The Best Screenshot Apps for iPhone for Professional-Looking Images


If you’re a dedicated iPhone user, you might not want to weed through the multitude of screenshot apps and tools for all the devices on the market today. After all, some are iOS-compatible, while others might be geared toward Android users, and even more are focused on desktop use for Mac, PC, and other systems.

Fortunately, if iOS is what you need, we have what you seek. In this guide, we’ll review the best of the best in screenshot apps for iPhone when you want to create high-quality, professional-looking images. Of course, even if you’re here, you might be wondering just why you need an app when the iPhone has a built-in screenshot function?

Have you ever tried to get a good image with the standard screenshot tool? You’ve probably noticed the editing features and screen capture options are somewhat limited. Plus, the combination of having to hit multiple buttons at the ideal perfect moment to get the screengrab makes it a game of chance for many. It’s great to have a basic tool, but when you’re trying to create professional images, you need something better.

That's where these apps come in. There are tons of them on the market today, including several dedicated to iOS and iPhone users who want to make sure that they're getting the best screenshots and video captures, as well as other features and tools.


What makes a good screenshot tool?


If you’re going to take the time and effort to upgrade, it makes sense to choose a good one—there's no sense in “upgrading” when the tool you choose isn’t going to deliver more features or better image quality, for example.

There are several factors that go into choosing the right screenshot tool, but there are certainly some that stand out more than others. If you’re in the market for a good screenshot app, here are the important elements to keep in mind:

·  Capture Options: The best screenshot apps will offer several different capture options. Standard screenshots and selections should be in almost all the tools you find. You may also find things like scrolling capture, window capture, and other ways to cap images, such as video recordings. You don’t necessarily need them all, but you’ll want to consider what’s offered and what you’ll use most often.

·  Saving and Sharing: The whole point of screenshots is to share and show others what’s going on. Therefore, being able to save, export, and share your images is going to make a big difference in your success with these tools. Consider things like social media sharing, PDF exporting, and how easy it is to save and share files with each tool.

·  Editing and Manipulation Tools: Since we’re upgrading here, you’re going to want more tools for editing and image manipulation than those that the iOS screenshot feature offers. Consider everything from basic cropping and editing to advanced manipulation like image resolution editing, sizing, and other features that may be offered. The more tools you have, the more professional-looking your images will be able to be.

·  Cross-Device Compatibility: Unless you’re only accessing this tool on your iPhone or iPad, you’re going to want to consider whether the app works on multiple devices and platforms. Fortunately, several of the iOS screenshot apps out there are also available on Android, macOS, Windows, Google Phone, and several other platforms. Unless your team is all on the same type of device, a compatible tool is a must.

Although there is any number of features that could impact your decision, these are the ones that should be the highest on your list. They will help improve the quality of your screenshots and recordings by giving you the tools you need to harness the power of modern tech tools.

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 Skitch logo

Skitch offers a unique platform for screenshots and is made by the people responsible for Evernote, one of the most popular task/note apps available today. This robust app makes it easy to take screenshots and then edit, annotate, and add fun effects for those who want to change things up and keep it fun. Plus, the tool syncs with Evernote and it is free to use for basic access.

Skitch can be used on iOS, macOS, Android, and others. It also offers a premium membership that includes additional features and screenshot tools, and those who upgrade won’t have to spend a fortune to do so. You can share on social media, scan documents, and create and share all kinds of screen captures and recordings with ease.

·  Free option? Yes, the basic plan is free

·  Price: Premium membership starts at $8 per month

·  Handwriting search feature

·  Robust editing and manipulation tools

·  Dedicated button for saving to the web

·  Social media share

·  Document scanning tools

·  Integrates with other tools and software


Zappy by Zapier

Zappy by Zapier logo

Zappy is Zapier’s solution to screenshot needs at the business level. This company-designed program is one that the team of more than 300 remote employees uses every single day, and it’s now available as a trial for existing Zapier paid members and anyone on MacOS. If you’ve got iOS and already use Zapier, you should give Zappy a try. It integrates seamlessly and allows you to take all kinds of captures and recordings.

Zappy installs in minutes. It's easy to take video captures and you can even create your own GIFs with this platform in addition to the rest of the editing tools available. It installs in just minutes, and you’ll be on your way to creating professional-looking images in no time. Plus, the tool is currently free since it’s being market-tested and is still in development.

·  Free option? Yes

·  Price: Free

·  Screen recording

·  Detailed editing tools

·  Annotate, capture, and record screenshots with ease

·  Impressive suite of configuration and editing tools



Brosix logo

Brosix is a multi-device platform that offers all-in-one messaging and collaboration for businesses, including a screenshot tool with plenty of features that you are sure to love. Collaboration has never been easier. You can take screenshots from chat rooms, instant message feeds, the contact list, and other parts of the screen with ease. You can easily send them to other users on the app by clicking the “screenshot” icon.

Brosix makes it easy to share and export screenshots in the app and externally, including offline sharing options. Administrators can disable certain features for users or disallow screenshots entirely, if they choose. Unlimited file sharing is included, and the management features make it an ideal choice for leaders who need a tool they can keep tabs on.

·  Free option? Free for one Team Network of up to 3 users

·  Price: $4 per user, per month to start after

·  Unlimited collaboration and file sharing

·  Capture scrolling screens

·  User activity management

·  Online and offline sharing and exporting

·  High-quality editing and configuration tools

·  Remote desktop feature

·  Instant whiteboard presentation launch


AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder logo

AZ Screen Recorder is probably one of the most familiar names in the world of screen capture tools. This app has been around for a while, and it continues to be one of the best choices both for features and for affordability. There is a built-in video editing tool that makes it easy to edit screen recordings, and the image editing tools are fairly robust, as well. You can create GIFs, share to social media, and even integrate front cameras for game streaming and commentary.

AZ Screen Recorder lets you add background music and subtitles, export Full HD videos, and record as much as you want with no time limits. There are also no ads or watermarks, and the app can work with your internal sound and Facecam. It also doesn’t require root access, which is ideal for users who want something simpler that still delivers all of the things that they need.

·  Free option? Yes

·  Price: $2.99 for pro version

·  Countdown timer

·  Picture in picture

·  Video configuration tools

·  Front camera integration

·  Available for iOS and Android

·  GIF creator

·  Multiple sharing options

· Social media streaming



Camtasia logo

Camtasia is a screen recording app that allows you to create professional-quality screencasts and screen captures for video lessons, YouTube videos, and more. It also comes with templates for lectures and marketing, and more tools to help you make the most of your screen recording needs. The cost is what keeps most people on the fence, and it’s why this product is at the bottom of our list. We love what it offers, but some small businesses might not be ready to commit to spending $249 for lifetime use of a screenshot and screen recording tool.

It’s a big commitment, but it’s a one-time fee. The cost is the same for individuals and businesses, with discounts available for education, nonprofits, and government use. It also includes royalty-free music you can add to videos, allows you to create quizzes and animations, and even has advanced audio, video, and image editing and configuration tools for high-quality productions and images every single time.

·  Free option? No

·  Price: $249.99 for individual or business use

·  Advanced editing tools

·  Royalty-free music included

·  Video templates

·  Quizzes, captions, animations, and more

·  Tutorials to help learn the program

·  Easy file importing


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The software tools listed here are going to improve the quality of your screenshots, video captures, and other images that you need to share with employees, customers, and others. They will take things one step further, or even 10 steps further, than the average native screenshotting tool, and offer a host of perks and features that will improve the way you think of, and use, screenshots in your business.

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·  And so much more!

If there are any services that you think could use a dedicated touch, count on our virtual receptionists to deliver what you need. While you’re busy perfecting your screenshots and creating the most professional images, we’ll be handling things behind the scenes and making sure that your business also has the perfect professional image.

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown
Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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