Lead screening services with client intake

68% of leads consulted with a business they didn't hire. Stop wasting time with unqualified leads. Our virtual receptionists capture, qualify & intake new leads for you on the first call or chat — using your criteria.

Pre-qualified leads only

Our virtual receptionists ask for context — not just a name and phone number. We’ll only pass on leads who are a fit for your business.

Less back-and-forth, less wasted time

You don’t need a list of unfiltered leads to call or email at the end of the day. We’ll vet clients up front, saving you time and energy.

68% of leads consulted with a business they didn’t hire — taking up valuable time and resources on unqualified leads.

Increase revenue with ideal clients

Accelerate growth and efficiency when you only take on qualified clients. Spend your time on clients who make your business money.

New client intake

Know more about your leads faster when we gather custom or business-specific information. We’ll get case numbers, traffic ticket numbers, property addresses for real estate, etc.

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Outreach Campaigns
Where we reach, engage & qualify leads to build your book of business. 
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Web Chat
The best channel for sales, service & support by utilizing bots, humans, or both.
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Get to know your leads ahead of time with call intelligence

Leverage real-time historical call data displayed in Smith.ai’s convenient online dashboard to predict business growth and costs, and make better business decisions with superior accuracy. Access everything that happened on a call, including receptionist’s notes and metadata such as actions completed, caller disposition, priority, relevance, call recordings, and much more.

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“Smith.ai is a plug-and-play intake process and a built-in sales machine.”
Gyi Tsakalakis

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