10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Landscaping & Gardening Businesses' Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


In the landscaping and gardening world, you’re used to helping things grow—but those are usually plants, not audiences. The same marketing efforts you used to get you here may not continue to work as effectively into the future. After all, consumer trends are changing and the way that people use the Internet is dictating what that means for the modern service business. 

It used to be that you could get some good equipment and vehicles, get a logo put on them, toss a few signs in people’s yards, and grow a relatively good business in landscaping. Today, however, fewer people are looking around them and more are looking around online to find the resources they need. 

If you’re not there, they aren’t going to find you. 

That’s where video marketing and social media come into play. Your audience is part of a global Internet base that watches somewhere between six and 16 hours of online videos per day. This includes downloads and live videos, as well as streamed content. 

It’s also anticipated that by 2022, more than 82% of Internet traffic will come from some type of video source. Plus, it’s even more compelling to get on board with video and social media when you consider:

  • More people are reading online reviews and testimonials before hiring companies. 
  • More people expect brands to have Facebook and other social media pages that also link to their website, offer scheduling, and more.
  • More than ¾ of people performing a mobile search are looking for an immediate need.
  • Some people won’t work with companies that don’t have social media profiles or some type of video marketing in place.

It’s about more than making commercials or standard ad spots. It’s about getting creative and finding a way to reach your audience. With landscaping and gardening, that could include informational videos on routine lawn care, seasonal maintenance needs, DIY vs. hiring professionals, and so forth. You might even want to start a series on how to create the perfect backyard escape or information about planting based on seasons and climates. 

Ultimately, your goal is to educate and entertain your audience. You have to give them something that they haven’t seen before. This is no easy feat, by any means. However, it can be done and when you take the time to do it well, your audience will reward you. 

How to incorporate video in your digital marketing 

In case you’re still struggling with the “how”, we’ll start by telling you that the only real limit here is your imagination. Beyond that, there’s really little that you can’t do with video when you’re trying to build your social following. Entertain people. Educate people. Engage the audience and they will respond in kind. It’s not hard to see what people want when you watch those who have come before you and are already doing it well. 

You can create videos that showcase your company in action—take the time to get some shots of your crew doing a job, or create a before-and-after slideshow of projects that you’ve done. You can even include the steps that you took to get from start to finish and encourage others to contact you if they’d like something similar (or anything, really). 

Other great ways to use video include:

  • Promoting a seasonal service or special
  • Educating and informing people on various gardening and landscaping topics
  • Providing tips and insight for DIY lawn care and maintenance
  • Showcasing client testimonials
  • Showcasing employees and company culture
  • Highlighting the various services you provide and their importance

As you can see, the options are endless when you get creative and think of how you can put video marketing to work to build your social following. You could even create a TikTok of landscaping fails and share those with your audience for a good laugh now and then. And speaking of fails, if all other ideas are eluding you, consider asking your audience what they want to see. 

Now, let’s talk about the people you can look to for inspiration. 

10 video marketers for landscapers, gardeners, and other service businesses

1. Landscape Leadership

Landscape Leadership offers a great learning channel on YouTube for both landscapers and homeowners alike who are looking to learn all about the industry. Granted, as their name suggests, the channel focuses more on business owners and helping them grow their operations, which is perfect to assist you in your video marketing efforts. Landscape Leadership has a huge following on their YouTube, along with other social platforms and a website that sees a lot of traffic, too. In addition to their videos, you can find other resources that the team at LL offers, too. 

2. Jason Ambro

The owner of Ambro’s Landscaping, Jason Ambro is a great source for marketing advice and inspiration. His own YouTube channel features Q&A, product reviews, entertainment, and advice for all kinds of landscaping and gardening needs. Along with talking about his business and experience. Ambro does a lot of product reviews that can help other landscapers and homeowners to find the equipment that they like best and get the most out of their lawn care. He’s got a unique style and is capable of communicating with just about anyone in terms that are easy to understand, and he excels at being “just another guy” that’s trying to build his brand and help others along the way. 

3. Landscape Marketing Pros

This team has some great videos to help you build your landscaping marketing strategy, including their own testimonial videos and other uploads that offer valuable marketing insight. They are big on simple videos that use easy-to-read text and basic graphics along with a lot of pictures and videos, incorporating them all to create an engaging, easily digestible video that ranges from two or three minutes to 15 minutes or more. They talk a lot about generating sales and leads, how they’ve helped other landscaping clients, and what your company needs to do to succeed. Plus, in addition to their landscaping YouTube channel, they’ve got other social profiles with quite an impressive following, too. 

4. B&B Lawn Care

Blake Albertson might be newer to the YouTube game, but he’s doing an impressive job of growing a following that is helping him get noticed. He has a vlog about owning a lawn care business that’s full of insight about business ownership, along with handy videos offering advice on landscaping, lawn care, and owning a business. He also offers plenty of product reviews and testimonials, and even offers fun videos like the one he shot of his first time using a commercial pressure washer. He strives to be just another normal person that you can connect with and works to help other landscapers do the same in their video marketing. 

5. Lawn Care Life

Jason Creel is an experienced landscaper and lawn care professional who loves to talk about his business. He's a simple man, but he knows the business and he is more than happy to share it with those around him. We like Jason because, in addition to his videos, he’s got a naturally coachable style that allows him to provide tutorials, actionable advice, and other insights that can help clients as well as fellow lawn care and landscaping professionals. He's great for moral support and provides plenty of tips and insight to help other landscapers succeed. He even offers support on common issues and how to handle them when they arise. 

6. Shawn Spencer

Owner of Spencer Lawn Care, Shawn is an impressive storyteller who offers advice from his and others’ experiences, and even includes his wife Savannah and their daughter Miley in his videos from time to time. He covers things like setting up your trailer, how to deal with customers and complaints, industry news and information, and more. He offers firsthand experience and knows what he’s talking about. Plus, he’s just a lot of fun to watch and his videos offer plenty of useful insight for those who are just starting as well as those who have more experience in the industry. 

7. Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

Brian Fullerton knows all about owning a lawn care business and he’s been successful on his own for quite a while now. He offers videos on how to build your business, including things like selling and buying accounts, how and when to market your business, and the different types of companies out there. He's also got a lot of insight into branding and building that personal connection with customers. He also has episodes of product and equipment reviews, and more. His channel is considered binge-worthy by some, and it offers a lot of insight on how to build your own successful video identity online. 

8. Top Notch Lawn Care

Brian Shain is the brains behind this brand, and he’s got plenty of unique videos to keep people engaged. He is relatable and offers plenty of useful advice, including things like how to charge your customers and what kind of rates are going to get you the business that you need. He's even got an interesting video about a business that managed to make $172,000 per year and then still fail, proving that no one is safe if they aren’t paying attention and following the best practices. He also offers tutorials and reviews on products and services to help consumers and other lawn care professionals better understand what’s out there. 

9. Lawn Care Millionaire

The Lawn Care Millionaire is Johnathon Potoschnik, and he’s named himself appropriately. He started with little more than his own knowledge, but today he offers actionable advice and steps for others who are trying to plan their landscaping business and build their success through marketing. His videos are fun to watch, and he’s got a comfortable, familiar style so that you don’t feel like some “rich guy” is trying to tell you how to succeed. From his own mistakes to handling employees, and even tips for growing your business, he’s got plenty to offer. 

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

We mentioned Gary at the beginning when we were talking about the ways that you can embrace video marketing to do so much for your brand, and we want to share him again here. Although he’s the only non-landscaper on this list, he’s one of the most successful business entrepreneurs of his time and he knows what it takes to get noticed with video marketing. He's always been one step ahead of the rest in embracing new technologies and trends and proves how versatile video can be with his own selfie-style videos that allow him to talk to his audience on a person-to-person level and engage them in a way that they enjoy. Take notes, because he’s got the type of attitude and strategy that all good marketers need, no matter their industry. 

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