10 Best Google Voice Alternatives for 2024


Seamless communication is important in running a successful business. Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), staying connected no longer means being tethered to a traditional landline.

Google Voice is a popular VoIP service that has revolutionized call management for many businesses by facilitating calls via the internet. Although an invaluable tool, it isn't without limitations — particularly for growing organizations searching for advanced communication functionality or industry-specific customization.

VoIP can significantly reduce communication costs compared to traditional phone lines, offering advanced features like call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, and CRM software integration.

In this post, we venture beyond Google Voice, exploring several alternatives that may better suit your business needs. At Smith.ai, our expertise ensures that no matter what platform you choose, our virtual receptionists will handle your business communications flawlessly.

Integrate your VoIP with Smith.ai 

Integrate your VoIP system with Smith.ai to manage your calls flexibly and efficiently. Our virtual receptionists become an extension of your team, answering calls 24/7, screening leads, scheduling appointments, and processing payments — all while freeing you and your staff to focus on core business activities.

Each provider below can integrate seamlessly with Smith.ai, whether you prefer unconditional or conditional forwarding for optimal call management.

  • Unconditional call forwarding forwards all incoming calls immediately to another number without ringing your phone.
  • Conditional call forwarding forwards calls only under specific conditions, such as:some text
    • Time-based rules, like after-hours support
    • Designated ring counts before transferring
    • Call overflow

Combine your VoIP system with Smith.ai's virtual receptionist services to maintain direct line communication internally and enhance client-facing interactions externally, elevating your current telephony setup without replacing it.

  Best for Key feature Starting price
Google Voice Personal + freelancers Free basic plan with calling and texting Paid plans from $10/user/month
RingCentral Larger businesses + enterprises Massive integration library $20/user/month
Dialpad Companies valuing innovative features Powerful AI capabilities $15/user/month
Nextiva CRM integration Strong customer support $17.95/user/month
Phone.com Businesses on a budget Affordable plans with basic features $9.99/user/month
Grasshopper Small teams + mobile-centric users Unlimited users $14/month
Verizon Existing Verizon customers Reliable network coverage $35/line/month
Zoom Phone Remote teams Integrates with Zoom ecosystem $10/user/month
8x8 Global business communication Unlimited international calling Custom quote required
Talkroute Small businesses + solopreneurs  Transparent pricing + no contracts $19/user/month
1-VoIP Small teams with low call volume Same 40+ features for all plans $14.97/extension/month

1. RingCentral 

Best for: Larger businesses and enterprises requiring a scalable, feature-rich platform 


RingCentral is a well-established Google Voice competitor that has been around since 1999. The platform is known for its innovative features and excels in scalability and customization. RingCentral provides robust analytics and reporting tools to help organizations track and optimize their communication strategies. While it adds new features frequently, its higher prices compared to competitors may be a drawback for some smaller businesses.

Navigating the plethora of advanced features may overwhelm novice users. However, with extensive offerings like local numbers, toll-free and vanity numbers, call screening, call forwarding, visual voicemails, and skills-based call routing, RingCentral remains a popular choice among businesses looking for a comprehensive phone solution.

Price: $20/user/month for Core plan; $25/user/month for Advanced plan; $35/user/month for Ultra plan 

Key features: 

  • Multiple integrations: RingCentral boasts the largest ecosystem of integrations in the communications space, with over 300, including CRM systems, collaboration tools, and industry-specific platforms.
  • Video conferencing: Video meetings work on any device and feature interactive screen sharing, file sharing, HD video, and AI capabilities like live transcription and searchable text summaries
  • Advanced call routing: Route calls based on a number of factors, such as customer priority, IVR inputs, time of day, and agent expertise.
  • Real-time call analytics: With AI-driven insights, users can view call scores on the fly and identify patterns related to caller or agent trends.

2. Dialpad

Best for: Companies seeking powerful AI capabilities


Positioning itself as an innovative Google Voice alternative, Dialpad offers real-time coaching and AI-driven transcription services that enhance both call efficiency and overall user experience. The platform also provides multiple communication capabilities, such as audio and video calling, conference calling, screen sharing, text messaging, and team messaging.

The intuitive mobile and desktop apps ensure seamless communication on the go, perfectly catering to remote teams' needs. With features like call routing tailored for high-volume environments such as call centers, Dialpad empowers various industries looking to efficiently optimize their communication infrastructure.

No matter how progressive Dialpad might be in harnessing AI technologies, it's important to consider potential limitations around customization options on lower-tier plans before fully committing. For example, the Standard plan limits integration options to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. But for dynamic businesses seeking a cost-effective yet powerful communications partner, Dialpad is a great choice.

Price: $15/user/month for Standard plan; $25/user/month for Pro plan; contact for Enterprise pricing

Key features: 

  • Powerful AI capabilities: Dialpad AI offers call transcription, recaps, sentiment analysis, live coaching, an AI-powered virtual assistant, and more.
  • Reliability: Due to its global data centers and reliance on Google Cloud Platform, Dialpad promises 100% uptime.
  • Unlimited calling: Dialpad provides unlimited calling on every plan.
  • Advanced call queue: These features allow businesses to efficiently manage high call volumes, perfect for customer-facing companies like call centers and sales teams.

3. Nextiva 

Best for: Businesses prioritizing customer service and CRM integrations 


Nextiva stands out as a robust alternative to Google Voice, especially for businesses seeking more than just basic phone service. It offers an all-inclusive communication suite with advanced features like Call Pop, which displays caller info directly on your computer screen, and an integrated CRM that rivals specialized systems. Incorporated AI tools improve client interactions, while Nextiva Analytics tracks your team's call performance.

Nextiva's user-friendly interface enhances productivity by consolidating communications and supporting seamless device switching, making it a fantastic choice for remote work or teams in the field.

With such an extensive offering encapsulating advanced calling functionalities alongside free value-added features, Nextiva convincingly claims its spot as a top-choice alternative for Googe Voice.

Price: $17.95/user/month for Essential plan; $21.95/user/month for Professional plan; $31.95/user/month for Enterprise plan

Key features: 

  • Local and toll-free numbers: All plans include toll-free numbers, setting Nextiva apart from competitors.
  • 24/7 customer support: Nextiva's customer support policy is to stay on the call until the customer is happy and has all their problems resolved.
  • CRM integration: At the Professional plan, Nextiva integrates with popular CRM and customer-facing apps, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Zoho.
  • Free phones on long-term commitments: Promotional offers include free select models of hardphones with a three-year service sign-up, removing upfront hardware costs.

4. Phone.com

Best for: Startups and businesses on a budget


Phone.com offers an economical VoIP solution for those seeking a Google Voice alternative that won't break the bank. Its service offerings allow flexibility that can scale according to seasonal demands or varying workloads. Even the basic plan includes essential features such as call routing, transferring, and scheduling.

Additionally, you can choose à la carte services like live receptionist support — ideal for managing heavy influxes of calls during peak times. However, note that the user interface may seem outdated compared to its competitors. And while budget-conscious users will appreciate Phone.com, there are constraints on calling minutes and text segments in the most affordable tier.

Price: $9.99/user/month for Basic plan; $16.99/user/month for Plus plan; $23.99/user/month for Plus plan

Key features: 

  • Add-on options: The flexibility of à la carte options, like call recording and global numbers, cater to various business needs, ensuring customers only pay for the features they use.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: While Phone.com doesn’t offer a free trial, it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • HIPAA compliance: Unlike most competitors, Phone.com offers a HIPAA-compliant phone system on every plan.
  • Communicate from any device: Users can access their account from any device by using its browser to log into my.phone.com. If you've ever wanted to attend a meeting from your smart fridge, Phone.com can make it happen. 

5. Grasshopper 

Best for: Solopreneurs, small teams, and mobile-centric users


Grasshopper emerges as a commendable Google Voice substitute, especially for small businesses seeking a professional touch without the price tag. Designed with mobile users in mind, Grasshopper simplifies professional communication with its ease of use. Setting up is a breeze via the mobile and desktop apps — no costly hardware needed.

Ideal for both in-house and remote teams, Grasshopper offers scalable options from single-number plans with three extensions to small business packages sporting five numbers and unlimited extensions. While more straightforward than some competitors — eschewing features like video conferencing and call queuing — Grasshopper shines in its simplicity, affordability, and reliability in providing effective calling solutions without the complexity.

Price: $14/month for True Solo plan; $28/month for Solo Plus plan; $46/month for Partner plan; $80/month for Small Business plan

Key features: 

  • User-friendly mobile and desktop apps: The mobile version offers intuitive call management on the go, while the desktop app provides comprehensive features for texting and calling from a computer. Both versions boast simple, easy-to-navigate interfaces.
  • Straightforward softphone functionality: Grasshopper allows quick setup with existing hardware or mobile phones, so you can choose a new business number and receive calls on your current devices within minutes.
  • Instant Response: An innovative auto-text feature, Instant Response sends a text to callers when they miss their call.
  • Unlimited users: While competitors (including Google Voice) often charge per user, Grasshopper allows unlimited users on a single account at no extra cost.

6. Verizon 

Best for: Businesses already using Verizon services and those needing reliable network infrastructure


Verizon is a significant player among Google Voice competitors with its VoIP Business Digital Voice service. Touting America's largest wireless network, Verizon offers bespoke plans that customers can bundle with other services for discounts.

Reports of subpar customer support may distract from the impressive features Verizon offers, such as on-hold announcements and auto-attendant. Additionally, upfront activation and equipment costs could make Verizon less competitive from a pricing standpoint. However, the rich functionality integrated into its VoIP solution potentially offsets these costs for businesses looking for a long-term investment in a solid telecommunication infrastructure.

Price: $35/line/month plus $100 activation fee

Key features: 

  • High-quality network infrastructure: Unlike competitors who may rely on networks owned by others, Verizon's direct control over its own infrastructure translates to consistently superior service, with virtually zero downtime and excellent voice quality.
  • Discount bundles: Customers can benefit from cost savings by bundling Verizon’s VoIP services with other business solutions, such as internet or TV.
  • Security: With increasing concerns about cybersecurity, Verizon strongly emphasizes security features, including call encryption and secure authentication protocols.
  • Market reputation: As one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, Verizon's reputation and reliability can be a deciding factor for businesses looking for a trusted VoIP service provider.

7. Zoom Phone 

Best for: Remote teams and businesses already using Zoom for video conferencing

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is a Google Voice rival that merges VoIP capabilities with Zoom's renowned video conferencing service. Users can make crystal clear HD voice calls and benefit from advanced call management features like auto-attendant, call delegation, and dozens of third-party integrations.

Zoom Phone tiered pricing starts at $10/user/month, catering to various business sizes while delivering 24/7 support despite some noted customer service challenges. This platform simplifies switching between audio and video communication methods, which makes it ideal for enterprises looking for comprehensive remote communication solutions without needing multiple tools.

Price: $10/user/month for U.S. and Canada Metered plan; $15/user/month for U.S. and Canada Unlimited plan; $20/user/month for Global Select plan

Key features: 

  • Shared line groups: Incoming calls automatically distribute evenly among available members, ensuring no missed calls and faster response times. This feature is particularly useful for customer service, support teams, or any group that needs to collaborate on calls.
  • Application integrations: Connect Zoom Phone seamlessly with popular business tools like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. These integrations allow users to streamline their workflows and make communication more efficient.
  • Call delegating: Transfer calls to specific team members based on skills or availability. This feature helps direct calls to the most qualified person and escalate complex issues.
  • Call park: Put a call on hold and "park" it in a virtual queue. Any team member can then pick it up from any device, ensuring calls stay connected even if someone needs to switch devices or locations.

8. 8x8

Best for: Businesses with a global team or audience


With its user-friendly interface, powerful customer support tools, and mobile device compatibility, 8x8 offers unified communications praised for its intuitive interface and easy installation.

Particularly notable are 8x8's international calling capabilities, providing unrestricted calls to numerous countries even on lower-tier plans — a standout feature rarely seen in competitors. 8x8 also emphasizes security, with strong compliance credentials like HIPAA and FCC requirements, offering peace of mind alongside comprehensive business functionalities.

Despite some user-reported issues regarding call stability and customer service knowledge gaps, 8x8's extensive features, from number porting to predictive dialer, reveal why many consider it a top contender in the VoIP space.

Price: Contact for pricing

Key features: 

  • Unlimited international calling: 8x8 offers unprecedented international calling options, providing unlimited calls to 14 countries on its lowest plan and 48 countries on higher-tier plans.
  • Flexible plan options: With five plans to choose from, business owners can select the one that best fits their specific needs and budget.
  • Drag-and-drop IVR: This feature allows for advanced call routing without the need for complex programming.
  • Security: 8x8 complies with multiple stringent standards, including FCC, FISMA, and HIPAA regulations — crucial for those in healthcare sectors.

9. Talkroute

Best for: Small businesses and solopreneurs 


Talkroute offers a virtual phone system solution that provides flexibility and professionalism for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. It boasts features like call forwarding, customized menus, unlimited U.S. and Canada calling, SMS/MMS messaging, and video conferencing.

Users can choose from local, toll-free, or vanity numbers without any equipment needed — just set it up through its intuitive control panel on the desktop or mobile app. Talkroute stands out with no contracts required, allowing month-to-month subscriptions, making it cost-effective while giving the impression of a larger operation.

Price: $19/user/month for Basic plan; $39/user/month for Plus plan; $59/user/month for Pro plan; contact for Enterprise pricing

Key features: 

  • Virtual receptionists: Through a partnership with Smith.ai, Talkroute customers can access live agent services 24/7 for call answering, appointment setting, lead qualification, outbound calls, and more.
  • Voice Studio: For those who don't want to record their own prompts, Talkroute has in-house talent who can record custom messages delivered in one to three business days.
  • Phone number options: Users can select from a vast inventory of local, toll-free, or vanity numbers for their business. The process also allows existing number porting with options to customize area codes.
  • Reporting: Detailed history reports enable customers to track all business calls effectively. They include the capability to filter data, view call statistics and resolution status, and export results to CSV files.

10. 1-VoIP

Best for: Small teams with low to moderate call volume


What makes 1-VoIP appealing is its low-cost plans and acclaimed customer care. While it may not top every list in the market, it's recognized for its simplicity and cost efficiency, making it ideal for small businesses or startups with moderate call volumes.

1-VoIP provides the same 40+ features on all its plans without complex commitments or hidden fees. Standout features include anti-spam capabilities and a strong uptime guarantee of 99.99%. Although it lacks video conferencing tools, 1-VoIP's ease of use and hardware compatibility make setup seamless for users preferring straightforward solutions at competitive rates.

Price: $14.97/extension/month for Metered plan; $19.97/extension/month for Corporate plan; $29.97/extension/month for Professional plan 

Key features: 

  • Anti-spam capabilities: 1-VoIP integrates with Nomorobo, a third-party service that blocks spam calls such as those from telemarketers and known blocklisted numbers.
  • Easy-to-understand pricing: 1-VoIP offers straightforward pricing with no hidden charges or commitment required. Their business plans are differentiated by the number of extensions, meaning all tiers have access to the same set of features.
  • Customer service: Known for excellent customer support, 1-VoIP provides around-the-clock assistance. Support is U.S.-based and accessible through phone and email, ensuring quick responses to any inquiries or issues customers may face.
  • Use existing hardware: Users can use their existing VoIP-compatible hardware, reducing setup costs and allowing for simpler integration into their current systems.

Google Voice pros and cons 

Google Voice offers a flexible way to manage calls and texts across devices. But is it the best communication solution for you? Here are the advantages and potential drawbacks of Google Voice.


  • Free U.S. calling: Cost-free calls within most parts of the United States and Canada
  • Free numbers: Gives users a free phone number, facilitating easy communication without additional costs
  • User-friendly: Features an intuitive interface that simplifies setup and daily use
  • High-quality sound: Offers excellent call quality which is frequently highlighted positively by users
  • Number porting: Allows you to import your existing phone number into Google Voice for a fee
  • Can take calls on multiple devices: Enables answering and managing calls across various connected devices with ease


  • No free trial for businesses: Cannot test business-related features before committing financially
  • Integrations are limited: Restricted ability to connect with third-party applications outside of the immediate Google ecosystem, such as CRM systems or advanced analytics tools
  • No video capabilities: Does not provide any built-in options for video calling, limiting its utility
  • No international numbers: Not suitable if you require a local number outside North America due mainly to service availability restrictions in other countries
  • More expensive than other VoIP providers: Budget-friendlier alternatives offer similar or greater functionality at lower price points

Streamline communication with Smith.ai

While Google Voice offers a range of valuable features, there are plenty of alternatives that may better suit your business needs. Whether you're switching from Google Voice or implementing a new VoIP phone system for the first time, our virtual receptionists can expertly manage your calls with unbeatable professionalism and efficiency.

Smith.ai provides a team of trained receptionists with 24/7 availability who answer calls with a personalized touch, screen for spam, schedule appointments, and so much more. This means your callers always reach a helpful voice, improving the customer experience and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Interested in taking the functionality of your chosen VoIP service even further? Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how Smith.ai can enhance your customer engagement.

Google Voice FAQ 

Is Google Voice not free anymore? 

Google Voice is still free for personal use in the U.S., with some limitations. International calls and certain features require payment, and business users need a paid Google Workspace subscription to access Google Voice services. Always check current details on the official website, as policies can change.

Are there any free VoIP services? 

Yes, there are free VoIP services such as Skype, Google Voice, and WhatsApp that offer voice calls over the internet at no cost. However, they may have limitations or charge for additional features like calling landlines or mobile phones internationally.

What is the cheapest VoIP account? 

The most affordable VoIP accounts typically come from pay-as-you-go providers like VoIP.ms, Skype Credit, and Zadarma. However, comparing various services based on your specific needs is recommended for the most current and affordable rates, as prices and offerings can change frequently.

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