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Compare features and see how businesses like yours can answer calls, capture leads, and serve clients better with’s 24/7 Virtual Receptionists. Virtual Receptionists:
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Per call
Per minute
$6.50 - $9.50/call
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Starting cost
Info unavailable
Setup fee
Info unavailable
Money-Back Guarantee
14 days
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Spam & sales calls
Info unavailable
Post-call wrap-up
Info unavailable
No contracts
Info unavailable
Wrong Numbers
Info unavailable
Required Deposit
Info unavailable
Overage Cost
$7.50 - $10.50/call
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Calls answered 24/7
✘ Holidays cost extra
North America-based receptionists
Lead qualification
New lead intake
Appointment scheduling
Payment collection
Call screening, routing & prioritization
Outbound sales campaigns
Unlimited FAQ
Call recording & transcription
Zip code lookup
Warm transfer
Call transfers via SMS & Slack
Instant call summaries by email & SMS
Daily call summaries
✔ Email, SMS, Slack
Receptionists make calls for you
✔ Same per-call pricing. Comes from your #
Receptionists know caller history
Spanish-speaking receptionists
Send follow-up messages
Info unavailable

integrated technology

Call tracking dashboard
Call analytics
CSV upload for direct transfer / blocked numbers
CRM, intake & marketing software
Calendaring software
Invoices and payments
SMS & Slack

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TeleDirect only offers basic answering services. If you’re looking for comprehensive and feature-rich virtual receptionist services, has more of what you need.

For basic call answering and appointment scheduling services, TeleDirect will charge you per minute. Now, if you wind up with a particularly chatty caller (and chances are, you will), you’ll be paying more for a call than it might be worth. TeleDirect also charges a higher per minute pricing model for additional features, like appointment booking or payment collection. Since those calls tend to be longer, they’ll be even more expensive., on the other hand, allows you to purchase features a la carte and pay per call, no matter the length. Your monthly costs will be based on your call volume rather than your call length. That way, you’re never stuck with a lengthy bill for a single call. 

TeleDirect’s services are more in line with a call center. They can answer calls, take messages, and book appointments, but their capabilities are fairly limited beyond that.’s virtual receptionists can do far more for your business. We become a true extension of your office: answering calls with custom greetings, booking appointments, taking payments, and the list goes on!

As far as technology goes,’s capabilities stretch far beyond TeleDirect’s. In fact, TeleDirect doesn’t offer much in the way of advanced technological support — not like We integrate with over a thousand CRMs, marketing platforms, calendars, billing systems, and intake forms. Furthermore, our AI platform connects to you via SMS, Slack, and Zapier. We even have an open API (for our more tech-savvy users).

When it comes to call reporting, TeleDirect does offer some insight, but’s call intelligence truly takes the cake. We track key data, like caller type (e.g., new lead, existing client, spam), time of the call, priority, and even disposition, to give you insight into the actions taken on your calls. We even offer call recording and transcription for when full call details are needed. Plus, with comprehensive customization options like complex call routing, it’s clear you get more out of your communication efforts with

On top of that, TeleDirect is a small company, so they likely only have a handful of agents. This means they don’t have the bandwidth to handle bigger projects., on the other hand, has hundreds of highly trained and experienced virtual receptionists working from all over North America. We guarantee quick answering and quality service every time. We take the time to learn how you would like your calls to be handled, striving to build genuine connections with each of your callers. Our receptionists always work from quiet home offices, so your callers won’t get any of that distracting background noise like they would from a call center.

For growth-minded business owners who care about price transparency, seamless integrations, and robust customizations that deliver the experience of in-house customer engagement and sales development, is the superior choice for your 24/7 Virtual Receptionists partner, over TeleDirect.

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Per month
Calls per month
Per-call pricing, not per‑minute
Month-to-month pricing for easy budgeting
No charge for spam calls or wrong numbers
Easy billing with no setup cost or hidden fees
Our agents and AI harmoniously work to meet the rigorous demands of your business.

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Converts callers into clients is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients.
Jeremy Treister
Owner, CMIT Solutions of Downtown Chicago


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