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The next call that your business receives might be your new highest revenue-producing client, but you may never know if you’re unable to answer every call. It’s a very common problem for employees, especially for those working for small businesses, to let some calls go straight to voicemail as they focus on existing work, but research has shown that clients hire the first business to respond, so timeliness is of the utmost importance. For small business owners, this is critical as they have little time, energy, and money to waste as they strive to grow their business. Small business owners and operators needing help in responding quickly to leads should consider using virtual receptionists to ensure they’re not missing opportunities.’s virtual receptionists can answer calls during business hours, after-hours, nights, and weekends.’s receptionists can also answer overflow calls and while you’re away from the office so that you never miss a beat. “With, I’m no longer missing calls and losing potential revenue,” says Heidi Thompson of Lifeguarding Legacies.

Case Study:

Personalized Greetings For Answering Calls From Leads And Clients

Heidi Thompson of Lifeguarding Legacies understands the importance of offering strong first impressions to potential first clients. 

Heidi noticed that some of her missed inbound calls from potential clients weren’t leaving voicemail messages as she focused on existing client work. She quickly grew concerned as she realized that by missing these calls that she’s potentially missing out on potential revenue.

One day, while listening to a podcast hosted by an attorney she trusted, the answer came. The podcast mentioned and how virtual receptionists help attorneys struggling with answering inbound calls from leads.

Heidi’s experience with’s virtual receptionist service enables her to focus on productive work uninterrupted. With, she knows she’ll never have to be the first person to answer calls. Heidi adds, “I do not ever intend to answer my own phone again.  This saves me time and forwards the calls that warrant interruption, sending emails for those that can be followed up without breaking my stride on business tasks.

Our Solution:

Prompt Responsiveness And Call Screening

Friendly, North America-based receptionists on duty 24/7.
Instant summary of all calls via email or SMS.
Integration with their calendaring system.
Spam & sales calls blocked. No charge for spam or missed calls.
“ exceeded my expectations at every turn, working with a very customized script for a very personal customer experience.”
Heidi Thompson
Lifeguarding Legacies

Lifeguarding Legacies is a Phoenix, Arizona-based law firm specializing in estate planning and led by attorney Heidi Thompson. Working with has helped Heidi increase both her efficiency and productivity as she focuses on client work uninterrupted during what she refers to as “power hours.” Heidi can now rely on’s virtual receptionists to answer inbound calls professionally and politely, screen calls to block spammers, capture contact information from leads, schedule appointments, and send meeting reminders to reduce cancellations and no-shows. “Clients have commented on the politeness and professionalism from what they assumed was an office front desk. I love that!  In our world of machines, the warm touch of a live person on the phone can’t be overstated,” says Heidi Thompson. is a superior 24/7 call answering and intake service for small businesses. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing clients. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve (don’t we all prefer to talk to a human!), and capture more qualified leads (bye-bye spam calls!).

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