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Pat Richardson
Idaho Beef

Everybody likes to talk to a human! When you are running a high quality, small business catering to a personalized specialty market, you know professional and friendly customer service can be the difference between making it and breaking it. However, it is a significant expense to pay for a full time customer service department. Luckily, we at have a solution for you. Our friendly, professional virtual receptionists can be trained to help your clients answer basic questions, transfer calls to specific people, and greet your clients the way you would, 24/7. And, if we can’t find a happy solution for them, we can put them in touch with someone who can. This way you can save the expert for the hard questions and let virtual receptionists satisfy the rest.

Idaho Beef

Orofino, Idaho
The problem
Beef rancher needs help taking sales orders
Our solution
Answering the call from customers — every time

An Idaho cowboy needed some help taking orders for his high quality, in-demand, bulk beef business. Idaho Beef has an in-house customer service representative, but wanted to provide some additional phone support for their small business. Most of the questions and orders that get called in require simple training on only a few points and then just friendly, real people to take the message. virtual receptionist were quickly trained in the information and procedures of the company and able to help out with order taking immediately.

When Pat is out riding with his cattle, he knows is there to answer his calls and help his small business stay up to date with the latest technology.’s virtual receptionists answer any basic questions and can live transfer customers to Pat’s in-house customer service representative, only if the caller has questions they can’t answer.

“The price is right and they are always polite and very professional. They handle my calls in a polite, fun, and professional manner.”

There are no gimmicks with Idaho Beef, what they sell is what they believe in; the highest quality bulk beef around. Pat Richardson is a true Idaho cowboy, who raises natural, grass fed beef because he believes that is the way that beef should be produced.

His company is built on integrity and high standards, and that is the way he wants to treat his customers. He understands that relationships matter, and the old style of doing business should not be forgotten. Sometimes you need to slow down and get to the bottom of what things are. That is how he raises his beef, naturally. And, he wants to run his small business with that same natural, real talking to real people approach. Nothing artificial here! is a superior 24/7 call answering service for small businesses and individuals. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing customers. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve (don’t we all prefer to talk to a human!), and find more qualified leads (bye-bye spam calls!)

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