Outbound call-backs

Smith.ai follows up with your leads for fast, effective screening & scheduling.

We call-back web leads who complete forms or download lead magnets.
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Get prospects on the phone faster

Capture more leads with 24/7 call-backs

82% of consumers expect an immediate response to a sales inquiry. When we call-back your lead, you’ll be the first business to respond and win the client every time.

Professionals extensions of your team

Sales-oriented receptionists

With professional receptionists ready to impress your leads, Smith.ai serves as a team for outbound sales calls. Drive more conversions without needing to hire and train staff.

Leads qualified and booked

Screening & scheduling saves you time

We'll ask a couple of screening questions and book qualified leads on the calendar you already use. That way, you spend time on the leads most likely to convert to clients.

Nurture your leads

Follow-up texts & emails

After calling, qualifying, and scheduling your leads, we can send a text message or email with links to intake forms or more information. Start nurturing your new leads immediately!


We play well with your software

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. Here is a selection of our many integration partners.

Talk to our expert sales team

Book a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Learn how Smith.ai can help your business. We'll address your questions about Smith.ai in general, whether you're interested in our 24/7 phone receptionists, live chat, or both.

Live Receptionists

"In-House" Quality

Lead Screening


Call-Back Leads

English & Spanish

Trusted by businesses &
the agencies that support them

"Smith.ai is a plug-and-play intake process and a built-in sales machine."
Gyi Tsakalakis
How Do The Best Businesses Make Use of Smith.ai?

Use our best practices to hit the ground running with Smith.ai virtual receptionists, and achieve results from Day One.