First week's revenue pays for auto repair’s entire annual service

Auto repair shop secures three new customers out of the gate
Jorge Morales
Specialized ECU Repair

Almost every mechanic dreams of doing what they love most when they open up their shops: fixing and modifying cars. Unfortunately, the more successful you and your business become, the less time you’ll likely spend working under the hood. You’re expected to divide your time making repairs for existing clients and responding quickly to new inquiries. Imagine you’re under the car fixing what is wrong and then the phone rings or chat window pings. What are you going to do? Are you going to risk potential injury rushing to quickly answer the new inquiry? Are you going to grease up your phone and keyboard in between repairs and needing to replace both in months? Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be your only option. You can outsource your answering services to virtual receptionists.’s chat service combines human agents with AI technology to provide your business with 24/7 prompt responsiveness to clients needing updates on service orders, actionable data that lets you modify your qualification playbooks so you can identify the best potential customers, and capture lead information so you can follow-up with them after you finish existing repairs.

Specialized ECU Repair

Oakland Park, Florida
The problem
Juggling car repair with the demands of customer calls
Our solution
Improved business responsiveness and lead intake

Jorge Morales of Specialized ECU Repair loves doing what he does but the more successful he gets, the less time he spends doing it. He was already using’s virtual receptionist service to answer calls 24/7 but he still faced a trade-off: Work on cars and risk losing business or work on getting clients and slow down his repairs. 

Jorge knew he needed a third option for his business to interact with clients directly because the average cost per lead in the automotive sector is $205 and he knew he couldn’t afford to miss responding to them. 

Seeing how invaluable’s virtual receptionist service already was, Jorge naturally turned to's Live Chat service to continue to elevate his business.’s 24/7 live chat agents started responding to leads and they quickly exceeded expectations. Jorge shared, “I was skeptical. But in that first week alone we got 20 new leads, 3 bought $1,000 products, and I paid for my entire year of service in that one week.” 

Since the first week of Live Chat, Jorge has never looked back. With’s chat agents handling responding to leads via web and SMS, Jorge and his team can spend more time doing what they love most.

“If you’re only thinking about risk, you’re not thinking big enough. I’m not thinking about five customers. I’m thinking about five hundred.”

Specialized ECU Repair is a Southern Florida-based automotive repair shop specializing in European Engine Control Units. Their primary mission is to solve customer’s ECU problems and to get their cars back on the road. To achieve their mission, they started using’s virtual receptionist service before adding live chat to free up their staff’s time to focus on productive work uninterrupted. And thanks to no leads or clients are left unattended as they’re always receiving consistent service 24/7!’s Live Chat solution combines AI-enabled chatbot technology with live agents who are on-duty 24/7 to help businesses with inbound sales and support inquiries. Lead capture and client triage are handled via website chat and SMS text. Features including fully customized lead qualification and intake, CRM integration (native or Zapier), real-time English-Spanish translation, programmable “Q&A” database for instant responses to common questions, chat funnel metrics, and appointment scheduling with calendar integrations.’s Live Chat features revolve around helping businesses boost online marketing results and lead conversion, and deliver exceptional service to clients.

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