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Kaelyn Diamond
Ziegler Diamond Law

You only have one opportunity to make a lasting first impression with a potential new client. That’s why it’s critical to respond quickly when a new lead completes your online form to show interest and seek to earn their business. In fact, you’re 21x more likely to qualify a lead if you respond within 30 minutes. Outsourcing can be a fitting and profitable option for businesses with limited time or resources to follow up quickly. Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns is an affordable solution for businesses needing professional, sales-trained agents to make outbound calls on behalf of their business. The solution can make a big difference in the number of opportunities generated.

Ziegler Diamond Law

Clearwater, Florida
The problem
Law firm wants to automate sales outreach to leads who complete online forms
Our solution
Automated sales outreach for better lead engagement

Kaelyn Diamond of Ziegler Diamond Law learned about Smith.ai after exploring live-staffed website chat options that could work well with their website. She chose Smith.ai over other solutions after speaking with her peers and learning about our reputation centered around our customer service.

Already a live chat client, she realized her firm needed help following up with web leads who completed online forms from various marketing channels like Google Ads or Facebook.   

After signing up for Outreach Campaigns, they were onboarded and we made the first outbound call within one week.

Here is how it works. If a potential new client completes a form on the firm’s website, it routes directly to Smith.ai — through Zapier — allowing one of our sales-trained agents to place an outbound call within minutes. That fast and efficient speed-to-lead makes a big difference in engaging a potential client and avoiding them from moving on to the next competitor. 

Thanks to the success of Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns, Ziegler Diamond Law Firm had to hire a new internal employee to help with the increased volume of new lead conversions and retentions – and it helped bring about major growth for the firm.

“We have had to hire a new employee internally to handle the increased volume of new leads and retentions – thanks to Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns. Last month, we had a campaign that generated 324 leads that were submitted to Smith.ai for outbound follow-up. 42 of them successfully converted for our firm. It goes to show how well Smith.ai's Outreach Campaigns work for businesses.”

Ziegler Diamond Law provides protections for consumers facing overwhelming debt with one-on-one attention, aggressive representation, and, — more than anything else — a helping hand. Their reputation for legal advocacy has led to successful marketing campaigns generating more leads than they’re able to handle in-house. Using Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns, Ziegler Diamond Law routes new potential clients who complete an online form, and Smith.ai agents respond quickly. Our outbound follow-up calls reach, engage, and convert new clients on behalf of Ziegler Diamond Law Firm 

Smith.ai is a superior 24/7 customer engagement solution for businesses and individuals. Our North American-based business development representatives are skilled at having high-quality sales conversations. We focus on reaching, engaging, and converting your leads through outbound calling to create more sales opportunities.

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