Explore the features and services provided by Smith.ai’s Outreach Campaigns to maximize every conversation with your leads.

Outreach Campaign Services

24-7 Live Agents

Our friendly, professional agents with expertise in sales and service work from quiet home offices. We'll handle all your calls with a smile and sound just like in-house, or better!

Online Campaign Dashboard

For each campaign, you can monitor the real-time status, including the number of attempts we've made per call recipient and the call outcomes, right from your Smith.ai dashboard.

Adjustable Call Cadences

For each campaign, you can set the times and days that calls are made, the waiting period between calls, the launch date, and more.

Email & SMS Follow-Up

Our agents can send an email and/or text follow-up message after each call is completed for additional touchpoints that increase engagement and conversion rates.

Familiar with Your Business

We’ll answer basic questions about your products and services, your office hours, details relevant to your campaign, and more.

Friendly and Fluent

Our virtual agents have years of experience handling business phone calls related to sales and support matters, and they speak in clear American English.

Daily Email Summary

Get a daily summary of all campaign activity.

Customized Greetings

Our virtual agents will initiate calls using a personalized greeting specified by you, adjustable for each campaign.

Goal-Oriented workflows

Our agents carry out your instructions on each call, with your stated objective as their #1 focus — whether we're signing up event registrants, booking appointments with leads, securing payments on unpaid invoices, or more.

Automatically Add Recipients to Campaigns

Choose between adding recipients to a campaign via our API or a spreadsheet upload. Easily add more recipients to your campaigns this way, too.

Inbound Call Handling

If you have an active virtual receptionist plan alongside your outreach campaigns plan, we can accept inbound calls to your business, too..

Bilingual Agents

Spanish-speaking agents are available to you, which helps if your business serves clients who are more comfortable speaking their native language.

Warm Call Transfers

Agents can transfer a recipient to you or your staff, at any time or at particular times you specify, based on guidelines set at the account- or campaign-level.

CRM Integration

Get a summarized message of each call sent immediately to your CRM via API or Zapier.