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In sales, the right words can make or break a deal. Advertising has been around as long as businesses have had products and services to sell, and the English language hasn’t changed much in that time. So, how do you keep things fresh when it seems like everything’s been done before?

There are some keywords that you’ll find yourself wanting to use throughout your content, including words like “trust” and “quality” and other words that draw people in and make them feel like you’re worthy of their business. If you really want to build the aforementioned trust, your word choice needs to be the first order of business.

The goal of advertising is in the words

In the list below, we’ll look at 20 different advertising phrases that keep customers engaged or get their attention. They all have their own intentions, which is another thing you’ll want to think about when you’re choosing your words. Typically, these phrases will do things like:

·  Build trust

·  Create urgency

·  Reduce risk

·  Convey authority

·  Reduce uncertainty

·  Invite purchasing

·  Spark curiosity

·  Offer connection

·  Infer benefits or growth

·  Communicate value

Consider these things as you read the list below, and whenever you are stuck coming up with good copy, ad phrases, social media posts, and more. But, don’t make this a finite list or limit yourself here. Consider this the jumping-off point to get creative with your campaigns and create phrases that reflect your business’s values, voice, and unique value proposition.

The 20 advertising phrases that still work 

1. Guaranteed

Everyone loves a guarantee. The less risk your business presents, the more likely people are to give it a try. That’s where demos, guarantees, and the next couple of phrases come into play.

2. Try it before you buy it!

Here’s another one that reduces the risk assumed by the customer. If you offer them the chance to try out your products or services before they commit, you’ll be able to show them why you’re worth the investment.

3. No obligation

Like we said, people like reduced risk. If you use this phrase, you’ll get their attention. This means they can check things out, or even buy your product or service in full, and still return it or get a refund if they’re not satisfied, regardless of the reason.

4. Get yours now!

Sense of urgency is an important tool in marketing and phrases like this will get people to get on board before it’s gone. Plus, saying “yours” assigns ownership to them, which feels more powerful.

5. Limited time

No one wants to miss a special offer. You shouldn’t lie about these specials if you’re not really running a “limited time” offer, though. Make sure you have a special campaign in mind that you can market and be sure that people know it’s not going to be around forever.

6. Last call!

Again, no one wants to miss out and if they know something is about to be unavailable, they might be more inclined to try it out.

7. Don’t miss yours!

This is another one that assigns ownership and creates urgency all at once, which is quite effective.

8. Discover [product/service/solution]

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s what keeps consumers, well, “consuming.” People are curious by nature. Use words and phrases like this to pique their interest.

9. Imagine never having to [problem] again…

Start by letting them know right away what problem you’re going to solve. Let their mind wander and think about how great it would be to never have that issue anymore. When you use this phrase and showcase a solution, people will engage.

10.  Inside scoop

This is another one that piques curiosity. It also gives people a chance to feel like they’re getting an exclusive offer or resource that isn’t readily available to the public.

11.  We’ve got your back

Reassurance, support, and trust—those are three factors that consumers today cannot go without. When you're marketing, use phrases like this to build trust and convey your position as the best solution for their problem.

12.  Premium

Don’t use this unless you mean it, but if you do, it can serve you well. When you offer high-quality products, using a word like “premium” will get people’s attention.

13.  One-of-a-kind

Again, people like feeling like they’re getting something exclusive or special. This phrase will always be a winner.

14.  Best-in-class

Quality matters and the way you convey that quality makes a difference. Phrases like this let people know that you have a high-quality, innovative solution that is the best available.

15.  Cutting edge

Cutting edge means innovative, ahead of the pack, and unlike anything else. It’s a phrase that will always get people’s attention.

16.  Boost your …

The word “boost” suggests growth or improvement, which everyone wants in their lives. Use this in your marketing to get people engaged because they want something better.

17.  Enhance

This goes along the same lines as “boost”—you’re giving people a product or service that improves their lives.

18.  Without breaking the bank

Everyone loves saving money. Use this phrase to get their attention about how affordable your product/service is.

19.  Cost-effective

For those on a budget, they want to know that they’re still getting quality solutions. Rather than saying “cheap” or another word with a negative connotation, “cost-effective” means they’re getting a good value for their money.

20.  Reap the rewards

If there are rewards involved, people should know. This phrase is an effective one because it does just that. Plus, it puts the ownership in the hands of the customer—they’re going to get rewarded for choosing your product or service.

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