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Wealthbox is a modern, web-based CRM for financial planners and wealth advisors. now integrates with Wealthbox so each call handled by a receptionist is documented in your Wealthbox account immediately after the call.

Below, we explain how the integration works and the three easy steps required for setup.

How the Wealthbox & Integration Works

Connecting your Wealthbox account with means that after each call is handled by one of our receptionists, the following will automatically occur:

  • A new contact is created with the name, phone, and email address.
  • A new "note" is created in a contact's record containing the full text of the post-call summary (for both new and existing contacts).
  • The record creation event and new note appear as activities within the contact's activity timeline.

Once this new contact is created, you can add tags, add related contacts, change visibility, and take other actions that best fit with how you want to handle that record in your account.

Testimonials from and Wealthbox Clients

Immediately upon releasing this new integration, several clients jumped at the chance to integrate their and Wealthbox accounts, and the results have been outstanding. Here's what two happy mutual clients had to say:

One of the advantages of being able to integrate and Wealthbox together is that it allows for the initial steps of my prospecting process to be automated. Potential clients call in and make an appointment, and their details are then already in Wealthbox for me to add to after our appointment. It’s also helpful for existing clients as records of their phone calls get created immediately in Wealthbox. It saves me time and money.”

- Dave Grant, CFP®, Founder & Financial Planner, Retirement Matters, Inc.
"I was an early adopter of both and Wealthbox CRM, so this integration is great news! has been a big win for me because I spend less time on the phone and more time in front of clients. Wealthbox is one of my most used apps because it's so easy to use and it's the true "hub" of my practice. So connecting these 2 technologies will make both more powerful."

- Greg Brown, CFP®, Founder and Principal, Pathway Financial Planning

How to Connect Your Wealthbox Account to

If you're already a Wealthbox user, getting started is as easy as these three steps:

1. Log in to your Wealthbox account, click on the three vertical dots next to your name in the top-right corner, and go to "Settings."

2. Select "API Access" from the menu on the left, and click on the button "Create Access Token." Label the access token "Smith" and save it.

3. Copy the access token and email it to us at with the subject line, "Wealthbox CRM Integration."

That's it! We'll let you know as soon as the integration setup is complete, typically within 1 business day. Once your accounts are linked, you'll see new Wealthbox contacts and notes added automatically after each call.

Please note: CRM integration is an optional add-on service and will incur an extra fee. View current pricing for these and all other add-on services.

Contact for Assistance

Not sure how you can best use the Wealthbox integration with your receptionists? We're happy to discuss implementation options and best practices. Please reach Support Monday through Friday, 5am – 6pm PT / 8am – 9pm ET via phone at (650) 727-6484 or via email at

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Written by Maddy Martin

Maddy Martin is's SVP of Growth. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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