New Feature for Call Summaries: Routing & Multiple Recipients


As a growing small business with an answering service, you likely have customers calling for a variety of reasons. At, we take pride in managing your calls in ways that help you optimize efficiency and workflow. One way we do that is by getting the right information to the right person or people. We now offer a choice for routing, so you can tell us where you want your summaries to go. Our live receptionists will be happy to send expertly prepared call summaries to just your primary phone number or email. Need more? We can send them to as many email addresses or phone numbers (via SMS) as you would like!

Routing based on customer need

Do customers call your business requesting to speak with a specific person? receptionists will gladly take a message for that person and send an informative, concise message to them, directly. Eliminating the need for you to pass messages on to your colleagues reduces redundancy. A major inhibitor of efficiency is redundancy...and at our friendly virtual receptionists try their hardest to avoid being inefficient! Just provide us with the names and contact information for each person you would like to be available to receive summaries. You can rest easy, knowing that business is moving along as usual with fewer unproductive interruptions for everyone.

Use case: Multiple Recipients for the same summary

One of our pros is an Apple consultancy with a few different people that customers call for. While we could live transfer a call to any of them, text messages still were still only sent to the primary number. With the implementation of the new routing feature, their live receptionist can now send SMS call summaries to the multiple numbers designated by the pro, making sure that nobody on the team misses the message. (Remember, we can also send instant call summaries via email!)

Routing based on pro need 

Do you have multiple departments? As the voice of your business, your receptionist wants to resolve the variety of customer requests and issues with accuracy and appropriate urgency. The best way we can do that is by getting the right information to the right people as quickly as possible. Whether a caller needs the customer service department or the sales team, we want to connect them with you as efficiently as possible — so you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

Use case: Different departments, different routing

One of the businesses we represent gets calls for two different departments: Customer Service and New Orders. Before we rolled out the routing feature, we were sending all instant call summaries straight to Customer Service, and letting them sort it out. Then, Customer Service would forward messages to the appropriate department. This process required additional time between the initial customer call and the successful resolution. By building the call summary routing feature,’s virtual receptionists now send call summaries to the appropriate department based on the needs of the caller. This does away with the need for additional clerical work once the message is received, thus shortening their customer response time.

Here at, we want to improve your relationships with new and existing customers. We want to make sure that the most accurate, actionable information about your customers’ needs is sent to the right people — in the shortest amount of time. With our new ability to route your instant call summaries virtually anywhere via SMS or email, you can focus on your work, and your colleagues can do the same without having to worry about who is fielding phone calls. Leave the phones to us; we will make sure the important stuff gets to the right place!

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Written by Ryan Nell

Product Specialist, Ryan Nell, built his career off of providing top-quality service in writing, research, and product delivery designed to build impeccable reputations for businesses.

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