10 Best Platforms to Build & Sell Your Own Online Course


Online courses are a great way for people to share knowledge. Today, they’re one of the most common tools used for learning and it’s not just for online schools and universities. You’ll find a wide range of platforms that allow experts just like you to build and sell your own online courses.

The explosion of online learning

Once, online learning was pretty limited. Most personal and professional development occurred through in-classroom training. Today, that’s not the case. High-speed Internet connectivity coupled with advanced course delivery technologies and the growth of social platforms has allowed specialists, creators, and expertsin all fields to develop and deliver training and development courses around the world.

Here's a quick look at how online learning has evolved:

  • Online learning has grown 900% since 2000 and it shows no signs of slowing.
  • 56% of chief online officers saw growth in online and hybrid learning programs
  • Online learning is expected to reach $237.1 billion in 2027.

Part of online learning’s massive success is the incredibly wide field of potential learners. Anyone with an Internet connection and a desire to learn can participate in many of these courses, although some are locked behind enrollment gateways (online education delivered by colleges and universities, for instance). Schools only account for a relatively small fraction of online courses available today, however. The lion’s share comes from independent subject matter experts (SMEs), former professors/teachers, and specialists.

As more and more people realize the importance of and ease of access to online courses, experts and content creators will continue to flock to platforms that allow them to create, market, and sell their own courses. In turn, that has driven an explosion in online course delivery platforms. You’ll find a host of options, from well-known names like Udemy to relative newcomers. How do you choose the right one for your course creation and monetization needs, though?

We’ve made things simpler for you. Rather than having to compare options on your own, we’ve created a list of the 10 best course creation and monetization options.

10 Best Platforms to Build & Sell Online Courses

Here are the top 10 that you’ll want to consider for your course creation needs.  

1. Kajabi

If you want to create and sell courses and automate your course marketing, Kajabi is the one for you. It’s available on mobile or the web, and there’s even a tool to help you create your own automations. There are templates for landing pages, courses, and more, and you can even get people to subscribe to emails and other materials. 

Kajabi highlights:

  • Native email provider
  • Templates and branding/customization available
  • Automated marketing assistance
  • AI course builder
  • $119 per month for the basic plan (free trial available)
  • Create and market courses, podcasts, communities, and more

2. Udemy

Udemy is among the most popular and well-known online course platforms out there today. They have a lot of great solutions and tools to help everyone, including those who are just getting started. It’s a top pick for first-timers because it’s easy to use and it comes with mobile learning options, too. 

Udemy highlights:

  • Step-by-step course creation
  • Teach Hub with insights and tips
  • Marketing plans available
  • Metrics and reporting tools
  • Starts free, with revenue sharing on course sales 
  • Options for teams and even enterprise-level organizations

3. Teach:able

With Teach:able, course creators can customize all the details of their courses, including the design. You can even create a brand website and sales pages, and there are plenty of templates to get you started. You can upload files from multiple sources, and you can create flexible pricing, bundles, subscription plans, and more. This platform offers tons of native tools and integrations, too. 

Teachable highlights:

  • Courses can be one-time, subscription, or bundle-priced
  • Sell online courses, digital downloads, or one-on-one coaching
  • Custom options for branding and standardization
  • Valuable feedback tools
  • Integrations available through Zapier
  • Free plans available, paid plans start at $29.25 per month

4. Skillshare

If you’re looking to teach creative skills, Skillshare is the ideal tool to use. There are courses available for all kinds of niche markets and popular topics, including everything from photography to interior decorating, cooking, and more. The platform allows you to sign up and publish courses for free. Paid courses need to be approved for the premium catalog if you want to earn money. 

Skillshare highlights:

  • Pre-built structure for course creation
  • Interactive, engaging courses
  • Ideal for creatives
  • Skillshare offers a free month and pricing varies based on your needs afterward

5. Thinkfic

Thinkfic is a web-based online course creation tool that offers plenty of templates for course materials and landing pages. You can create flagship courses, pre-sell courses, and even develop a resource library for those who pay for a membership. You can use their prefabricated course materials or you can create your own, and it offers ease of use that’s unmatched. 

Thinkfic highlights:

  • Samples and templates help new course makers
  • Integrates with Zapier and other tools
  • Testimonials available
  • Multiple pricing tiers, including a free option; Basic plans cost $49 per month

6. ProProfs LMS

With ProProfs LMS, online course creators get access to a simple solution for creating, selling, and delivering online courses of all styles. There is an integrated tool that makes it easy to create courses and quizzes, and there is a library of more than 100 templates and courses that you can customize to suit your needs. You can list your courses on their website or yours, too. 

ProProfs LMS highlights:

  • Secure payment gateway offered
  • Also works with Stripe
  • Easy course building 
  • Templates and pre-made courses are available
  • Free plan available, $1.97 per month for 10+ learners

7. Podia

Podia is a great platform for course building in several ways. It has one of the best eCommerce options with a virtual storefront to sell your digital content. You can even set up membership sites and offer digital downloads through this platform, and there are tons of templates to help you come up with a good starting design. Courses can be published immediately, too. 

Podia highlights:

  • Additional resources available 
  • Digital downloads
  • Bundles for courses and materials
  • Private membership site option
  • Free accounts available, paid plans start at $33 per month

8. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is an app and website that’s available on the standard web as well as Android and iOS devices. You can use this platform to build all kinds of courses, and if you’re willing to pay a little more, you can create a branded app that is customized to your specific school, course programs, and more. You’ll find robust editing tools and discussion forums to keep students engaged, too. 

LearnWorlds highlights:

  • Student profiles help them connect with others
  • Easy custom course creation
  • Branding available
  • Coupons available
  • Starts at $24 per month 

9. LearnDash

With LearnDash, you’ll enjoy the easy creation of courses and administration of content. This platform is even used by many top universities and Fortune 500 companies. There is a course builder that’s easy to use and it comes with expert consulting assistance and an eCommerce platform that makes it easy to sell your courses. 

LearnDash highlights:

  • Easy course development and sales
  • Experts available
  • Multimedia support
  • Integrates with your existing site or build a new site with LearnDash baked in
  • Popular provider for several big-name companies
  • Starter plan is $25 per month when paid annually

10. WizIQ

The WizIQ platform offers simple online course creation, along with assessments and testing options, as well as mobile learning solutions. There’s also a robust reporting tool in the platform and to ensure that you get paid appropriately, there’s an LMS to handle the eCommerce transactions and side of things. 

WizIQ highlights:

  • Unlimited online course creation
  • Self-paced learning
  • Simple payment processing through Stripe
  • Dedicated classrooms per teacher
  • Screen sharing, polling, and whiteboard functionality
  • Pricing by request, starting at $18 per teacher per month

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