live virtual receptionist services Outreach Campaigns: Engage more leads and clients when our virtual agents serve as your outreach team.

Our professional, North America-based virtual agents make calls for your business and follow custom AI-driven workflows to maximize outcomes. Keep your staff focused on their work while we serve as your outreach team. Pricing starts at just $400 per month.

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You provide the spreadsheet or feed of recipients to call, and we'll reach out. Send us prospects, leads, clients, donors, partners, or any others who need outreach by phone.
We're all about scheduling. We can make outreach calls according to your timing preferences. We can also book meetings with leads as part of our outreach work.
Our friendly, professional agents will handle all your calls with a smile, 24/7/365. We sound just like in-house, or even better.
Our agents work to achieve your campaign goals, whether that's setting appointments with new leads, promoting a special offer, registering clients for an event, or more.
Our agents can send an email and text message after each call to boost engagement and conversion rates
Track campaign performance to see which recipients converted, how many calls have been made, and more.


Per-call pricing, not perminute
Professional agents work 24/7/365
Month-to-month — no annual contracts or setup fees

Outreach Campaigns FAQ

Can I run more than one campaign at a time, within a single plan?

Yes. We can run multiple campaigns concurrently (up to 10), each with their own specific instructions, cadence, objective, and recipient list.

How does the money-back guarantee work for outreach campaigns?

You sign up for a plan, we onboard you, generate a number, and start making calls to your recipients.

To receive your money back, simply send us an email within 14 days at with the subject line “Money-Back Request.”

You’ll get a full refund of your plan and any add-on services, regardless of how many calls you have used, up to $1,000. Note: Any calls over your plan quota (“overage”) are not included in the money-back guarantee.

Do I have to sign a contract to begin an outreach campaign? is a pay-as-you-go service.

This means there aren’t any long-term contracts. You pay for the outreach campaign plan each month. If you ever cancel, we bill for and through the end of the current monthly billing cycle, and then you’re done. And we will miss you.

Can I change my outreach campaign plan?

Yes, at any time. We make it easy. If you would like to change your plan, just email Your new plan will start on the billing date for the next month.

Can you display my caller ID when making outreach calls?

Yes, as long as all outreach campaign calls can present as coming from your business' phone number, as long as caller ID is enabled on your plan. This is particularly useful for potential and existing clients who may already have your number in their phone.

Why do you bill by the call instead of per-minute or per-hour?

Billing per call saves you money, and there’s no mystery accounting involved. You’re trusting us to represent you. You wouldn’t rush a client off the phone and we don’t either.

Why do you require a 2-call minimum per recipient?

On average, less than 50% of calls are answered, and that statistic isn’t improving as time goes on. Our goal is to maximize the call-connection rate as that gets us closer to achieving your campaign goals. A minimum of 2 calls per recipient is required, but even greater frequency is likely to improve outcomes.

Are outreach campaigns cost effective?

Even our most expensive plan, the Pro plan, is about $40,000 less than the yearly salary of an in-house sales representative, intake specialist, or business development associate. Plus, we have capabilities they don’t, thanks to our advanced technologies and AI. Even if you’re not considering hiring in-house, the cost of not following up with potential clients, donors, and other individuals is typically far greater than the cost of our plans. So, too, is your own time better suited to other high-level tasks than making outreach calls many times over. Give us a try and experience our services for yourself.

Can I limit the calling hours if I don’t want outreach calls to be made 24/7?

No problem. Just tell us what hours you want us to make calls, and we’ll place calls only during those times, taking your time zone into consideration. We can also adjust the hours during which we attempt transfers to you and your staff, whether or not we’re calling 24/7. Note also that you can set different hours for outreach campaign calls than the hours set for your Virtual Receptionist plan, if you have both plans active.

I have staff. Will they each need separate accounts?

No, your employees don't need their own accounts. We can transfer calls to their individual lines (such as attorneys in a law firm or IT consultants in the field). We offer transfer destinations for this purpose.

Is a Virtual Receptionist plan required when I sign up for an Outreach Campaigns plan?

No, but consider that outreach campaigns tend to increase inbound call volume, so we do recommend signing up for our Virtual Receptionist service in order to limit phone interruptions to you.

Can I sign up for a term longer than 1 month?

Yes, and you can save money when you do. We offer semiannual plans at a 5% discount and annual plans at a 10% discount, both of which require upfront payment.

Do you offer discounted plans?

Yes, we care about our community. We offer significantly discounted plans for businesses affected by COVID-19 and other natural disasters. For more information, please contact us.

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