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We’ll professionally manage your business calls, chats, and texts to create more sales opportunities.

Start with the basics

The most important features for top-tier customer engagement.
24/7 phone answering
Live agents answer your calls around-the-clock so you never miss an opportunity.
24/7 outbound calling
Our agents make outreach calls on your behalf to create more sales opportunities.
24/7 website chat
Our agents + AI work together to convert leads on your website.
CRM integration
Calls, chats, and appointments are automatically logged in your CRM.
Appointment booking
We book appointments for new leads or existing clients directly on your calendar.
Lead screening/intake
We’ll capture and qualify your leads based on your target audience and custom criteria.
Bilingual answering
If your customer base is Spanish-speaking, bilingual agents are available to you.
Warm phone transfers
When the lead is ready to take the next step, we can immediately hand-off to your team.
Payment collection
From registration costs to consultation fees, we make sure you get paid.
Free spam blocking
Our AI automatically blocks more than 20 million robocalls and spammers for free.
SMS text answering
We’ll respond to texts and convert customers engaging from their phones.
Call intelligence & metadata
Access and view real-time call data available in every client dashboard.
Outbound callbacks
Improve speed-to-lead and make sure every opportunity is followed up properly.
Call recording & transcription
With your opt-in, we record and transcribe all calls handled by our live agents.
Email & SMS follow-up
Based on your criteria, we’ll send a follow-up SMS or email after the call.
Temporary receptionist
We’ll fill in for staff during lunch breaks, vacations, or other custom times.
After-hours answering
We handle calls on nights and weekends so your customers always feel supported.
Overflow answering
If you don’t pick up first, we’re here to answer your calls.

Virtual Receptionist services

24/7 live receptionists
Live agents work in tandem with AI technology so calls are handled quickly & accurately.
North America-based agents
Our live virtual receptionists all work from quiet home offices throughout North America.
Familiar with your business
We’ll answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services & more.
Friendly demeanor
We have years of experience handling calls — answering with compassion and authenticity.
Transfer to multiple places
With smart call routing, we make sure calls are transferred to the right person, every time.
Online dashboard
View call summaries, access invoices, request changes to your account & more.
Dedicated Spanish line
Every call can be answered and handled in Spanish by a fully bilingual receptionist.
Callback on client calls
Receptionists promptly return any incomplete calls or calls lost due to cell connection issues.
Instant email summary of calls
Get a summarized message of every call sent immediately to your email inbox.
Call notifications via text
We can instantly text you the new contact’s name, phone number & email after every call.
Daily call summaries via email
At 6:30 PM PT, you’ll receive an email that summarizes all calls you received that day.
Call disposition
We tag all calls with type, urgency, and actions taken and share that data in your dashboard.
Worldwide service
Establish a North American presence by having our agents answer calls on your behalf.
International transfers
Located outside the United States? We can transfer calls to anywhere in the world.
Set availability via text
Easily text us an updated status and tell us how you’d like us to handle your incoming calls.
Appointment reminders
We’ll call clients with upcoming appointments to reduce no-show rates and cancellations.
Outbound calls
Receptionists can make outbound calls on a one-time or recurring basis to save you time.
Caller recognition
Our technology recognizes clients and repeat callers for an improved customer experience.
Customized greetings
Our virtual receptionists answer calls using a personalized greeting that’s specified by you.
Inbound call tracking
Get a full 360 view of your marketing campaigns by using tracking numbers.

Outreach Campaign services

24/7 live agents
Professional sales-trained agents make your outbound calls and engage your leads.
Online campaign dashboard
Monitor real-time statuses, attempts we’ve made, and call outcomes for each contact.
Goal-oriented workflows
Our agents carry out your instructions on each call with your objective as their #1 focus.
Adjustable call cadences
For each campaign, we can set the timing between each call & the days calls are made.
White-glove customer service
Hands-on account managers plus scripting & quality assurance to improve success rates.
Email & SMS follow-Up
Our agents can send follow-up emails and text messages for important added touchpoints.
Automatically add leads
Increase speed-to-lead by adding recipients to campaigns with our open API or Zapier.
Inbound call handling
If you also have an active virtual receptionist plan, we can accept your inbound calls, too.
Friendly and fluent
With years of SDR experience, our team speaks clearly and confidently in American English.
Bilingual agents
Spanish-speaking agents are available to cater campaigns specifically to your audience.
North America-based agents
Our team of sales-trained agents all work from quiet home offices throughout North America.
Worldwide service
Establish a North American presence by having our team make your sales calls for you.
Email summary of calls
Get a summarized message of every outbound call sent immediately to your email.
Customizable setup
From objective to call cadence — all campaigns are set up specific for you and your business.
Copywriting & messaging
We’ll work with you to write custom copy and messaging for outreach calls, emails & texts.
Multi-channel engagement
Five calls per contact with multi-channel engagement for an extra layer of engagement.

Live Chat services

Live chat agents
Live agents work in tandem with AI so conversations are handled efficiently, 24/7.
AI technology
Our proprietary live chat technology enables agents to offer exceptional service to clients.
Custom knowledge base
Build a knowledge base that immediately answers common questions from customers.
SMS text answering
Our live agents can answer texts sent to your business to capture, screen & convert leads.
Online dashboard
Access invoices, view playbooks, and train your AI chatbot with Q&A in your online dashboard.
Proactive chat
Prompt visitors to engage in a conversation immediately, or after 15, 30, or 60 seconds.
Text notifications
Get notified on your phone with a text message every time a new chat occurs.
Real-time translation
We leverage neural network AI to instantly translate chats between English and Spanish.
Custom branding & colors
Choose how your chat widget looks on your website so it matches your brand design.
Custom placement
Choose where your chat widget is displayed — site-wide or just on specific pages.
Easy to install
Our technology makes it easy to embed our chat widget into any website CMS.
Familiar with your business
We’ll answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services & more.
Our chat widget works on every device and browser — computer, tablet, or phone.
Chat transcripts
View full chat transcripts of all conversations between our agents and your customers.
Customized greetings
With custom greetings, our agents remain on-brand to sound just like your in-house team.
Chat insight & metadata
Access real-time chat analytics and full transcripts available in every client dashboard.
Google Analytics
Sync chat data directly into your Google Analytics account for streamlined reporting.

Lead management & intake

Lead screening
We’ll capture, screen, and qualify leads based on your target audience and custom criteria.
New client intake
We’ll complete new intake forms so lead information goes directly into your CRM.
Transfer to multiple locations
Using ZIP code lookup, we can transfer calls to different numbers across your business.
Business referrals
Monetize your “bad leads” by referring them to someone on your list of referral businesses.
Transfer destinations
Our live agents can transfer a caller directly to you or a team member based on your settings.
Pre-qualify leads
We pre-qualify before scheduling consultations so you only spend time with the best leads.

Phone services

Use your existing number
Port your current land line or mobile number from your carrier for no extra cost.
Dedicated phone number
Get a local or toll-free number dedicated to you — and only you — to use across channels.
Works with popular VoIP
Our technology makes it easy to connect live call answering with a VoIP phone.
Business caller ID
When making outbound calls, your customers only ever see one phone number: Yours.
Local caller ID matching
Purchase multiple numbers displayed to leads across your outreach campaigns.
Conditional call forwarding
Set your phone to only forward certain calls to Works with all major carriers.
High-quality sound
Premium VoIP software ensures high-quality voice and sound for all inbound and outbound calls.
Call notifications via SMS
We can instantly text you a contact’s name, phone number, or email after every call.

Integrations & analytics

CRM integration
Integrate with your CRM to push calls, chats, and contact information into your system.
Booking software
We integrate with a number of appointment scheduling software, including Calendly!
Conflict checks
Our agents securely check for conflicts in law firm CRMs before booking consultations.
Zapier integration
Build custom automations to more than 5,000 apps with our Zapier integration.
Open API
Automatically connect our services and your data to your custom systems via our open API.
Customer service & support
We can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or customer service tickets.
Custom data fields
Pass through any important tracking data and add them to your existing campaigns.
Payment software
From registration costs to consultation fees — we make sure you get paid.
E-commerce orders
Our agents gather e-commerce details such as order numbers or customer addresses.

Spam block & call services

Blocked spam calls
We automatically block over 20 million robocalls and spam calls — for free!
Blocked callers
Never want to hear from that caller again? Specify certain numbers to block at any time.
VIP list
Enable important clients to ring you directly — bypassing our agents — and going straight to you.
Blocked sales calls
We can block unsolicited sales calls from advertisers, telemarketers & vendors.

Summaries & notifications

Daily call summary via email
At 6:30 pm PT daily, you’ll receive an email summarizing all calls you received that day.
Email or SMS summaries
Get a summary of each call (or a chat transcript) sent immediately to you via email or text.
Microsoft Teams integration
Accept or reject call transfers in Teams and receive summaries in a dedicated channel.
Slack integration
Accept or reject call transfers in Slack and receive summaries in a dedicated channel.
Sorted by department
Calls can be marked and routed to the appropriate department (e.g., sales@), upon request.
Call quota notifications
Don’t be surprised by overage fees. We’ll notify you when you hit your monthly call quota.

Call recording & transcription

Call recording
Upon opt-in, we’ll automatically record all calls handled by our virtual receptionists.
Searchable transcripts
Find a conversation — and its full details — quickly and easily with searchable transcripts.
Access call recordings & transcripts directly from your CRM when connected to

Voicemail services

Voicemail to MMS
Audio files of a voicemail recordings can be sent directly to you via text message after the call.
Unlimited voicemails
There’s no limit or extra charges on any calls that are sent directly to your voicemail.
Voicemail to email
We can send a voicemail recording directly to your email immediately after the call.
Customized voicemail
You can choose to have a professional voiceover actor record your voicemail greeting for you.

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