Forward calls from your Verizon Business account to for after-hours, overage, or 24/7 answering.

Many businesses use Verizon as a primary communications platform or simply have a Verizon mobile phone plan which they're using as their primary answering device. With a few simple steps, you can forward calls from your Verizon phone system to, and our receptionists will start to handle your calls instead. Combine quality sound with the most professional receptionists for an answering service that gives your business the best foot forward.

With a few simple steps, you can forward all of your calls to, or set forwarding rules. Our receptionists can answer after a couple of rings (when you may already be on the phone or busy), after-hours, or during certain times only. Have an unpredictable business or life? The instructions are so simple, you can even set your rules on the fly, with no need to contact support.