Top 10 Microsoft Teams Shortcuts to Improve Your Work


Microsoft Teams is among the most popular collaboration tools available today. Like other software solutions, Teams has been around for some time but only recently gained popularity as the pandemic shuttered businesses and sent everyone home to work remotely. If MS Teams is one of the tools that you’re using regularly, it might be time to learn some handy shortcuts that can add up to a lot of time and effort saved. 

Shortcuts are handy because they help you work smarter, not harder. They also make it easier to get things done and offer accessibility to those who need it. 

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool developed by the software giant as a competitor for platforms like Slack, offering chat, video conferencing tools, file storage, integration with applications, and more. Teams had about 250 million monthly users in 2021 and that number has only grown. In addition to integrating with other Microsoft tools, it also integrates with tons of other programs and platforms. 

The initial release of Teams came in 2017, and since then, it has rolled out quite a few upgrades and innovations that have changed the way that people utilize the tool. It’s a preferred choice for several educational organizations and businesses who want a Microsoft product or who simply want something familiar. Teams has the typical Microsoft interface, so it attracts a lot of people who don’t want a huge learning curve. 

For those who adopt this platform, keyboard shortcuts can make it even more desirable for increased collaboration and productivity throughout the organization. Let’s look at the 10 best shortcuts out there. 

1. Ctrl + E

This allows you to open the search function in Teams so that you can search for people, threads, or other elements within the app. It’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for with minimal effort. 

2. Ctrl + G

This will allow you to navigate directly to a specific channel or team. Simply press the shortcut and when the list populates, choose the team or channel that you’re trying to reach. 

3. Ctrl + /

This shortcut is handy because it will show you a list of commands. That way, you know what you can and can’t expect from Teams and how to get things done. 

4. Ctrl + N

This is an easy way to start a brand-new chat with someone. When you’re in the main Teams screen and press this shortcut, it will bring up a new chat window, where you can type in a recipient and start communicating. 

5. Ctrl + Shift + A 

This shortcut will allow you to automatically accept a video call even if you’re in the middle of something else. The call will pop up on your screen and instead of clicking the button, you can simply use this shortcut to connect the video call and get to collaborating. 

6. Ctrl + 1

With this shortcut, you will open the Activity section, which will let you see what’s been happening in the app since you last checked. It’s an easy way to keep tabs on things.

7. Ctrl + 4

This will open the Calendar feature in the Microsoft Teams app so that you can check your schedule, create or add events, share events, invite people, and more. 

8. Ctrl + Shift + E

If you are using Teams to collaborate by sharing screens, this shortcut is going to be quite helpful. It will allow you to easily start a screen-sharing video so that you can record the actions or information that you need to share with others. 

9. Alt + Shift + R

This shortcut gives you the chance to reply to a thread in the messaging app. This shortcut works in both the desktop and web versions, but not all of the shortcuts will. Instead of having to navigate to find the “reply” button, you can just press these three keys. 

10. Ctrl + Shift + H

With this shortcut, you can end your audio or video calls on Teams without having to use the mouse. The shortcuts to start calls are all different, but ending the call is the same regardless. No more awkward dead air as you both struggle to click the “End Call” button. 

Choose the right shortcuts 

These are some of the more popular options to use in Microsoft Teams, but they’re certainly not the only available shortcuts. Microsoft has a full support document to help you learn all the different shortcuts available for Windows, the web app, macOS, iOS and Android, and more. You’ll see what you can and can’t use, and how you can shave time off your collaborative efforts by putting these shortcuts to work. 

There are no “right” or “wrong” shortcuts here, either. It’s about figuring out which ones are most useful to you. If you find that there are more shortcuts that you want to use than you can possibly memorize, print a cheat sheet and hang it by your desk so that you’ve always got them close at hand. Take the time to see how you use Teams and you’ll be able to quickly determine which shortcuts are going to be right for your needs. 

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