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Compare features and see how businesses like yours can answer calls, capture leads, and serve clients better with’s 24/7 Virtual Receptionists. Virtual Receptionists:
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Per call
Per minute
$6.50 - $9.50/call
Starting cost
$60/month (zero minutes included)
Setup fee
Money-Back Guarantee
14 days
14-day free trial
Spam & sales calls
Post-call wrap-up
No contracts
Wrong Numbers
Required Deposit
Overage Cost
$7.50 - $10.50/call
Charged the first minute in full, then in 6 second increments, $1.30-$2.34/minute


Calls answered 24/7
North America-based receptionists
Lead qualification
✘ Certain plans only
New lead intake
✘ Certain plans only
Appointment scheduling
✘ Certain plans only
Payment collection
✘ Certain plans only
Call screening, routing & prioritization
✘ Certain plans only
Outbound sales campaigns
Unlimited FAQ
Call recording & transcription
Zip code lookup
Warm transfer
✘ Certain plans only
Call transfers via SMS & Slack
Instant call summaries by email & SMS
Daily call summaries
✔ Email, SMS, Slack
✔ Email, SMS
Receptionists make calls for you
✔ Same per-call pricing. Comes from your #
Receptionists know caller history
Spanish-speaking receptionists
✔ $20/month
Send follow-up messages

integrated technology

Call tracking dashboard
Call analytics
CSV upload for direct transfer / blocked numbers
CRM, intake & marketing software
Calendaring software
Invoices and payments
SMS & Slack

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Affordable plans for every budget. uses professional agents and AI technology to capture and qualify leads while PATLive just leads to more time spent on screening and follow-up.

Virtual receptionists offer the most value when they can play the role of in-house receptionists. That’s why’s live agents professionally handle calls, 24/7, qualify and intake new leads, book appointments, accept payments, make outbound calls, and add call notes to your CRM. We even offer call recording and transcription. Compared to PATLive, we’re a far superior virtual receptionist solution that takes care of all your needs.

‍’s virtual receptionists answer calls from current clients in a familiar manner — since they can easily look up zip codes and access client call history. Our AI technology enables our North America-based agents to have the information in real-time to come across professionally, personally, and naturally. Their primary focus is on representing your business, capturing and qualifying leads, and supporting your customers. PATLive works entirely off call scripts, which can make for robotic call experiences, and doesn’t accommodate every customer question or scenario.’s features aren’t tied to a certain pricing tier. You don’t need to be a high-volume customer to have our agents qualify leads, book appointments, take payments, or handle event registrations. Plus, we charge per call, not per minute, which allows you to better plan and budget your monthly spend. 

With PatLive, lead screening, payment acceptance, appointment scheduling, and event registration aren’t available on smaller plans. If you’re a small business owner with low call volume, you may be forced to purchase a larger plan than you need. Without those features, you'll be left handling lead screening and callbacks yourself, adding more work to your plate. With per-minute pricing, PATLive is also less predictable and often more expensive. Not to mention, they charge for spam, sales calls, and wrong numbers, too, and that’s something never does. 

Like their advanced features, PATLive also has a paywall around their technology. Their API and integrations require you to be on higher-tiered plans. offers one free CRM, Zapier, or Make integration with every plan (regardless of plan size) and access to our open API. Along with integrations, our rich call intelligence — that’s accessible at any time in the client dashboard — allows you to view analytics and key business insights. Our technology helps set us apart from PATLive and others in the market. 

For better lead qualification, AI-assisted virtual receptionists, no charge for spam, sales, or wrong numbers, and rich call intelligence, is the superior choice over PATLive.

Predictable and affordable pricing

We have prices for small to large organizations and everything in between.

Plans starting at

Per month
Calls per month
Per-call pricing, not per‑minute
Month-to-month pricing for easy budgeting
No charge for spam calls or wrong numbers
Easy billing with no setup cost or hidden fees
Our agents and AI harmoniously work to meet the rigorous demands of your business.

Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

5.0 stars
4.9 stars
5.0 stars
4.6 stars
Converts callers into clients is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients.
Jeremy Treister
Owner, CMIT Solutions of Downtown Chicago


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Calls, chats & appointments are automatically logged in your systems. Real-time syncing with over 5,000 integrations.
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Affordable plans for every budget.