A leading business phone provider that specializes in telecommunications with customizable features.

1-VoIP offers a professional and affordable business phone system that allows businesses of all sizes to put their best foot forward. You can forward your calls from 1-VoIP to Smith.ai virtual receptionists for high-quality connection and 24/7 call answering. Our virtual receptionists won't just answer, transfer, and take a message — we'll qualify and schedule new leads, accept payments, and log call summaries in your systems.

Smith.ai can also transfer calls to multiple lines through 1-VoIP: sales, support, marketing, or the business owner. And since 1-VoIP and Smith.ai both offer spam filtering services, you'll never be distracted by or charged for an unwanted robocall again. Connect 1-VoIP and Smith.ai for an excellent 24/7 phone system and answering service. For help getting your calls forwarded, email support@smith.ai.