7 Best Sales Prospecting Tools for Small Business Budgets


The world of sales prospecting is vast. It is the job of the sales team to feed the sales pipeline and today, it can be more challenging than ever. The Internet has created a global marketplace that has changed the way people shop and that also changes the way that businesses prospect. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available today that you can use to assist you, and most of them don’t have to break the bank. 

Almost half of all sales reps say that prospecting is the hardest part of their job. Technology and AI are changing that and with the increasing number of platforms available, it can be hard to determine which ones are going to be best for the job. Of course, it’s also a matter of what you can afford. An enterprise organization might have fewer constraints when it comes to budget, but small businesses often feel the pull of the wallet when they’re trying to invest in the right tools and may need to outsource their sales outreach

Of course, with the advent of technology and open-source technology, it’s become a lot easier to find free and cheap tools that you can use. SMBs and solopreneurs have a lot more resources today to handle everything from prospecting and finding leads to tracking them, scoring them, and even continuing the relationship after the initial contact has been successful. 

These tools can lighten the load for your sales team and free up their time. This allows your team to spend more time with each prospect and give people a more valuable experience. It also ensures that your team isn’t wasting time on tedious busywork because it’s all automated and handled by the tools available today. In the list below, we’ll look at seven must-have tools to help every small business improve its prospecting efforts. 

Keep in mind that you can find dozens, if not hundreds, of different tools out there to use today. It’s going to be up to you to figure out which ones are best, and it’s sometimes best to start small. With that in mind, here are seven simple tools any prospecting team can use. 

The 7 tools every small business can use for prospecting

1. EngageBay

This tool is free for up to 15 users, making it a great prospecting solution for small businesses. It helps you identify leads and score them, as well as to keep data organized and more. With predictive lead scoring and lead tracking tools, you’ll even be able to customize your pitches based on the client details that you have. The insights of this tool are impressive, and it’s got a lot of templates built into the platform so that it’s easy to use for beginners, too, and you can upgrade to paid plans for advanced features, a dedicated account manager, and more. 

2. CrunchBase

CrunchBase is another great all-in-one sales prospecting resource that helps you close more deals by identifying your target customers quicker and easier. Live data tracking helps with lead generation, and you can even keep tabs on trigger events and buyer signals to make more intelligent decisions about deals in the future. Basic access is free for individuals and small businesses and paid plans offer premium access at a reasonably affordable cost. 

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is becoming a huge competitor in the sales world and its Sales Navigator tool is one reason why. This platform comes with tons of features, including the ability to search for leads and companies right on the LinkedIn network as part of your prospecting efforts. You can also integrate with your CRM, making information sharing a breeze. There are several tiers of the platform available and although it’s not free, it’s worth every penny. 

4. Overloop 

Like many of the tools out there today, Overloop helps you streamline and improve the management of your sales pipeline by creating more personalized conversations. One of the best features is the visualization tool, which lets you “see” the entire sales process and track performance so that you can improve your sales strategies. It integrates with tons of third-party apps and pricing is affordable if you choose the advanced platform, while basic access is free with limited features. 

5. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is another platform that offers a free version with basic access (Lite), as well as a selection of paid plans with a free trial available. This platform monitors companies that visit your website using a tracking script, which even allows you to see which pages are visited and the length of time people spend on a page. The platform makes it easy to create custom engagement and outreach solutions and it shares contact information, too, so you can easily get in touch with decision-makers

6. ZoomInfo

This database tool helps you improve your sales engagement. There are over 300 profiles of professionals and companies that you can use for reference. The tool also includes consumer behavior insights, visibility into all interactions, and more. You’ll enjoy easy campaign creation and the chance to tailor things to customer attitudes and needs for prospecting success. There isn’t a free version, but there’s a free trial and you can contact the company to get exact pricing. 

7. Smith.ai 

At Smith.ai, we do more than just field calls and schedule appointments. Our dedicated team of 24/7 receptionists can also assist with answering inbound calls and outreach campaigns, as well as lead intake and qualification, and so much more. While you’re busy running your business, we can reach out immediately to all your leads, create a conversation and carry out the necessary actions based on how the call goes. We’ll handle it all, including payment collection, call transfers, and even bilingual services for those who need them. 

To learn more, schedule a consultation to discuss how the 24/7 virtual receptionists at Smith.ai can improve your sales prospecting and more. You can also reach us at hello@smith.ai or (650) 727-6484. 

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Written by Samir Sampat
Samir Sampat is a Marketing and Events Associate with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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