a real person reach out to them on their time, regardless of whether your business is busy, closed, or on holiday. And if you combine outreach campaigns with our Virtual Receptionist service, your business will have 24/7 coverage for both inbound and outbound calls.

Increase speed-to-lead

Don’t miss out on new potential clients just because you’re too busy to pick up the phone. Smith.ai’s outreach campaigns can call new leads as soon as they come in. For example, our team can call immediately after a lead fills out a web form. That way, your business will never miss a sales opportunity. Or, we can call during specific set hours. The program details are controllable and customizable for each client.

Boost work productivity

Salespeople have a lot on their plates. Don’t waste time cold calling when you could be focused on selling and closing. Outsource your sales calls to a team of highly trained professionals and focus your in-house sales team where their time and expertise can make the biggest impact on the business.

Enhance client satisfaction and business reputation

At Smith.ai, we provide excellent service for a wide range of business types and industries. Our business development representatives are trained in sales, customer service, and hospitality, so we always hold professional conversations.

Improve ROI on marketing efforts

You’re investing time and money to attract new leads. Get the ROI you expect by handing off outbound calling efforts to Smith.ai. We can perform cold calls, book appointments, collect payments, and help ensure your marketing and sales investments are turning a profit.

Save money and time

Seamlessly add or enhance your business development team — minus the headache and cost of recruiting, onboarding, and paying full-time staff members. On average, customers who outsource outbound calling can save upwards of $60,000/year.

Stay up-to-date with leads and clients

Smith.ai allows you to monitor the success of your campaigns and get around-the-clock access to real-time analytics and metadata. See the current status of calls, the number of attempts we’ve made, actions taken, and full call recordings and transcriptions of each call in our convenient online dashboard

An outsourced calling service can provide your business with much-needed relief, whether your team is on a budget, overwhelmed by lead follow-up demands, or simply looking to boost sales output. 

With Smith.ai’s outreach campaigns solution, your business can generate more sales opportunities and meet important business goals. 

Smith.ai’s outreach service can provide businesses with:

With nearly limitless features, Smith.ai’s outreach campaigns can boost your team’s productivity, efficiency, and outbound marketing success. Smith.ai has offered quality service to businesses for years, and clients trust us to provide them with premium sales support. Read our 5-star reviews to learn why businesses prefer Smith.ai for outreach campaigns.

What’s the difference between your outsource campaigns and in-house sales staff?

Having a dedicated in-house outbound sales team be a costly venture. Take into consideration salaries, equipment, recruitment, and training. It can be a time-consuming and expensive venture. There is also a risk of technology use and processes not being followed with total efficiency. Outsourcing outbound calling can save your business from overextended budgets, missed lead opportunities, and administrative errors. Smith.ai's reliable outreach campaigns solution takes the pressure off your busy staff to focus on selling and closing.

Don't just take our word for it. Check out our clients' reviews to see why so many businesses trust Smith.ai to handle their outreach needs.

Are outreach campaigns cost-effective?

Absolutely. You can outpace your growth goals (and the competition) without the high risk or overhead associated with in-house hires. 

The average salary nationwide for an in-house business development representative is more than $50,000. 

That often comes with pricey additional fees, too:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance: about $11,000/year
  • Life and disability insurance: about $2,000/year
  • 401Ks, retirement, and pension plans: about $2,000/year
  • Paid sick leave, holidays, and vacations: about $5,500/year
  • Commuting reimbursement: about $5,000/year
  • Child care subsidy and parental leave: about $3,000/year
  • Health and wellness programs: about $1,000/year
  • Bonus pay: about $2,000/year
  • Company retreats and employee outings: about $4,000/year
  • Free lunch, snacks, and drinks: about $3,500/year

Total Cost, Including Salary: $89,000/year

If your business is located in a highly populated area, that cost may be even higher!

Smith.ai’s outreach campaigns cost as little as $2,400/month. By hiring our business development representatives to serve as your outreach team, your business could save more than $21,000/year on salary alone and up to $60,000/year if you compare total costs.

What common business problems indicate that I need outreach campaigns?

Keeping a business up and running is no simple task. That's why it's easy to see how quickly businesses can run into problems they struggle to resolve themselves. Common problems that indicate your business may benefit from a sales outreach are:

My team struggles to connect with leads

You may have a list of leads that need to be called, but your team may not always be ready and available to call them. For teams that already have enough on their plate, the number of leads that need to be properly reached, engaged, and converted can be overwhelming. Some team members give up after the first call if the lead doesn't answer or are unavailable to talk. The difference is outreach campaigns with Smith.ai will keep calling. We will engage with cold leads, so your sales team is only spending their time connecting with pre-qualified and ready-to-buy leads.

I can't afford to hire sales support staff

The average salary for a BDR is more than $50,000 annually. Calculating the various benefits and time businesses spend training and onboarding, the cost of hiring and managing this full-time staff member can be very expensive. Without affordable sales support, your business can miss out on converting new clients and revenue-generating opportunities. Smith.ai’s outreach campaigns solution is affordable and scalable so that it can grow alongside your business.

My team has difficulty connecting with prospects

Your staff may not have the time or expertise to connect with new leads. Maybe your team is too busy to spend their time making outbound calls, which means your prospects go unreached. Perhaps your team gives up after one call or one rejection, meaning they miss the majority of leads who convert after multiple call attempts. Or maybe your team is unfamiliar with cold calling techniques, which means even if they can get a lead on the phone, that lead may not be persuaded to take the next step. Our professionally trained representatives make up to five calls to each lead and work to meet your objective on each call.

Leads are left without a response

Teams who struggle to follow up with leads will not see the conversion rates they should. Whether staff members have limited availability or are simply forgetful, leads may wind up going to the next nearest competitor. Not only do we follow up with leads immediately, but we also offer email and SMS follow-ups for additional touchpoints to help you drive more sales opportunities.

If your business faces one or any of these challenges, Smith.ai’s outreach campaigns solution can help you convert more leads and deliver excellent service to clients. We take the pressure off your sales team and allow your business more flexibility in time and budget without compromising your client relationships. Smith.ai's agents can reach, engage, and convert leads to better fill your sales pipeline. That way, your team can spend time closing more deals.

What are the ways an outbound calling service can help businesses?

Outreach campaigns can do much more than just make outbound calls on your behalf. Our solution can help your business with:

Outbound sales calls may be a great way to get potential customers interested in your product or services, but nobody enjoys making cold calls. Smith.ai’s business development representatives can make them for you and take the pressure off your team. 

Setting appointments with potential customers is often more difficult than the meeting itself. Let us help you get your foot in the door by setting appointments with potential clients on your behalf.

Not every lead on the list will be a good fit for your business. We can qualify leads based on your criteria and perform intake on the ones that fit. 

Lead nurturing is crucial if you want to move prospects through your sales funnel. Outsource your calling to Smith.ai and let our skilled agents guide your leads in the right direction.

Getting people to register for an event can be tricky. Smith.ai ensures your hopeful attendees not only understand what your event is about, but sign them up right then and there.

Have a new promotion or offer for your clients? Smith.ai can reach out to make sure your most valued customers and potential clients s don’t miss out.

Looking for feedback to improve your business? We can help with surveys so you can gain valuable market research or customer insight to develop your business further. 

Smith.ai can educate your target audience about a new feature, update existing clients on changes to their accounts, or send alerts in emergencies. That way, your customers can always be up-to-date at all times.

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“So much more than an answering service. Smith gives us a personal way to focus on executing at the fast pace required in startup life.”
Edward Aten
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Affordable monthly plans for every budget

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