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A Better Solution for Call Center Services

Running a business is a full-time job, and then some. can lighten the load by handling all your inbound call center service needs — with an even better solution. is a better alternative to call center services, using live professional North American virtual receptionists to help manage your business communications and accelerate growth.
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A Better Alternative to Call Center Services Tailored to Your Business’ Needs.

Instead of outsourcing to a run-of-the-mill, over-extended call center with impersonal, robotic agents, or letting your after-hour inquiries go straight to voicemail, you can cover your bases 24/7 with’s inbound call center services. A team of ‘round-the-clock live remote receptionists act as your live answering service — way better for business and your client relationships than impersonal, robotic-sounding call center agents. 

Manage appointments, intake new clients, assist loyal customers, promote a better customer experience, and save time for what’s most important: the good work you do for your clients and customers. All without ever picking up the phone yourself, unless you choose to accept call transfers.

Benefits of a Call Center Solution

All the benefits of a call center, minus the headache is the inbound call center solution you’ve been looking for. We’ll provide the support call center solution services your business and employees need without wasting your time or money.

Above & Beyond a Call Center

We do way more than just call-answering — our virtual receptionists take care of your business’ needs, such as scheduling appointments, collecting payments  and intaking leads, while you handle everything else. And all virtual receptionists are based in North America.

Predictable & Affordable Pricing

Unlike other inbound call center solutions, you pay per call, not per minute, so monthly bills are predictable and don’t go up or down based on chatty callers.

Free Spam Blocking technology blocks spam from 20 million known robocallers and spammers, instantly, so they never even interrupt our receptionists from their hard work. We can also block numbers individually if nuisance callers contact you, but aren’t on our global spam list. All spam, sales, and wrong-number calls are always free. 

Never Miss an Important Call

You can’t answer every ringing phone, but our team can make sure you still land or keep the client on the other end. We can warm-transfer leads, and even pre-screen leads based on your custom criteria and questions, so we only interrupt you when we have a great potential new client on the line (or an existing one!).

Highest Sound Quality For an “In-House” Feel

With superb bandwidth, hardware, and quiet backgrounds, our receptionists are poised to represent your business professionally every time. We even have our own teams of managers that monitor call handling performance for you. Your callers and clients will never know the difference between your office and our virtual receptionists. 

FriendlyTeam of Sales & Support Professionals

Our North America-based virtual receptionists are more than just call center agents. They provide helpful communication with an ever-present smile on their faces, even if your clients can’t see them over the phone. Our staff come with years of customer service, hospitality, and office management experience, so you can rest easy that seasoned professionals are on the lines.

Technology-Driven Efficiencies & Integrations

We integrate with your business software, so calls, chats, calendar appointments, texts, and Facebook Messages are logged in your CRM, calendar, and marketing automation programs. With integrations to popular programs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Calendly, plus 1,000s more that we connect to through Zapier,your data is always instantly logged and there’s no data entry chores for your staff to sync up your systems.

Call Center Service Features

Live Answering Service

Our answering service provides live agents that pick up every incoming call, 24/7, giving your clients and customers a meaningful experience every time. As a result, this will promote brand loyalty, customer service, and trust.

Appointment Scheduling

Our appointment scheduling service will fill your calendar with qualified leads, schedule and reschedule appointments, then send reminders and follow-ups. Redirect your focus from appointment setting to the people and problems that require your attention.

After-Hours Answering

We don’t stop working just because your team has gone home for the night. We know how important lead generation and customer support can be. That’s why our after-hours answering service ensures that you don’t miss out on a promising business opportunity. 

SMS Text Answering & Messaging 

Phone calls aren’t the only way to get in touch anymore. Chat support via SMS can help reach a different customer base. Don’t limit your business’ reach when we can cover it all with an SMS answering service, Facebook Messenger answering service and live-staffed chat service

Lead Screening & Intake

We’ll perform new client intake, plus vet potential leads for you, passing along only the relevant contacts. No more time wasted on the wrong kind of calls that hinder the business process. Our lead qualification services take care of that for you.

Software Integration

We’ll fit right into whatever programs you already rely on, whether it’s CRM software or Slack and Microsoft Teams. Streamline your business and your communications. 

And so much more

Whatever your business’ receptionist needs, our professional answering services have you covered, 24/7.

Virtual Receptionist vs. Call Center Services

So, what’s the difference between virtual receptionists and call center services? It’s simple. Virtual receptionists seamlessly integrate into your business, handling inbound calls, scheduling appointments, and performing tasks as an in-house receptionist would. Whereas, call center service agents are only trained in what’s absolutely necessary, which can result in an impersonal, low-quality experience. Discover the difference between virtual receptionist and call center services and decide what’s best for your business.

Industries & Businesses We Service

Small Businesses 

Small business owners need to focus on the things that matter most, which is why our answering service for small business can handle the rest.

Law Firms

Your response time can make all the difference and with the help of a legal answering service you don’t have to worry.

General Contractors

Our contractor answering service will be there for your business when your hands are full.

IT & Managed Services

Our IT answering service will be there because clients might expect you to respond as fast as their computers do.


Managing a million different things every day can be difficult in agencies. Lean on our agency answering service for lead capture, sales development, and client support.

Pet Services

We provide a veterinary answering service because pet owners can’t wait when their furry friends need your help.

And so many more

Because all businesses deserve simpler solutions, and because all clients deserve prompt, attentive responses. From HVAC to accounting, we’re here to help you focus on serving clients no matter your industry. Let us handle your frontline conversations, capture new leads, and deliver exceptional customer service with fast, friendly responses.


We play well with your software

Calls, chats, appointments, and payments are automatically logged in your systems. Here is a selection of our many integration partners.

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