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Start your new chat service today, with a FREE 30-day/5-chat trial covering 8am – 9pm ET.


$12/Chat after 5
$10/CHAT after 15
$8/CHAT after 30
Plus, 24/7 responsiveness with our after-hours chatbot.

ADD-ONS (+cost per chat/mo)


Questions? Answers!

How does the free trial work?

You sign up, we onboard you, and the widget goes on your site (we’re happy to help with widget installation if you need it). After 30 days or 5 relevant chats — whichever comes first — you have the option to choose a paid plan if you want to continue. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when the free trial is done.

Is there a setup fee?

We don’t believe in setup fees — or any hidden fees, for that matter. They are confusing and a little shady. So, after your free trial, you’ll just pay for the amount of chats you need and that’s it. This makes your monthly bill very predictable, too. And that’s a good thing!

Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?

Absolutely not. We take your credit card details when you sign up for a free trial so that, if you want to continue with a paid plan when your trial is complete, you can do so immediately, with no gap in coverage.

Do you bill by the chat?

We charge per chat, on a monthly basis. So, with the Basic Plan, for example, you would pay $150 and get 15 chats over the next 30 days (the “monthly billing cycle”). Got over 15 chats? No problem. We charge per chat once you’ve used up your quota (the per-chat cost depends on your plan).

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! All plans are month-to-month with no annual contract required. If you’re leaving, you won’t be charged past the current billing cycle — simple as that. Starting back up again is easy, too. And we never charge setup or cancellation fees.

What is a "relevant" chat?

Well, a relevant chat is not spam, sales, accidents, tests, random “hellos,” or incomplete conversations. To us, chats are relevant when we collect a name and email address, and we determine the intent of the chat. We only charge for relevant chats.

Can I pause service and resume?

Since your account is prepaid and month-to-month, you can stop at any time — we’ll finish out the month you’ve already paid for. To stop immediately, let us know and we’ll hold off on any future responses. To resume service, choose a plan and email us to let us know! We’ll start back up right where we left off.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by emailing us at We’ll get right on it (we require one week notice before your next billing date to give our team time to process it) and won’t hassle you to stay. Ok, truthfully, we might ask a few questions, but we won’t go all Comcast on you. But we will miss you!

Is there a cancellation fee?

No way. With no annual contract, when you cancel, you just finish out your current month, which has already been prepaid by you. Give us a heads up one week in advance, and we won’t charge you past your current billing period.

If I cancel, should I remove the widget from my website?

No need. When you cancel your account, the chat widget will “disappear” automatically. But we take no responsibility for new leads or opportunities you may miss out on.

What happens to the knowledge base of my trained chatbot if I cancel?

We keep all your existing data if you cancel. So, when you resume in the future, you don’t have to retrain your bot or dig up directions you sent us to handle your chats properly. We will just eagerly await your return.

I want to answer my own chats — do I have to use's receptionists?’s Full-Service Live Chat is staffed by our receptionists (we’re professionals at this). But we have a new product, Self-Service Web Chat, if you want to DIY. Email us at and we’ll get you started with your own Live Chat account!