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of consumers expect an immediate response to a sales inquiry


of lead generation budgets are wasted on leads who are never contacted


of marketing leads never convert into sales


of customers who receive excellent service spend up to 14% more


Incoming calls are unpredictable.

Calls come in, but you're not always available to answer them. We capture leads, book appointments, collect payment, and log details instantly in your systems.


Fulfill orders while we handle the calls.

There’s too much to do, and you can't delegate a florist's work. Hand off "the rest" to our receptionists. We capture leads, set appointments, and follow-up to win business.


Outreach calls and campaigns speed-up sales and support

Smith.ai receptionists make calls on your behalf, improving your speed-to-lead and unburdening staff who need to reach out to clients. We'll call-back online leads who complete web forms, contact donors for donation renewals, chase down payments on unpaid invoices, and more. We'll even send follow-up emails and texts after every call to ensure a connection is made. Learn more.


Powerful call intelligence gives your business the lead

Make better business decisions with real-time call data, visualized in every Smith.ai client dashboard. Every call summary is enriched with metadata including actions completed, caller disposition, priority, relevance, call recording and transcription, and more. See the big picture with historical tables and charts to predict business growth, costs, and ROI with superior accuracy.


Capture and book appointments with 24/7 Live Chat.

Keeping a floral shop up and running can be time-consuming. Our 24/7 live agents respond instantly to chats, texts, and Facebook messages so new online leads are converted while you stay focused on important work.


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Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. We directly integrate with over 30 programs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zapier.

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"Smith.ai is just excellent. My go-to receptionist team that I use and recommend to other law firms... and business owners generally!! They go above and beyond to cater their receptionist and live chat services to the specific needs of my business."
Joey Vitale headshot
Joey Vitale
Indie Law
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Smith.ai was stellar. They listened to me and tailored my reception service to my specific needs. They were also very good about helping me stay within my budget.
Shamia Cottrell
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My only regret about hiring Smith.ai is that I didn't make the decision sooner. They've been instrumental in helping my team operate virtually during shelter-in-place orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Littleton Legal PLLC
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I love Smith.ai! This has been a really convenient service and enabled me to focus on my work more and screen customers more effectively.
Jennifer Fabian-Verzosa

Everything You Need to Know About Florist Answering Services

The best florist answering services do much more than pick up phone calls and take messages for home and office. At Smith.ai, we provide virtual receptionists capable of a wide range of services from call handling, to scheduling, to lead intake, to website chat, and more. Whether you need a virtual receptionist for full-time call handling, overflow support only, after-hours, or triage, here are the answers to the most common questions we receive from florists, floral designers, and horticulturists.

What are the benefits of a florist answering service?

Ask any professional florist and they'll tell you, it's not all sunshines and roses. Work days can get pretty hectic. Whether they're busy processing and cataloging incoming flower shipments or arranging complex bouquets on a rushed notice for a special occasion, florists don't often have a minute to spare, let alone free time to allocate towards monotonous administrative tasks, like appointment scheduling or call answering. Unfortunately, by not having the flexibility in their schedule to provide the customer service they'd like, many florists' client relationships are quick suffer, with their reputation and revenue not far behind. Thankfully, with a florist answering service, customer service can taken care of without florists having to lift a single finger. A reliable answering service provides professional florist businesses of all shapes and sizes support where they need most. Below are some of the most noteworthy benefits that many florist experience with answering services like Smith.ai:

  • Expanded availability

With an answering service available around-the-clock, your clients will always speak with a real human being, regardless of whether your shop is busy, closed, or away. Entrusting a dedicated professional to represent your floral shop on your behalf means your clients will receive the outstanding customer service you'd like to be known for.

  • Increased lead captured  

Missed calls equal missed opportunities. Don’t miss out on leads because you're unable to answer the phone. Answering services provide nighttime, overflow, weekend, and after-hours availability, so your leads will be well-secured without you or your team having to lift a single finger. 

  • Boosted work productivity 

By handing off calls or other administrative responsibilities to a florist answering service, your team can spend less time on the phone and more time on productive work, like fulfilling orders, opening a realm of growth possibilities for your blossoming floral business.

  • Enhanced client satisfaction and business reputation

Smith.ai is more than familiar with providing unforgettable customer experiences, so whatever your business size, our virtual receptionist got you covered. Rest assured knowing that every Smith.ai virtual receptionist is highly proficient and well-versed in customer service. Let us put our award-winning practices to work for you by delivering remarkable responsiveness. 

  • Get more for less

Florists can enjoy all the benefits of several highly-trained in-house receptionists for the price of a gym membership. Customers who use Smith.ai instead of hiring in-house receptionists can save upwards of $30,000/year, not to mention precious office space and on-boarding hours.

  • Keep up with leads and clients

Phone answering services can send over detailed call summaries after each call, and even provide your clients with chat, social media, and text messaging so your clients have more than one way to get in contact with your business, gifting them multiple communication routes to choose from.

A live florist answering service can revolutionize the way you do business. Smith.ai's virtual receptionist services are uniquely designed to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be. Whether you're on a limited budget, overwhelmed by growing business demands, or simply looking to enrich your customer service, Smith.ai can provide specialized support where you need it most. All the advantages of several in-house receptionists will be at your disposable, and with multiple features available for you to take advantage of, Smith.ai can proudly equip your business with the tools it needs to reach new, unprecedented heights.

Smith.ai’s answering service can supply florists with much-needed services, like…

24/7 availability

After-hours & overflow answering

Bilingual answering

Outbound call-backs

Spam blocking

Appointment scheduling

Sales development

Payment collection

CRM Integration

Lead development

And much, much more…

With an extensive list of favorable features and informative resources, Smith.ai’s answering service is the clear choice for florists and floral designers looking to enhance their company's overall productivity, revenue, and outreach. Smith.ai has long been dedicated to offering comprehensive administrative support to florists like yourself. For years now, our staff has been able to provide our award-winning services to countless satisfied clients. Read some of the 5-star reviews from clients like these to learn why florists from across the nation trust Smith.ai to deliver exceptional virtual receptionist services.

How much money will I save by hiring an answering service for my florist business instead of an in-house receptionist?

The value of "front desk" support is priceless, but when deciding between an in-house receptionist and an answering service, costs tend to play an important role. Keeping prices as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of work is key, but with an in-house receptionist, you might not be getting as much as you could be for what you'd be paying. To give you an in-depth look at the cost comparisons, we've compiled a short list of some of the common expenses florists can expect to pay when hiring an in-house receptionist.

The average salary nation-wide for an in-house receptionist is about $37,000 and they usually come with appalling (frequently hidden) fees, such as:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance, costing about $11,000/year
  • Life and disability insurance, costing about $2,000/year
  • 401K’s, retirement and pension plans, costing about $2,000/year
  • Paid sick leave, holidays, and vacations, costing about $5,500/year
  • Commuting reimbursement, costing about $5,000/year
  • Child care subsidy and parental leave, costing about $3,000/year
  • Health and wellness programs, costing about $1,000/year
  • Bonus pay, costing about $2,000/year
  • Company retreats, team bonding events, and employee outings, costing about $4,000/year
  • Free lunch, snacks, and drinks, costing about $3,500/year

Total Cost in Addition to Salary: $77,000/year

If your floral shop is located in any relatively large city, that final cost will surely be higher, not to mention all the time you'll have to spend on-boarding and training your new hire. Over time, these costs tend to pile up, especially when your in-house receptionist inevitably comes in late, calls in sick, requests time off, takes personal leaves of absence, goes on vacation, etc. Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists can complete the exact same amount of tasks as an in-house receptionist can, and then some, barring coffee runs, of course. Our virtual receptionists are also much more affordable, both in the long and short term, because our receptionists' benefits or salaries are never your responsibility.

Smith.ai’s answering service costs as little as $255/month, with no hidden fees. Ever. By hiring an answering service instead of an in-house receptionist, your business could save over $33,000/year on salary alone, and possibly up to $40,000/year in benefits beyond salary payments. Not only will you save big time, but you'll also witness a humongous improvement in your overall productivity, lead conversion, and net profit. Unlike in-house receptionists, virtual receptionists can answer calls outside of regular business hours, enabling you to capture and covert nearly 27% more leads. Smith.ai’s agents can even respond to live chats, texts, and social media messages, which is how 46% of customers prefer communicating with businesses, thus opening the door to an entirely new world of potential leads you may have never known existed.

Virtual receptionists can provide additional sales assistance as well by making outbound calls to capture potentially interested leads, satisfying the over 67% of clients who base their decision to hire a business on the initial responsiveness to their call or email. With potential clients receiving the timely, professional responses they expect, the amount of leads your floral shop will be equipped to convert will drastically increase. With Smith.ai’s trusted florist answering service, you can experience all the benefits of an in-house receptionist minus the cost. Read our article to learn more about the differences between an in-house vs. a virtual receptionist.

What kinds of scenarios do florist need virtual receptionist services for?

There's no doubt that florists and floral designers have their hands full. From administering daily tasks to supervising general business development and growth, florists and floral designers have no shortage of projects that require their attention. With bustling work environments like this, issues tend to sneak up every once in awhile, and with a never-ending list of orders to fulfill, inventory to catalog, and supplies to restock, smart shop owners will make the save themselves lots of time and energy by bringing in outsourced support to help them effectively tackle those problems. Common scenarios that we've seen florists experience that have required a virtual receptionist service's assistance for are:

  • I need administrative support, but can't afford it

"Front desk” support, no matter what form it takes, is an absolute must for just about business, small or large. Handing off your administrative duties to trained professionals can make all the difference in the world for busy florists. Unfortunately, some small or solo florists simply don't have the budget for a pricey in-house receptionist, which means they lose out on that invaluable administrative support their competitors might be able to afford.

  • Constant phone calls distract from work

Calls come in whether your team can get to them or not. When professional florists repeatedly have to take time away from orders to answer the phone throughout their day, getting back to work can be a huge obstacle. When it takes, on average, about 23 minutes to get back to a task after being interrupted by a phone call, florists can say goodbye to any chance at a productive work day.

  • Growing business demands are overwhelming

Businesses grow and while that growth can be great for a shop's profit margins, it can be a real barrier for smaller floral shops to keep up. Growth means more: more calls to answer, more orders to fulfill, more customers to tend to. To-do lists will expand by the minute, making it difficult for limited floral staff or solo florists to get everything done, let alone prepare to take on more.

  • I can't offer the around-the-clock availability clients want

When the work day ends, florists and floral designers deserve to go home and spend time away from clients. But when just because you clock out for the day doesn't mean calls stop coming in. And when you're unavailable to answer their calls, you miss the over 27% of leads who call outside of regular business hours. Many floral shops have expressed interested in offering after-hours answering, but simply can't afford overnight in-house receptionists or expensive call centers.

If any one of these scenarios sound familiar to you, an answering service can be just the thing to help. By handing off administrative duties to professional virtual receptionists, your team will finally receive the support they need while your potential and existing customers will receive the elite responsiveness they've been yearning for. Smith.ai's virtual receptionists are available around-the-clock to help you get everything done while still providing stellar customer service. So whether your floral shop would benefit from an extra hand calling back leads, collecting payments, or simply answering calls, our staff of highly-trained receptionists can send you the specialized support you need to keep your your client base growing and your floral shop thriving.

What are some of the common problems that indicate my floral shop could use a virtual receptionist service?

As any professional will tell you, business rarely ever runs smoothly, no matter what industry you're in or company size you have. Inevitably, sticky situations require you seek out external support. A few of the most commonly reported issues we've seen countless florists and floral designers need virtual receptionist services for are:

  • I'm unable to offer the responsiveness leads demand

Jam-packed schedules and intense workloads leave many florists with little time to respond to interested customers' inquiries. Responsiveness has time-and-time again proven crucial for any business looking to convert leads, but with barely any time in their day to dedicate specifically towards customer service, small and solo florists are often unable to provide the bare minimum customer experience that leads expect.

  • I'm struggling to get productive work done

Climbing costs for in-house receptionists force many florists to try and take on administrative duties themselves. But with a long list of responsibilities falling on their shoulders, small and solo florists who choose to take on these administrative responsibilities themselves quickly struggle to keep up with endless administrative demands. Needless to say, in cases like these, productivity levels take a swift nose dive.

  • I can't get to new leads in time and it's costing me money

Though they may try to answer the phone as often as they can, florists will inevitably miss calls, whether they're preoccupied serving customers, managing inventory, or fulfilling special orders. Attempting to get everything done while still providing adequate customer service can be an obstacle even the most skilled florist struggles to overcome, and with a tight schedule, call handling and lead screening duties are the first of many priorities to be sacrificed, leaving leads unanswered and unconverted.

  • My competitors are responding to potential clients faster than me

With an indisputably competitive market, small or solo florists may be at a disadvantage when it comes to establish their shop as distinct from their competitors. Providing premium customer experiences through immediate, thoughtful responses can place any professional florists in good faith with potential leads, but high-quality customer service takes time that a majority of busy florists simply can't afford to take away from more productive work.

  • Capturing and converting leads is challenging

One of the most important, yet undeniably difficult aspects of building a successful business is finding and converting new clients. With so much on their plate as it is, many florists struggle to respond to leads when attempting to get their day-to-day tasks done as well. When left unanswered, leads will quickly turn their attention to the nearest florists available to answer their questions, costing you precious customers.

  • I don't know how to keep track of all of my clients’ data

Maintaining detailed phone records and call summaries isn't as easy as it may appear, and for florists who, like many client-facing businesses, disperse client data across varying software platforms. Naturally, knowing exactly how, when, and why clients call is critical for floral designers eager to strengthen their client relationships and grow their clientele, but when information about a customer's experience is mishandled, florists lose out on lead generation and conversion opportunities.

If you or your team is struggling to combat any one of these discouraging issues, know that a virtual receptionist service is designed to resolve common problems like these. One of the many prominent features of Smith.ai answering services is that our virtual receptionists direct their attention to the distinct problems your company confronts. Our virtual receptionists will spend time where you need the most help, whether that's something as straightforward as call handling or something more complicated, like payment collecting. Smith.ai caters to your business needs, no matter what they may be. Sign up risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee and experience first-hand how Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists can handle even the most challenging issues your floral shop faces.

What do I need to prepare to get started with a florist virtual receptionist service?

When considering a virtual receptionist service, a good place to start is to consider which areas of your floral shop could use additional support in. To figure out which services you and your team might benefit from the most, think about which problems or challenges seem to be a on-going issue for you:

  • Does call handling seem to be a major difficulty? 
  • Could you use a little help screening and intaking leads? 
  • Do you have a hard time collecting deposits from new clients? 

Whatever you struggle with, Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists are willing and able to adjust their service to accommodate the specific areas you could use an extra hand in. 

Once you've identified some of the most challenging issues Smith.ai receptionists can help you resolve, consider your company's activity level: 

  • Do you receive more social media inquiries than phone calls?
  • Do endless spam calls keep you from responding to potential leads?
  • Would your business benefit from 24/7 phone answering or would you prefer a particular time frame, such as 9-to-5, for answering calls? 

Whether you get twenty calls a month or 2,000, Smith.ai can customize your virtual receptionist service to fit your business activity so you only pay for what you need. 

All you have to do next is sign up. Getting started with Smith.ai’s virtual receptionist service is quick and simple. No annual contracts, no hidden setup fees, and no scripts required. 

To sign up with Smith.ai, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Customize your instructions – Just answer a few, quick questions about your team and the preferences you have, and we’ll get you started. We’ll use your answers to customize the way our virtual receptionists answer your calls and your clients’ questions. 
  2. Send your calls to us – We work with every major phone system and can set up customized rules for when we answer your calls, or we can answer every call, 24/7!
  3. Try risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee – Fully experience our call answering, scheduling, payments, and other phone services completely risk free for 14 days. If you find that we're not the right fit for you, you can receive up to $1,000 back within the first 14 days.

Whether your floral shop could use a full-time virtual receptionist or just an overflow or after-hours call answering service, Smith.ai can offer the customized assistance you've been looking for with quality customer service, lead screening, and sales development, among many other services. When you choose Smith.ai, you aren't just choosing virtual receptionist service, you’re choosing a professional, reliable, and friendly team of well-trained experts who can transform the way you do business for good. And once you start using Smith.ai's virtual receptionist service, you'll wonder how you or your team ever got by without it.

Learn how to get started with Smith.ai’s virtual receptionist service.

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