Zapier lets you set up automated workflows called “Zaps” that pass info between and the apps you use.

After answers your calls and chats, we can pass data, contact information, call summaries, and chat transcripts to Zapier. Zapier then helps you automate anything by linking to one of many thousands of web apps through workflows called "Zaps." Automatically add your potential new clients to a spreadsheet, your email list, Slack or Teams, your CRM, or thousands of other places as soon as they come in.

Using Call Someone Zap actions, your other apps can automatically initiate an outbound Virtual Receptionist call or an Outreach Campaign call. So, for example, when a new lead form is filled out on your website, Virtual Receptionists can call that lead immediately on your behalf.

For ideas on where to get started, check out our Zapier templates: Chat

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