Why us?

Smith.ai was founded with a mission to help business owners succeed. Justin's mother owned a graphic design studio, and he saw first-hand that the overhead of running the business — not the work itself — dominated the daily schedule. Aaron, cofounder of RedBeacon and later CTO of Home Depot, spent time with thousands of professionals across industries, hearing the same story: it's hard to be excellent at what you do if you don't always have time to do it.

And we're uniquely qualified. Our team brings together leadership from companies that know small business — Google, Intuit, and Home Depot. We build our products in-house, based on feedback and requests from customers. This means when you need something, we can do it — unlike other services without their own engineering teams. We've logged thousands of hours working directly with law firms, IT consultancies, and more, getting to know what moves the needle on their business, and how we can help.

Who we are

Aaron Lee

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Ex-CTO of The Home Depot and co-founder of Redbeacon, acquired by Home Depot in 2012. Aaron was a founding engineer on Google Video and led YouTube monetization.

Justin Maxwell

Cofounder & Chief Design Officer

Most recently a design lead in Google’s Android group, Justin has designed products and led teams for Google, Apple, Mint (Intuit), Sony, and plenty of startups along the way.

Our company is based out of Palo Alto, CA, but our team is spread across North America — from WA to FL, Canada to Mexico. When we originally started, we often included the phrase "U.S.-Based" in our marketing materials to communicate "we don't use offshore non-native speakers." But we found that there are great receptionists north and south of the U.S., many of whom speak the languages our clients want. (We can do Spanish and Canadian French callbacks.)

Giving Back

Many of Smith.ai’s receptionists and support team members are from military families. Giving back to their communities is important to who we are as a company. We make annual contributions to these organizations: