Now Integrates with Woven (and Google Calendar)


Woven is an intelligent calendar that syncs with your Google and G-Suite calendars so your clients can schedule appointments via shared link. receptionists and web chat agents can now also use Woven to securely book appointments for you. Implement this integration to improve booking details and reduce back-and-forth follow up. Here's how it works:

How and Woven Work Together

Once you connect to Woven, your receptionists will have a shared link where they can access your availability and schedule new meetings with clients and leads who call in. When the appointment is booked, both you and your caller will receive a notification from Google Calendar with the proposed time. And, as always, you will also be emailed the receptionist's call notes. All you have to do is contact your caller at the meeting time! If you have live web chat, our agents can also use this integration to book new consults with your website leads.

You can use Woven to create appointment templates adjusted for your schedule, the type of meeting, length, video conferencing options, your office location, and more. So new leads, for example, can be set up with a 30 minute consultation, your receptionist can take payment information (if you charge for consultations), and their number will be added to the event so you can call them at the appointed time. The Google Calendar notification can be set to include a proposed schedule or what to expect so the meeting goes smoothly.

On the other hand, if your receptionist answers a call from your current clients, you could have a completely separate template. The client template might offer a 15 minute check-in appointment and the receptionist can provide a short explanation of what the client wishes to discuss. Woven's templates can work alongside in multiple ways to create a process catered to your business!

When you set up your Woven integration, don't forget to send us any specific directions on using your template(s) properly so your clients and leads have the best possible experience. And please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions.

Please note that both Scheduling and Payments are add-on features and will incur an additional fee. See our current pricing for more information.

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Written by Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson is the former marketing manager at She is a legal tech expert focused on helping solos and small firms with their practices through tech-enabled operations, digital marketing, and communications.

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