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Angela Sartain
2022-01-06 works with you and your current business setup to help you streamline your daily tasks and make them more manageable. Many clients already take advantage of’s calendar integration feature as part of all paid plans. Your receptionists here at can use your calendar to book an appointment for consultations, office visits or even remote troubleshooting sessions. Many of our clients have “callback appointment” specifically set up on their calendar. These appointments are usually 10-15 minutes and are typically easy to set up with any calendar system.

What’s the Benefit of Using Callback Appointments?

A call back appointment gives you more control over your day and allows a unique solution to those clients who call over and over, trying to get in touch with you. By setting up specific times for callbacks, you also will receive reminders (based on your chosen calendar program) to make those return calls. Some clients even choose to designate specific hours for call back appointment to help keep them organized and on top of their client requests. ­­­Your clients will be happy knowing they are “on the schedule” to speak with you and avoid playing an endless game of phone-tag.

How Does This Feature Work?

If you have a calendar software that has a publicly accessible URL, you can integrate it with our system. After the calendar is added to your profile, our receptionists will have access to book your call-back appointments for you and notify you of when they were scheduled for in the call summaries you have become accustomed to with Smith. 

Use this along with our outbound calling program to help end those games of phone tag. Simply notify the support team to make an outbound call to set up a callback appointment and we’ll take it from there. You will receive a notification with any information, to include the callback time and date. 

Please note: Our appointment scheduling service  is an optional add-on and will incur an extra fee. View current pricing for this and all other add-on services.

Let work for you and help you to organize those daily tasks with our calendar integration features.

Contact Us

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the support team at or give us a call at (650) 727-6484 and one of our friendly receptionists will be glad to help.

Angela Sartain

Angela Sartain is a freelance writer who also happens to run her own small business.

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