Calendar Integration: Booking Appointments For You and Your Clients!


At, we work with you to improve and grow your business. One way we do that best is by helping you maximize efficiency. Unfortunately, for many clients, scheduling appointments and efficiency do not go hand in hand. Thankfully, receptionists can do more than answer phone calls and business-related questions; we can schedule appointments for you too!

Scheduling an appointment with a caller can be the difference between landing a new lead and losing a potential client. At the same time, stepping away from your work every time someone calls to schedule an appointment can have a negative impact on your workflow. If you prefer to meet with clients face-to-face, but want to avoid the tedium of booking your appointments, our friendly live receptionists will gladly facilitate.

Our intelligent software can easily integrate with multiple calendars. Whether you work with a partner and book appointments based on specific expertise, or share an office space with a team, virtual receptionists would be happy to book appointments for any or all of your colleagues and teammates!

Example #1: IT Consultant wants to always meet new customers in person

One of our clients, an Apple consultant, asked if there was a way we could book appointments as part of his service plan. His schedule was extremely busy, and he had a variety of callers contacting him for any number of reasons. He wanted to make sure he could meet potential clients in person before they discussed a contract or project. Given that, it became particularly cumbersome to have his virtual receptionist take a message and then ask him to schedule the appointment.

Example #2: Legal firm where each attorney handles different types of issues

Another client, a legal firm specializing in intellectual property and copyright law, matches clients to an attorney based on their need. If a client requires services regarding entertainment contracts, they would have a consultation scheduled with one attorney. If they required counsel regarding technology or art, we route the call and schedule an appointment for the other. Our virtual receptionists will discreetly gather the necessary information, and book client appointments accordingly. This eliminates the confusion and hassle of shared calendars, and increases the level of privacy afforded to your clients.

Our solution: In-call appointment booking for clients

As we do so often here at, we came up with a product improvement to make it easier and more efficient for both the client and their potential clients. By integrating their appointment booking software with our intelligent system, our receptionists can schedule appointments when clients first call, instead of having to wait for a callback. This helps our busy client avoid interruptions while simultaneously improving the efficiency of their appointment booking process and new customer on-boarding.

Giving your receptionist access to book appointments for you and your staff further enhances the ability of to help your business thrive by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate. Our receptionists have your calendar in front of them and will schedule appointments with just one click!

Allowing your virtual receptionist to schedule appointments for you is an excellent way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of client communication, eliminate distractions, and optimize your workflow. We want to enable and encourage productivity for you while still creating space for you to build strong, long-term relationships with them. Taking care of your appointment booking is just one way we can do that.

Please note: Appointment booking is an optional add-on service and will incur an extra fee. View current pricing for this and all other add-on services.

Full list of calendar integrations (updated November 2021)

With our calendar integration feature, can integrate with nearly all popular calendaring services. The list below is alphabetized for ease. Click each link to learn more about that specific integration.

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