The Best Form Builder Apps for Small Businesses on a Budget


We live in the Age of Big Data. Information is now more valuable than cash. With the right information, small businesses can do anything – even outcompete enterprise-level organizations and beat them at their own game. Of course, the challenge is accessing the information you need and then transforming it into something usable and meaningful.


For most small businesses, data must be sourced from customers. You need names, contact information, interests, demographic data, marketing preferences, and so much more. The more information you have, the more tailored you can make each customer’s experience, and the better you can support your audience.


How do you gain access to that information, though? For a growing number of businesses, digital forms are the answer. An opt-in form on your home page can allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to request more information. A landing page form might give you contact and demographic information, or a survey might help shed light on your customers’ expectations or pain points.


The problem here is twofold. First, you have to build the forms necessary, which requires a tool (a form builder app in this case). The second builds from the first – most form builder apps are pretty generic and they’re not all that great at transforming raw data into something more meaningful and useful.


Sure, information is incredibly valuable. However, unparsed, unprocessed, uncleansed – it’s just so much gobbledygook. The good news is that the right form builder apps can help you go beyond the norm. They not only provide you with the data that you need, but in many cases, they can do so in meaningful, easily digestible formats that offer not just value, but traction.


Of course, finding the right form builder apps is challenging. It takes time to sort through your options, and at least a baseline understanding of what to look for in the first place. That takes time away from what you do best – running your business. It’s also important that the app offers affordability. SMBs face unprecedented competition, which means every dollar has to go further. Finding form builder apps for small firms with limited budgets can be tough to do.


Thankfully, we’ve taken care of the legwork for you. Below, we’ll discuss the best form builder apps for small businesses, particularly those on a tight budget. Streamlining your quest for accurate information via form builder apps is just one way that we can help you build a stronger, more competitive business. We enable your business to be more responsive through professional, live phone receptionists, live chat, and other services.


The best form builder apps for small businesses that won’t break the budget


Below, we’ll explore some of the best form builder apps out there. Each one was chosen for its affordability, but also the range of features and capabilities. These aren’t necessarily barebones options just because they don’t cost an arm and a leg. They’re fully-fledged tools that help you collect the information you need to deliver an outstanding customer experience while building a thriving business.


Google Forms

Google Forms logo

We’ll start with what is perhaps the most widely available option of all – Google Forms. It’s free to use, can be configured to meet just about any needs, and integrates with the rest of your Google stack for ease of use. It’s also one of the fastest form builder apps on the market, giving you results in just a few minutes. If you have a Google account for your business, then you already have access to Form.


Google Forms gets high marks in several different areas. For instance, you can include almost anything you want, from short-form answers to long fields, multiple-choice questions, and even file uploads. If you can think of a function, chances are good that Google Forms offers it. Well, with one exception – you cannot accept payments.


For those who want to get up and running fast, this is a great choice because you have access to several different templates. Just customize them and get going. Of course, if you have the time, you can also create forms from scratch so that they perfectly cater to your needs.


A few of the most important things to know about Google Forms include the following:


·  Free option? Yes

·  Price: Free with a Google account

·  Add extra fields and features with Google Forms add-ons

·  Access to templates

·  One of the fastest form builder apps available

·  Integrates with Google Sheets and other Google apps


Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms logo

While Google is one of the best-known names in the technology world, there are some worthy competitors. Microsoft is one such. There are plenty of reasons to consider using this form builder app instead of something else, but the most common reason to go with MS over Google is that your organization relies on other Microsoft software, like Excel.


You’ll find that Microsoft Forms is a lot like Google Forms. That’s not an accident. Google saw such a huge response to its form builder that MS wanted to duplicate it. They did so right down to most of the workflows. That means if you’ve used Google Forms before, then you have a solid understanding of how Microsoft Forms works.


However, there are some limitations here. For instance, while you can create just about any type of question you want and customize the answer formats, there’s no way to let respondents upload files. With that being said, MS does offer Net Promoter Score, where Google doesn’t.


Here are a few of the things to know about Microsoft Forms:


·  Free option? Yes

·  Price: Free with an MS account

·  Integrates with Excel

·  Easily embed form code in your website or Sway

·  Share direct links to your form

·  Forms offers a quick overview of responses



Typeform logo

Want to give your audience something different from the conventional form-filling experience? Rather than a long list of questions to complete, Typeform provides a unique experience: a hyper-focused form that shows just one question at a time. The goal is to take the form-filling experience and turn it on its ear, making it feel more personalized and conversational.


Another difference here is that the interface is designed for keyboard navigation. Respondents use enter to move to a new field and can use a predefined key to sort their options for multiple-choice questions. You also get the ability to include unique aspects in your forms, such as cover pages and text paragraphs. What else should you know about Typeform?

·  Free option? No, but there is a three-month free introductory period

·  Price: $35 per month

·  Well-suited to mobile use

·  Complete an entire form using only the keyboard

·  Automatically send respondent answers to other tools in your tech stack

·  Include multimedia files and more in your form fields



Wufoo logo

If you’ve delved into the world of form builder apps in the past, then you’ve come across the name Wufoo. The company is one of the industry’s pioneers. You might have also come across the name while using SurveyMonkey.


On first inspection, you might think that Wufoo is a little outdated. The interface isn’t all that modern. However, don’t let that deceive you. This app provides all the capabilities you need and more. Want to create incredible custom forms? No problem. You can also use templates and customize them quickly, include DocuSign fields, adjust how form fields show up on the page, and so much more.


A few things to know about Wufoo include the following:


·  Free option? Yes

·  Price: $19 per month

·  Simple to use report generator that delivers data in a digestible graphic format

·  Build custom themes quickly and easily that go beyond Google or Microsoft Forms

·  Display response options in multiple columns

·  Create branching and logic-based question pathways



JotForm logo

Modularity and customization reign supreme with JotForm. If you want something that lets you create forms that look more customized than what’s possible with Microsoft Forms or Google Forms, you’ve found it. JotForm is all about modularity with a huge amount of customization thrown in for good measure.


Use the form builder app’s vast library of templates to create your base form. Then take things to the next level through customization options like adding graphics, logos, and more. You can even accept payments with this app, unlike many other options out there. Finally, it exports to other software, like Excel or even in a visual report to make it easier to delve into your newly acquired data.


Here are the key takeaways to know about JotForm:


·  Free option? Yes

·  Price: $24 per month

·  Export to Excel, HTML, graphic report, and more

·  Over 10,000 templates

·  Easy customization options

·  Accept payments within forms



Formstack logo

Do you have to deal with HIPAA compliance? Do you work with clients in the UK or Europe and need to ensure GDPR compliance in your forms? If your industry is heavily regulated, then Formstack is the form builder app for you.


With this app, you get some pretty significant capabilities, including built-in compliance with Section 408, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Another convenient benefit here is the ability to set workflows, which means that data flows from the app to those who need it and can use it. There’s also an A/B testing tool that lets you vet different formats, questions, layouts, and other variables.


Here’s what you need to know about Formstack:


·  Free option? No

·  Price: $19 per month



Paperform logo

Want to create forms that mimic the look and feel of landing pages? Paperform is your app. It helps you tell a convincing story while still getting the information you need from respondents.


With this form builder app, you’re able to add questions, but also text, video, headings, and more to transform what would be a bland, boring form into something closer to an article, blog post, or landing page. There are plenty of templates to make things easier on you, and it integrates with most word processing software.


What should you know about Paperform?


·  Free option? No

·  Price: $12.50 per month

·  Custom actions when respondents finish the form, including email, redirects, and more

·  Accept payments

·  Embed application fields

·  Supports images and other media



Formsite logo

Get the data security you need with Formsite. This form builder is an ideal solution for organizations that need to or wish to protect the data they’re sourcing from respondents. It encrypts individual answer/response lines so that anyone without permission cannot view the data.


Formsite offers some other benefits, too. It’s pretty modular and allows you to reuse blocks and data. It also integrates with most payment processing solutions on the market today. You can even link multiple forms together if necessary.


Other things to know about Formsite include the following:


·  Free option? No

·  Price: $16.67 per month

·  Individual form-field encryption

·  Build standard templates and then customize them

·  Pull and auto-populate previous responses

·  Combine forms to view multiple data streams at once



Formbakery logo

The last form builder on our list, but certainly not the least, Formbakery gives you the ability to get around the need to rely on the app’s developer for hosting/transmitting data. With this app, you get the source code necessary for self-hosting.


In addition to source code, Formbakery also provides you with drag-and-drop capabilities, plenty of speed, and more. You are limited to email reporting, though, and the coding aspect does require a certain level of technical proficiency.


Key things to know about Formbakery include the following:


·  Free option? No

·  Price: $19 for a single license

·  Source code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP

·  Host your own forms

·  Drag-and-drop interface


Going beyond form builder apps


With the form builder apps we’ve covered, you should be able to find the right option for your small business. From affordable options to regulatory compliance to creating forms that draw the eye and engage your respondent, there’s something here for just about any need and budget.


At, our goal is always to help you build and run a thriving business. Our professional, live operators help reduce the workload on your in-house staff while ensuring callers always receive an answer. Of course, we do so much more than just answer your calls – from text message support to Facebook Messenger, we ensure that you are as responsive and supportive as possible. Get in touch with us today by calling (650) 727-6484 or emailing us at You can also schedule your free consultation right now.

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