Overflow call answering service

Don’t lose business or drop calls just because you’re too busy to answer.

We’ll ring you so you have the first chance to answer and pick up your phone if you're away.
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Professional backup

An extension of your office

Think of Smith.ai as an extra receptionist. We answer calls, give directions to your office, schedule appointments, screen leads, and more. We’ll provide simple-to-use overflow services.

Be a highly responsive business

Never send a caller to voicemail

Every person that goes to voicemail could be a missed opportunity for new business. Let us back up your team to ensure no call is left unanswered, and hold times remain low.

Capture late-night leads

24/7 call overflow answering

Never miss a call from a new lead — even at 2am. We’ll answer all of your after-hours calls for 24/7 overflow coverage.

We'll handle your overflow

Answer all calls during peak periods

Running a successful marketing campaign? Have a temporary boost in calls all at once? We can answer an unlimited number of calls at once, so you can take full advantage of a peak in interested leads.


We play well with your software

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. Here is a selection of our many integration partners.

Talk to our expert sales team

Book a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Learn how Smith.ai can help your business. We'll address your questions about Smith.ai in general, whether you're interested in our 24/7 phone receptionists, live chat, or both.

Live Receptionists

"In-House" Quality

Lead Screening


Call-Back Leads

English & Spanish

Trusted by businesses &
the agencies that support them

"Smith.ai is a plug-and-play intake process and a built-in sales machine."
Gyi Tsakalakis
How Do The Best Businesses Make Use of Smith.ai?

Use our best practices to hit the ground running with Smith.ai virtual receptionists, and achieve results from Day One.