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Many small businesses struggle to answer every call, but this is just a symptom of a larger problem. After all, success is driven by maximizing positive client interactions and, through them, revenue. When 82% of customers expect instant answers to sales questions, it’s not enough to just pick up the phone: It’s about getting law firm clients the information they need, when they need it. You may not have the sales development team of a big company — but you don’t need it to grow and thrive.

Case Study:

Legal Marketing Firm Needed 24/7 Sales Enablement

Gyi Tsakalakis’s successful legal marketing business had already grown to the point where he’d invested in Virtual Receptionists — though not Gyi realized that people were being missed, despite the calls being taken off of his plate during working hours. “We were sending people to voicemail after-hours,” he remembered.

So when Gyi discovered, our 24/7 responsiveness stood out, and meeting and speaking to’s dedicated staff sealed the deal. He told his existing provider if they couldn’t support him 24/7, he’d switch. They couldn’t — so he did.

Our Solution: Helps Capture Leads and Sales, 24/7

Friendly, North America-based receptionists on duty 24/7.
Prioritization. Receive messages via Slack, text, or live transfer.
Spam & sales calls blocked. No charge for spam or missed calls.
Live transfer through our receptionists adds professionalism.
“ is a plug-and-play intake process and a built-in sales machine.”
Gyi Tsakalakis

Gyi switched to primarily because of the 24/7 service, but what really surprised him was the workflows we built around his custom intake needs. With, he gets far more comprehensive service and support. “The onboarding support was really good — with other services, it’s not always clear what you can build," said Gyi.

Now, receptionists conduct new client intake, getting real work done for this agency. Plus, the integration automatically adds these new leads into his inbound marketing campaign. We also integrate with other tools he’s using, to make life even easier for Gyi and his staff.

Plus Gyi doesn’t just receive call and chat answering — he has a sales intake team working to build his business, 24/7. “Since you recruit from everywhere, the receptionists are naturally more gifted. And the receptionist training is good —  they do a really nice job of teasing out the context.” 

For Gyi it’s not just about responsiveness — it’s about a skilled response. That’s the sales enablement that provides. 

AttorneySync is a digital legal marketing firm dedicated to helping clients grow their firms with transparency and accountability. AttorneySync grows your business with you as a partner, not just as a client. is a superior 24/7 answering service for small businesses and individuals. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing customers. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve (don’t we all prefer to talk to a human), and find more qualified leads (bye-bye spam calls).

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