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We’re excited to announce that our Zapier integration is publicly available. You can now set up integrations with thousands of web apps — streamlining the process of adding calls and chats to the tools you already use.

Our commitment to facilitating your client workflows has led us to build dozens of native integrations into The Zapier integration opens up our automation options tenfold. Chances are, the software you already use is among the thousands of apps available in Zapier.

Log calls and chats in your CRM, Google, and Outlook accounts; Slack and Teams channels; email marketing lists; and anywhere else that may be useful for your business. And now, with our public integration, you can set up and adjust everything you need without ever having to contact our team, speeding up your workflow development.

Zapier is the ultimate automation tool to reduce data-entry time and streamline business processes for companies of all sizes. And it’s now even easier to use with

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect two or more web applications through automations called “Zaps.” Each Zap includes one “Trigger” app, where information comes from and one or more “Action” apps, where your data gets sent automatically. You only have to set up a Zap once — then the process or workflow happens on every trigger thereafter.

If, for example, you use as your receptionist service and HubSpot as your CRM, you can set up a Zap to send all contact info and summaries from calls to your HubSpot account. This process happens automatically after each call.

With no coding necessary, anyone can set up a Zap in minutes and offload the day-to-day tasks and workflows they’re currently doing by hand. And with over 3000 integrated apps, many integrations can be built where they’re otherwise unavailable — from communication and marketing to business management and email.

Whether you’re a tech guru or admittedly somewhat of a luddite, you can set up a simple Zap that makes your life easier — often for free! Then, you’ll have more time left in your day to do real, billable work.

How to get started with the Zapier integration

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You can get started connecting to Zapier right away — without ever contacting our support team. Just follow these simple steps.

First of all, you need a account. If you don’t have one, get started here or sign up for a free 30-minute consultation.

Now, sign up for a free Zapier account (which includes single-step Zaps and 100 tasks per month) or sign into your existing account.

Once you’re signed into Zapier, let’s connect

  1. Click “Make A Zap.” 
  2. Search for under the Trigger App Event. Choose either for a receptionists account or Chat for a live chat or chatbot account.

  1. Choose New Call or New Chat as the trigger event (it will be the only choice).
  2. Click Sign into
  3. You will then be asked for an API key. This can be found in your Call Dashboard or Chat Dashboard under “Integrations.”
  1. Copy the API key, add it to Zapier, and your account will then be connected!
  1. You will be prompted to test the connection — recent calls or chats will show up as data in your Zapier account or, if you haven’t had a call/chat yet, you’ll see demo data.

With your account(s) connected to Zapier, you are able to build as many automations as you want. Search for useful Actions apps, or get some inspiration from our suggestions below.

3 Examples of Zaps you can set up

Once your account is set up with Zapier, you can create as many Zaps as you want (although there is a limit on “tasks” which we’ll cover below). You’ll likely want to start logging calls and chats in your CRM or project management platform, but here are some other ways you can use your new Zapier integration.

Log callers in your Mailchimp audience

Use this Zap to automatically have the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other information collected on a call logged as a new contact in your Mailchimp audience. Then you never have to manually upload a new lead to your mailing list. Furthermore, you can set up automatic email campaigns in Mailchimp to follow-up with leads and nurture new clients.

Add call summaries to a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel

This Zap can bring call/chat visibility to your whole team. Add any employee to a Slack or Teams channel and have every call or chat added as a new message in that channel. You can use this to make sure your sales team follows up on every lead or simply to improve transparency and communication.

Add new contact information from your calls to Google Contacts

Do you ever just wish you had a constantly up-to-date list of people who have contacted your business? This Zap will send every new caller to your Google Contacts list, including their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Client phone numbers will be available whenever you need them and you’ll never send a potential client to spam again.

Connect to other apps with Zapier

We have built templates for the most popular use cases. You can simply click “Use this Zap” below to get started. Don’t worry, you’ll have the ability to test each Zap and manually turn it “on” in order for anything to happen. So try building a Zap with a platform you already use and see how easy it is!

How much does a Zapier integration cost?

There are three factors to consider when setting up a Zapier integration. Your account includes one free integrated platform — this could be Zapier or a specific CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot. If Zapier is your second integration, it will cost $0.50 per call or chat. But this includes as many Zaps as you set up! So for $0.50 you could send your call data to Mailchimp, Slack, Google Contacts and your CRM.

Note: The Zapier integration will incur a $0.50/chat cost with our free AI-chatbot, even if it’s the first integration.

Zapier: Zapier has a free plan which includes single-step Zaps and 100 tasks per month. We recommend starting with this plan and only upgrading if you need to, if you’re new to Zapier. You can learn more about Zapier’s paid plans on their website.

3rd Party App: Many apps, like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and HubSpot, don’t require an additional subscription to connect their software to Zapier. We recommend you look into the policies of the software programs you use, so you are aware of any costs you might incur from connecting to them, via Zapier.

So, for example, if answers 50 calls per month for your business and you set up Zapier as your first integration, it will be free to log calls into Mailchimp or HubSpot.

Other frequently asked questions about the Zapier integration

How is Zapier different from’s native CRM integrations?

There are two main reason why you might want to use Zapier instead of a native integration:

  1. doesn’t integrate with your app. If you use a CRM or other tool that hasn’t built a native integration with yet, Zapier is a great alternative.
  2. Zapier offers more customization than the native integration. Our integrations log calls and chats in your CRM immediately and in the same way every time — which works for most users. Zapier offers more flexibility.

What software programs does Zapier integrate with?

The most popular apps people use with include CRMs, case management tools, communication platforms, spreadsheets, contacts, email marketing, calendars, and billing. But you may also find email organization, social media, lead magnet tools, and even video platforms useful, too.

Can's support team help me set up my Zaps?

Unfortunately, we are not Zapier experts and can’t set up your Zaps for you. Check our documentation for guides or dive in and try to set up the integration Zapier yourself (remember, it doesn’t require any coding knowledge). If you’re still struggling, look for an automation expert on Zapier or Upwork to build and maintain your Zaps.

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