14 Sales Enablement Tools to Improve the Productivity of Your Sales Team


In today’s highly competitive business environment, you must be ready 24/7. Your team should have all the tools it needs to take advantage of any opportunity to increase sales and leads. Your business should be matching products and services with potential buyers through a sales strategy that's productive and effective.

Is your team prepared with the tools to make that happen? Keep your team fully informed about platforms and programs that can help them maximize their sales. Let's look at 14 sales enablement tools on the market that you can use to improve the productivity of your sales team. But first, a little background.

Sales productivity in the business cycle

You know that some of your representatives are more effective than others—the Pareto principle suggests that 20% of sales representatives close 80% of sales. But, of course, you want your entire sales force to work at its highest level. To look at how your team's productivity affects sales, we can break down the business cycle into four main components:

Production - Marketing - Sales - Client

Over 100 years ago, the retail mogul John Wanamaker realized he wasted half of his advertising budget, but the problem was that he didn’t know which half. A company could measure only the success of blanket advertising by looking at revenue. Things have changed dramatically since then. Modern media platforms allow a company to pinpoint and target potential customers.

So, your company produces a product, your marketing department develops an effective campaign, your sales department promotes the product to a targeted market, and you end up with a satisfied customer—right?

Of course, this hasn't made doing business any more straightforward. In fact, the market is more competitive than ever. And that intensity can hurt productivity. But there are platforms that can help you run your business more efficiently by providing you with the information that you need when you need it.

Organizations with sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate

What are sales enablement tools?

Sales enablement is a continuous process that provides your salespeople with the information they need to attract buyers and increase sales. Sales enablement tools are exactly what the name suggests: they are systems that will enable your sales department, whether in-house or outsourced, to make more sales. But a sales enablement tool can do much more than this. It can provide feedback to all parts of your business by collecting data.

A variety of tools and platforms are available. The tool or platform you choose will largely depend on your circumstances. Some sales enablement tools provide your sales team with presentations it can use when pitching a product. Some collect data about sales areas and potential territories, while others offer a comprehensive range of features.

Why should my business use a sales enablement tool?

Even the best-prepared sales representative doesn’t have answers to all the questions that a potential buyer might ask. In some organizations, the marketing department doesn’t provide the sales team with the right information—it can come across their desks as incomplete and unusable.  

As part of your sales strategy, a sales enablement tool can provide all the information a customer needs about your product and direct their attention to other items that might interest them. A sales enablement tool, whatever form it is in, is about information. It provides information about products to your sales team and its prospective customers.

Most can also channel information back to the company about sales and leads. This information can help you discover whether your product meets demand, how well it is selling, and how your sales team is doing.

Let’s look at how a sales enablement tool can help with:

Your product. You can see how well your product is doing and make changes if necessary. By collating customer reactions, you can make decisions about pricing and features. You might discover that your product is not doing as well as you had hoped in a target territory. Is it time to withdraw the product from the market?

Your sales strategy. Perhaps your product is selling well in some locations but not in others. Why is this? Do your potential customers know your brand? Do you need to spend more on advertising?

Your sales team. How well are they doing? Do you need to make changes or invest in more training? Many of the sales enablement tools mentioned here will help you monitor your team’s performance.

Your product’s demographic. Who is buying your product? Why, for example, does it sell well in one age group but not in another?

Your statistics. You can build a database of all aspects of sales. This will help you make decisions about your marketing strategy in the future.

Sales enablement tools you may want to try

The following is a list of some of the popular sales enablement tools available that can improve your sales team’s productivity. Differently priced packages always represent different levels of service. The more you pay, the more you get. But you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to get a platform that works well for you.

Many of these platforms offer a discount if you agree to sign up for a year. They want to lock in clients because the competition is so fierce. The pricing information for the tools is current as of March 2022.


SalesRabbit’s main goal is to help your sales representatives when they are out in the field. The platform allows you to track leads, follow your reps in the field, draw area maps, and use digital presentation tools.

The company has produced a promotional video that describes how a roofing company might effectively use SalesRabbit. Opening the application, a sales manager brings up a weather map and selects an area that had a severe hailstorm the previous day. They draw a line around the area and assign it to a sales representative.

Their next step is to load another map with detailed information about residents in the chosen area. This includes details about whether a resident is an owner and how much the owner’s house is worth. Details like this can make all the difference when you're trying to make a sale.

Follow-up options

The sales rep then calls or visits the homeowner and enters information into SalesRabbit. They can use the application to schedule a roof inspection, make notes, attach photos, and draw up an online agreement.

After a hailstorm, many homeowners might need to repair damage to a roof. SalesRabbit has quickly and easily allowed the sales manager to find an area where there might be potential customers and start visiting. Meanwhile, the head office can collect data on the sales team’s success rate and track the representative.

SalesRabbit pricing

SalesRabbit has three price plans:

Individual. This costs $19 per month, but it’s reduced to $15 if you pay annually.

Team. The team rate is $32 per user per month or $25 if you pay annually. Three-user minimum.

Pro. This option costs $45 per user per month or $35 if you pay annually. Ten-user minimum.

In addition, all three plans charge a one-time set-up fee of $399. If you aren’t sure, there is a free version that you might like to use to get a feel for the platform. SalesRabbit functions on all devices.


Showell has received very positive reviews. It's a powerful, user-friendly platform that has two components: the admin tool and the app.

Showell Admin

This is an online content management tool that allows you to:

● Manage your sales content—brochures, datasheets, PowerPoint slides, images, and videos

● Create users and groups and set permissions

● Track how your team members are using the Showell app by, for example, seeing how they are presenting and sharing content

● Manage account settings and branding

Showell app

This is a sales enablement application (app) that lets you:

● Browse and search content

● Create and show customer-tailored presentations

● Share presentations with your customers by email

● Use smart tools, such as configurators, surveys, and lead capture

According to its “About Us” page, Showell “enables your salespeople to present, share, and deliver an inspiring and personal experience, in every meeting, online and offline.” As you can see, SalesRabbit and Showell have different objectives. SalesRabbit concentrates on finding and tracking, while Showell is more about presentation.

Showell works well in face-to-face and virtual sales. It allows you to listen to your customer, respond, and negotiate. It works on all devices, both online and offline.

Showell price

There is a free version and two more powerful versions:

Essential. This costs $18 per month per user.

Professional. Tailored to your needs. You must consult Showell about the cost.


If your business does a lot of online marketing, or you want to improve your online sales, this tool could be the one for you. Visitlead is a cloud-based platform that analyzes your website’s visitors and allows you to contact them directly.

Many companies don’t fully use the opportunity that a visitor to their websites provides. You should always keep your website up to date and engaging. If your website is attractive, a visitor might enjoy the chance to find out more about you and what you can offer. Each visitor is on the site for a reason and could be a potential customer.

Visitlead features

Visitlead offers you the possibility of building a relationship with your visitors and selling them what they need. Visitlead offers:

● Text chat

● Voice chat

● Video chat

● Screenshare

● Routing

● Chat history

Visitlead claims it can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and generate valuable leads through real-time monitoring of visitors to your website. It will provide you with information about which section of your webpage is attracting the most attention. The platform can also update your website content and tailor the content to specific individuals.

Visitlead pricing

Please note that the prices are “per license.” You need as many “licenses” as users who are online at the same time. Visitlead offers a 14-day free trial, and there are three versions available:

Live chat. If you pay monthly, this will cost $28 per month. The cost is $24 if paid annually.

RTM. $45 per month or $39 if you pay annually.

Dynamic. This version is $64 per month or $56 if you pay annually.


This platform has received positive reviews from users. They highlight the intuitive interface, the mobile app with voice notes, and the advanced AI forecasting feature.

Freshsales says its customer relationship management (CRM) software will help your sales team make the sales process more efficient, close deals quickly, and gather useful information about customers.

The company behind Freshsales is Freshworks. Freshworks markets other platforms for different company functions, like Freshmarketer for the marketing department. Freshsales, as the name suggests, is for the sales team. Reviewers say this platform is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Freshsales pricing

There is a free version of Freshsales. You might like to use this for a while to see if the platform suits your needs. You can then, if you wish, move up to one of the three platforms with more features.

● Growth. This platform is $18 per month per user if billed monthly. The same package costs $15 per user per month if billed annually.

● Pro. This platform costs $47 per month per user if billed monthly, and $39 per month per user if billed annually.

● Enterprise. If you get the Enterprise platform, it’s $83 per month per user if billed monthly. $69 per month per user if billed annually.


RocketReach is all about information. It describes itself as a global contact information database. Its main value to your company might be saving your sales team time and effort. RocketReach claims that 95% of S&P 500 listed companies use it.

The platform has three main functions:

● To source contacts. RocketReach searches and filters the web to find contact and company information.

● To enrich your lead lists. It will keep email addresses and phone numbers up to date. It also keeps track of job titles and more.

● To create and synchronize your contact lists.

As a sales enablement tool, its main value to your business will be the constantly refreshed information it supplies. Your salespeople will know who to speak to and which department they work in.

RocketReach integrates with many CRMs and connects to thousands of apps. The platform claims that it's the best way to source more than 620 million different profiles.

RocketReach pricing

● Its Essentials package is $75 per month ($49 per month annually) for 160 lookups a month.

● Its Pro package is $149 per month ($99 per month annually) for 375 lookups a month.

● Its Ultimate package is $369 per month ($249 per month annually) for 1,000 lookups a month.


A promotional video for Membrain claims that with this platform, you can:

● Customize your sales processes

● Use intuitive collaboration tools

● Use efficient productivity tools

● Study powerful sales analytics

● Use integrated sales content

User reviews back up the claims that Membrain makes. Many reviewers point out that this platform is adaptable and easy to use. Its primary focus is on B2B sales, but you can use it for any sales process.

Membrain is cloud-based with CRM functionality and provides:

● Pipeline management

● Prospecting

● Lead scoring

● Sales analytics

● Content management

Your sales team can easily follow the progress of sales and track the status of deals in real-time. This tool will help you coach your sales team, analyze and improve performance, and follow the sales process.

Membrain pricing

You can tailor Membrain to suit your needs. This has the advantage of getting exactly what you want from the product. However, the downside is that it results in a rather complicated pricing structure. There is a free version of Membrain’s products that you can access via its website.

Map My Customers

Users speak very highly of Map My Customers. The platform describes itself in these words:

“Our new powerful sales territory mapping, optimization, and reporting tool goes beyond cutting and assigning territories. Create models based on several variables to ensure balanced, productive distribution of your sales reps.”

A sales manager can use this sales enablement tool to implement an optimum sales strategy, monitor representatives in the field, and analyze the results. Managers can access Map My Customers through a browser. Meanwhile, a sales rep in the field can use the app (on iOS or Android devices) to see their customers as pins on a map and:

● Create groups based on various criteria such as territory, product, best customers, and more

● See which areas or customers they have not visited recently

● Choose which customers to visit in a set period

● See the best route to take to visit as many customers as they can

● See prospects in their chosen area

The app allows the rep to log their visit and make voice-to-text notes. The app integrates with other platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot. This easy-to-use app will help you organize your team more effectively and help your team work together more effectively.

Map My Customers pricing

Individual. $60 per month.

Team. $105 per user per month.


CrankWheel is a software package that helps sales representatives share screens with prospects. The prospect can watch presentations on any browser. One user commented, “Customers love the ease of being able to join a screen share with no complicated installs, meeting codes, or other hassles.”

Imagine that one of your reps is on the phone with a potential customer. Your rep can easily and quickly show a presentation to the prospect while answering any questions. Companies that use CrankWheel emphasize that it is straightforward and very effective.

You can use CrankWheel with your sales team as a training aid. This might be a good tool for your business if you use screen presentations to help sell your product.

CrankWheel pricing

All the following plans allow an unlimited number of users:

Free. If you feel that this basic version is sufficient, it's free for life.

Starter Team. This costs $89 per month.

Team. At $229 per month.

Department. At $499 per month.

Enterprise. This tailored package starts at $20,000 per year.

Sales Hub (from HubSpot)

If you run a fast-growing small business, you are in an enviable position. Nevertheless, quick growth can bring problems. It becomes more difficult to process all the new information coming in, and you might miss opportunities. Sales Hub might be the sales enablement tool that you need.

This is a powerful CRM that is easy to use, and it includes the following:

● Sales engagement tools

● A configure-price-quote function to help your rep close a deal on the spot

● Sales analytics

You connect Sales Hub to the HubSpot Growth Platform to compile customer data, tools, and teams in one central system. Sales Hub can help you manage essential information and optimize your sales effort.

Sales Hub says, “Sales Hub eliminates friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one easy-to-use, powerful CRM platform your whole team will love. Now you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: your customers.” By “friction,” Sales Hub basically means bad data management. Working through Sales Hub can help make your sales process smoother.

Sales Hub pricing

The quoted prices depend on the number of contacts included in your bundled CRM plan. The bundles include the Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, CMS Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub.

You can also expand your package if you need to, which is helpful for startups to add features as they grow.

Starter. Prices start from $50 per month. If you choose an annual payment, Sales Hub offers a 10% discount, and you are billed at $540 per year. This price is based on 1,000 contacts.

Professional. Prices start at $1,780 per month, or $19,200 for an annual payment. The Professional bundle starts with 2,000 marketing contacts.

Enterprise. Sales Hub only offers an annual payment option for $60,000, and it starts with 10,000 contacts.

If you want to start smaller, Sales Hub offers sales-specific packages that do not include all of the other softwares. The prices listed below are the starting prices based on the minimum number of users for that package. Your prices will change depending on how many users you want.

Starter. Prices start from $50 per month, with two users. Like the Starter bundle, Sales Hub offers a 10% discount for annual commitments. This package come

Professional. Prices start at $500 per month, or $5,400  for an annual payment. This pricing is for 5 users.

Enterprise. Similar to the Enterprise bundle, the Enterprise Sales Hub does not have a monthly payment option. This plan requires an annual commitment that starts at $14,400 for 10 paid users.

You must pay for additional users on a Sale Hub package, and this price will vary slightly between packages and which payment plan you choose.

Kapture CRM Software

This sales enablement tool is something of an enigma. Some reviewers praise it to the skies, but others are critical. Some say the customer support is first class; others say it's virtually non-existent. Positive reviews stress that this sales CRM and sales tracking app makes prospecting for new customers as easy as possible and boosts sales.

The idea behind Kapture is to bring a level of automation to every operation. This will make workflow management easier and help you keep track of data. There is a free version and a free trial offer. It would be a good idea to take advantage of the free version and try it out with your sales team before you commit to it.

Kapture pricing

Prices start at $35 per user per month if billed annually. The complete price structure depends on the package you choose. The most expensive option costs $110 per user if billed monthly. Comparatively, Kapture is a fairly affordable option.


How much time does your sales team spend with customers? A rep’s main job is to sell, but many spend too much time on such tasks as preparation and scheduling. Demodesk is a sales enablement tool that takes a direct approach.

It's a sales meeting platform that you can use for:

● Coaching your representatives

● Automating routine non-selling tasks

● Reinforcing best practices

● Loading all the information a rep needs when meeting a customer

Demodesk helps ensure your team is well-prepared and spends as much time as possible with the customer. In today’s business environment, many workers work away from the head office and rarely, sometimes never, see managers face to face. Demodesk can work around this problem and ensure that your sales team is functioning optimally.

Demodesk pricing

Demodesk offers a free trial. There are three packages:

Starter. At $25 per user, per month, billed annually.

Pro. At $45 per user, per month, billed annually.

Business. Custom pricing; you will need to talk with Demodesk’s sales team

Enterprise. Custom pricing; you will need to talk with Demodesk’s sales team

Raynet CRM

Raynet has built a solid reputation. Users like the fact that it simplifies the sales process. With Raynet, you have easy access to all the information you need—all contacts, pipeline analysis, deals, and your calendar are in one place. It's a useful tool for representatives in the field.

Managers can view performance and save time on meetings and tailoring proposals. Raynet is simple to use and offers a comprehensive package of features. Perhaps one of the best sales enablement tools available - especially for first-time users.

Raynet pricing

There is a free version, and Raynet offers a free trial. Raynet offers a fixed price of $25 per user per month.


ClearSlide describes itself as “The most complete sales engagement platform for content, communications, and sales intelligence to make every buyer interaction count.” ClearSlide aims to enhance communication between the sales team and the customer. Its two main features are:

● One-click presentations you can share in real-time

● Email pitches that allow you to share content through personalized emails

ClearSlide can help boost your team’s efficiency and has several features to help you do so. It’s a comprehensive system that is simple to use. You can easily access the information that you need. The platform presents content on an uncluttered screen. Reviews are typically very positive.

ClearSlide pricing

There are four plans: Pro, Group, Enterprise, and Ultimate. There is a free trial offer but no free version.


This popular platform allows your business to optimize sales, territory management, route planning, marketing, and mapping. One user said, “An indispensable tool for quantifying field team activities. The news feed helps keep remote employees connected and up to date. The Outfield team is super responsive and supportive. Features are added constantly.”

This is one of the most successful sales enablement tools. Many top companies use it to manage all aspects of the sales process. It's a comprehensive tool that helps reps close deals and managers check performance. Basically, it allows you to know all about potential markets and prospects and monitor existing ones.

You and your team can plan a sales schedule, choose the territory you want to cover, and analyze the results. Frankly, it's hard to think of an area this tool doesn’t cover.

Outfield pricing

A 30-day free trial will help you decide if this platform is the one for your team. There is a free version that you can try out. Outfield offers three plans and 30-day free trials for each: upstart, champion, and dynasty. You can request a quote directly from the company.

Choosing the right tools for your team

There are lots of sales enablement tools on the market. Many of them differ as to which aspect of sales they concentrate on. You should discuss the options with your sales team and decide which is right for your needs.

This is a highly competitive market, and new platforms pop up all the time. Existing platforms constantly review and change the services they offer to keep pace. The level of competition explains why these platforms are keen to get you to sign up on an annual basis.

If you don’t know much about sales enablement tools, it would be a good idea to try out the free versions, if available, before committing to a service. In this way, you and your team will find out if the sales enablement tool you pick is the right fit for your business.

Smith.ai can help your team with the extra work

Hopefully, your sales enablement tool will help you build sales and create leads. This might mean your staff has a lot more work to do as it tries to keep up with extra information and contact details. You don’t want to run the risk of missing a sales opportunity or losing an existing customer because you couldn’t get back to them on time.

Smith.ai offers businesses tools to help our clients manage their daily tasks that they may not always have time to get to or want extra help with. Our virtual receptionists can answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you don’t miss a call. We also answer website chat messages and SMS text messages. Smith.ai’s sales outreach feature allows you to reach out to potential customers, even when you aren’t around.

We can screen your leads to ensure you get the right clients and customers for your business and schedule appointments for your team to talk with them. You can schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with us to review the services that can help you move closer to achieving your sales enablement goals. Take a look at our general pricing and note that Smith.ai was recognized by Clutch as a top sales outsourcing provider.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to call or text us at (650) 727-6484 or email us at hello@smith.ai. If you would prefer to chat live with us, you can. We can chat with you live right here on the site, 24/7.

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Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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