live virtual receptionist services Outreach Campaigns: Engage more leads and clients when our virtual agents serve as your outreach team.

Our professional, North America-based virtual agents make calls for your business and follow custom AI-driven workflows to maximize outcomes. Keep your staff focused on their work while we serve as your outreach team. Pricing starts at just $12 per contact.

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You provide the leads, and we'll ensure they are engaged, qualified, and converted. Send us prospects, leads, clients, donors, partners, or any others who need outreach.
We're all about scheduling. We can make outreach calls according to your timing preferences. We can also book meetings with leads as part of our outreach work.
Our friendly, professional agents will handle all your calls with a smile, 24/7/365. We sound just like in-house, or even better.
Our agents work to achieve your campaign goals, whether that's setting appointments with new leads, promoting a special offer, or registering clients for an event, to name a few.
Our agents can send an email and text message after each call to boost engagement and conversion rates.
Track campaign performance to see which recipients converted, how many calls have been made, and more.

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Outreach Campaigns FAQ

Can I run more than one campaign at a time?

Yes. We can run multiple campaigns simultaneously for you, each with its own specific instructions, objective, messaging, call cadence, and contact list. You can see all campaigns within your account from your dashboard.

Do I have to sign a contract to begin an outreach campaign?

No. We offer on-demand outreach campaigns for clients looking to immediately exercise an on-hand contact list, and these campaigns require no long-term commitment or recurring investment.

Or, you can sign up for ongoing outreach, which requires a three-month minimum commitment. After the initial three months, billing switches to month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time with proper notice. If you ever cancel, we bill for and through the end of the current monthly billing cycle, and then you’re done. And we will miss you.

Can you display my caller ID when making outreach calls?

Yes. Outreach campaign calls can come from your business phone number. This is particularly useful for potential and existing clients who may already have saved your number or likely recognize it.

Alternatively, we can use a phone number that matches the area code of your contacts with local caller ID matching.

Why do you bill per-contact instead of per-minute or per-agent?

We like to keep billing simple and transparent. If you’re tracking cost-per-appointment within your marketing and sales efforts, there’s no mystery accounting involved. You don’t need to track hiring costs, salaries, bonuses, etc. We incur the overhead and take care of all the work for you. You can easily measure your ROI by the amount invested against the number of opportunities generated.

Can I limit the calling hours if I don’t want outbound calls made 24/7?

Yes. Simply tell us what hours you want us to make calls, and we’ll only place calls during those times while also considering the time zone of your contacts and your business. 

We can also adjust the hours we attempt transfers to you and your staff, whether or not we call 24/7. You can even set different hours for outreach campaign calls than the hours set on your Virtual Receptionist plan (if both services are active).

I have staff. Will they each need separate accounts for transferred calls?

No. Your employees don't need separate accounts. We can transfer calls to their individual lines. We offer transfer destinations for this purpose. We can also add custom work schedules for each of your team members.

Is a Virtual Receptionist plan required for an Outreach Campaigns plan?

No. Virtual receptionist and outreach campaign plans can be purchased independently. However, considering that outreach campaigns tend to increase inbound call volume, we recommend signing up for our Virtual Receptionist service to limit missed calls and phone interruptions to your business.

Can I sign up for a longer term?

Yes. You can save money when you do, too! We offer annual plans at a 10% discount, which require upfront payment.

Do you offer discounted plans?

Yes. We offer discounts for one- and two-year prepaid plans.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. We can discuss custom, high-volume pricing for your campaign. Please book a free consultation with our team. charges per-call for Virtual Receptionist plans, but per-contact for Outreach Campaign plans. Why?

That’s right. Virtual receptionist plans are priced per-call, meaning you’ll only pay for the calls we handle, based on a monthly plan minimum paid upfront. Outreach campaigns are priced per-contact, meaning you’ll only pay for the number of contacts you reserve us to call. We do this because multiple calls are often needed in order to successfully reach someone. 

Instead of paying $6.50 to $8.50 per call for every call attempt, our per-contact pricing means you’ll only be paying $12 to $15 per contact, which includes five outreach calls. This pricing ensures we have a far better shot of reaching your contacts.

What does the setup fee include?

We charge a setup fee to cover the significant time and labor required to build a new campaign, including.

Our team is fast, flexible, and laser-focused on getting your campaign ready for launch with as little legwork required from you, as possible.

Setup includes:

  • Kick-off and campaign briefing
  • Script development for phone, email, and SMS outreach
  • Creation and refinement of campaign “playbook,” FAQs, and rebuttals in our AI-driven software
  • Consulting on campaign cadence,launch timing, and total duration
  • Analytics dashboard training for primary users
  • Lead list review, plus establishing the connection of lead-flow systems
  • CRM/Zapier integration setup
  • End-to-end quality assurance testing
  • Project management team owning entire kick-off-to-launch timeline

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