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Smith.ai's legal answering service handles calls & texts, 24/7, screens new leads, books consultations, and collects payments – so you can focus on billable work.
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Incoming calls are unpredictable

Calls come in, but you're not always available to answer them. When people need to speak with an attorney, it may be during an urgent situation, making every call an important call. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a potential lead because of a missed call. And most of the time, people won't bother leaving a voicemail— instead they will just call another lawyer or law firm. Never miss out on a potential client or miss a call from an existing client again. Our legal answering services can help with capturing and screening callers, gathering new client information, scheduling appointments, and logging details instantly in your CRM and on your calendar.

Get work done while we handle incoming calls

Your law firm only has so much time. And you can't delegate legal work. Hand off "the rest" to our legal answering service. Our virtual receptionist service can assist in client intake by screening calls, scheduling appointments, and taking payments so you can focus on your legal practice. If you're in the middle of a client call or in a meeting with one of your legal clients, be confident that everything else is being taken care of by our professional virtual receptionist.

We provide 360-degree coverage to manage both your inbound and outbound customer engagement.

Powerful call intelligence gives your firm the lead

Make better business decisions with real-time call data, visualized in every Smith.ai client dashboard. Every call summary is enriched with metadata including actions completed, caller disposition, priority, relevance, call recording and transcription, and more. See the big picture with historical tables and charts to predict business growth, costs, and ROI with superior accuracy.

Outreach calls and campaigns speed-up sales and support

Smith.ai receptionists make calls on your behalf, improving your speed-to-lead and unburdening staff who need to reach out to clients. We'll call-back online leads who complete web forms, contact donors for donation renewals, chase down payments on unpaid invoices, and more. We'll even send follow-up emails and texts after every call to ensure a connection is made. Learn more.

of clients base their decision to hire on a law firm's initial responsiveness
of consumers expect an immediate response to a service inquiry
of legal professionals report "often" interruptions from clients
of a lawyer's day is spent recovering from interruptions

Screen customers faster with live chat & texts

Prospective clients come to your law firm's website with questions. With Smith.ai 24/7 Live Answering Service and Chat, we respond in seconds to turn website visitors into qualified consults. Plus, we answer texts, too.

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