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Human insight with AI precision

We’re a tech-focused company solving today’s biggest customer engagement problems for small & medium businesses. But as amazing as our AI is, humans are a critical part of the system. It’s our live agents and behind-the-scenes teams that make our solutions the best available.

Improvement is our North Star. We constantly seek to expand our knowledge in the areas of what we do so we can better support our customers — and each other.

From in-house engineers to product designers to sales executives to client onboarding specialists, each department communicates, organizes, prioritizes, and reflects. As diverse individuals with different strengths and weaknesses, we lean on each other throughout our daily projects and tasks. This environment of trust builds better teams to achieve our goals.

what we believe

Our core values


It’s a simple question, but it forms the foundation for our work. Questions help us get to the root of issues and align our team on principles and direction. Beyond this, we’ve developed six additional core values that speak to how we work. Each contributes to our success.

The most important thing

Time is our most precious commodity. We spend it wisely.

Accountability is key

We own both our successes and failures to continually improve.

Assume it won’t work

We weigh the risks and are prudent in our decision-making.

Customers first

We ask, understand, and work to solve our customers’ problems.

Communicate with respect

We model the behaviors and language our customers expect.

Value relationships

We work together as a tight-knit group and depend on each other.

where we work

Centered around a mission, not a headquarters

Our focus is clear. We help businesses prioritize what they do best. Solving their customer engagement challenges frees them up to focus on more impactful work. In doing so, they can enjoy greater peace of mind, generate new sales opportunities, and keep their existing customers happy.

Our work environment is challenging, rewarding, and empowering, while our employees are adaptable, ethical, and reliable. Team members band together to build better experiences for our customers. We have cultivated a culture of excellence that works to make a difference in the lives of our small business clients (and their bottom lines).

We can only do this by building the best teams. That means hiring top people and valuing the qualities that make them stand out. It means fostering relationships and knowing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

our reviews

Don’t take our word for it

We believe in transparency and authenticity, and what better way to understand what it’s like to work at Smith.ai than from the people who live it every day? Don’t just take our word for it — discover what our employees say about their experiences, growth, and journey at Smith.ai.
There’s so many ways to feel connected to co-workers.
The job itself is challenging, but with all the developments around generative and conversational AI, it’s an extremely exciting time to be part of something big.
Kelsey Fisher
Associate Product Manager
Connectivity to leadership is incredibly inspiring.
I see great opportunities for mentorship from folks who genuinely care about our success. There is a strong top down value placed on being open to feedback, suggestions, and new ideas, which makes me feel valued and empowered.
Brad Steinberg
Senior Program Manager
My team doesn’t just say nice things randomly.
We’ve created a positive environment where we regularly give shout-outs. It’s always important to know you are appreciated but even more so in a remote environment.
Brittany Gibbs
Head of Client Operations

Named one of the best places to work

For the second year in a row, Business Intelligence Group named Smith.ai one of the winners of their annual best places to work award in 2023!