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PracticePanther is a law practice management software for client intake (CRM), document management, billing, and more. Now you can automatically add Chat intake info and transcripts directly into PracticePanther. Use this integration to create a seamless process from web visitor chat to creating a contact (or lead) in your CRM. Each time a web visitor engages with live chat on your site, the transcript will be logged in PracticePanther, either as a new contact or as new activity for an existing contact.

Facilitate client conversion and intake by using Live Chat alongside PracticePanther. Learn more about how to easily set up and start using this integration.

How Chat & PracticePanther Work Together

This integration is fairly simple. When you connect Chat to PracticePanther, contact information and transcripts from web chat conversations will be logged in your PracticePanther account under “Contacts.” For new web visitors, a new contact will be created. Returning web visitors will have their contact activity updated with a new chat transcript. Setup takes a few minutes and then the platforms will communicate automatically. You don’t have to do anything else!

How to Connect PracticePanther to Chat

These instructions assume you already have a PracticePanther account. If you don’t, go set one up at and come back here.

  1. Sign in to your Chat account and navigate to Integrations.
  2. Click on the “PracticePanther” tile. Then click the button to connect.
  1. Sign into your PracticePanther account (unless you have already). Then you'll be transferred to a screen asking for authorization of data sharing between PracticePanther and Click “Grant Access.”

That’s it! You’ll then be sent back to’s dashboard where you should see PracticePanther is now connected. Your live chat contact information and conversation transcripts will now start appearing in your PracticePanther account after every relevant chat.

Please note: PracticePanther integration is an add-on service for chat and will incur an additional fee. View add-on pricing.

How to Access Chat Transcripts in PracticePanther

Once this integration is set up, new contacts will start to appear in your PracticePanther account. Here's how to access them:

  1. If the chat was logged recently or you have a low volume of activity, you should be able to see the new contact in the “Recent Activity” section of your PracticePanther main dashboard.
  1. To access all contacts created within the current day, navigate to the Contacts tab in PracticePanther and set the Created Date to “Today.”
  1. As you review the new contacts, check the "notes" or "activities" tab in each contact to review the chat transcript. Remember you will also always get an email from with every chat transcript.

Sign Up For Live Chat

If you don’t have Live Chat yet, get started with our 14-day money back guarantee! Our live agents will answer your web visitors’ questions, qualify leads, schedule appointments, take billing info, and more. And with 30+ integrations with programs like PracticePanther, it’s a no-brainer for the modern-day lawyer.

Integrate Virtual Receptionists & Chat Services with PracticePanther

Capture more leads when you combine virtual receptionists and chat services.’s live call receptionists service also integrates with PracticePanther, so acquiring and managing contacts and clients is easier than ever. Want to learn more? Send us an email at or call us from Monday - Friday between 5am – 6pm PT / 8am – 9pm ET at (650) 727-6484. We are happy to help you set up the right integrations and workflows for your practice.

Do you want us to integrate with a new platform or software? Let us know by filling out this form! We use your requests to prioritize new integrations.

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Written by Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson is the former marketing manager at She is a legal tech expert focused on helping solos and small firms with their practices through tech-enabled operations, digital marketing, and communications.

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