Outsourcing Your Outbound Calls


Smith.ai is proud to announce outbound calling, included in every standard paid plan. We will gladly make outbound calls to your existing clientele and affiliated businesses on your behalf, at no additional cost (per-call costs apply, but there is no extra charge above that).

Let’s face it, as a professional, your days are already jammed with appointments, deadlines, and other obligations. Making appointment reminder calls, or confirming that paperwork has been received can take up precious minutes of your day. Let your receptionists work for you by taking these tasks off your daily to-do list. Your receptionists will contact your clients or business partners to pass along information or even reschedule appointments.

Let's say you realize on Tuesday morning that you've double-booked your clients for an afternoon slot. You can have your Smith.ai receptionists contact your client and reschedule or pass along any information you would like. You will receive a call summary from the outbound call with all of the information, just like you receive with your inbound calls.

Many of our clients are already taking advantage of this great feature and have found it to be incredibly useful.

“This is a great service and takes important, but tedious tasks off my plate and frees up valuable time. As I grow my business, I'm getting more comfortable outsourcing, which is critical to stay sane. Smith.ai is outsourcing at it's finest!!” -G.B.

Smith.ai’s outbound call back service isn’t just for appointment reschedules. Your receptionists can also make calls to refer your clients to a business partner, confirm appointment times, and pass along important information (such as court dates or times). They can even do client outreach (except for marketing purposes; Smith.ai does not offer cold-calling and the like). 

It's a great new feature that adds a multitude of hands-off ways for you to get in contact with your clientele, and yet another way Smith.ai remains ahead of the curve.

Outreach Campaigns

And to give your marketing efforts an additional boost, check out Smith.ai’s new Outreach Campaigns service, which is uniquely designed to help your sales team effectively execute, optimize, and scale successful marketing strategies. 

With our Outreach Campaigns service, you’ll gain a team of highly trained virtual receptionists who can make outbound calls on your behalf, following your specific instructions when making routine calls to existing clients or making follow-up calls to your most recent customers. And Smith.ai’s live agents work 24/7 so while your in-house team stays working 9-5, you never have to miss out on another lead conversion opportunity. Plus, you’ll always have the power to dictate your call handling preferences through a shared spreadsheet or our outbound API, making it that much easier for you to manage your campaigns without any hands-on labor.

For businesses looking for high-quality, streamlined support in lead qualifying, nurturing, and converting, Outbound Campaigns service is a low-cost solution that checks all the boxes. Smith.ai’s live agents will work around-the-clock so you can expand your sales outreach and alleviate pressure from your in-house staff without any of the unnecessary staffing or overhead costs. To find an Outreach Campaigns plan that fits your budget, check out Smith.ai’s transparent pricing here.

How to Utilize Outbound Calling

An active Virtual Receptionists plan is required for our agents to begin making outbound calls for you; if you don't yet have a plan, schedule a free consultation so we may help you identify the best plan to meet your needs.


Whether you will be sending us a list of people to call via spreadsheet or API, starting a Campaign works the same way. Follow the instructions provided in our Outbound Calling help document, under “Getting Started.”

Call-backs and one-off call requests

For incidental, one-off outbound calls like call-backs, either use the "request a call back" link at the bottom of your call summary email, or use the "request a call" link on the call summary within your dashboard. Learn more about one-off outbound call-back requests.

If you have any questions regarding this free feature, feel free to email us at support@smith.ai.

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Written by Angela Sartain

Angela Sartain is a freelance writer who also happens to run her own small business.

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