Warm transfers

We transfer calls just like an in-house receptionist.

Choose when, how, and to whom callers should be transferred. Decide in the moment whether to accept or decline the call.
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We only forward the calls you want

24/7 receptionists live-transfer callers

A friendly, professional receptionist answers your calls and gathers relevant information from leads and clients. Then, they follow your instructions about whether to transfer a call to you.

First, we check if you're available

Warm hand-offs ensure transfer success

With your qualified caller on hold, the receptionist calls you to check that you’re available for the transfer. Your callers will never hit voicemail because you were away from your desk.

We send calls to the right number

Unlimited transfer lines for every business size

Our plans include one and five transfer destinations at no extra charge (depending on the plan). If you need more, you can add them for $15/line. There’s no limit, so we can route all your calls.

We work with your tools

Transfer request alerts via SMS, Slack & Microsoft Teams

Don’t want to be bothered with a phone call when a caller qualifies for a transfer? Request transfers by text message, Slack, or Microsoft Teams, and you can notify us whether you’re available.


We play well with your software

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. Here is a selection of our many integration partners.

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Learn how Smith.ai can help your business. We'll address your questions about Smith.ai in general, whether you're interested in our 24/7 phone receptionists, live chat, or both.

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