vs. AnswerForce: Live Answering Service Comparison

Angie Wilson

Don’t stress over choosing the right live answering service. We’ll help you make the best decision for your business and your customers. Today, we compare to AnswerForce virtual receptionists.

Setup Fees & Trials


  • $99 setup for the $129/month plan (minimum 90-day commitment)
  • $99 setup for the $279/month plan (minimum 90-day commitment)
  • Free setup for the $299 plan

Discussion: offers a free trial period and free setup for every plan. AnswerForce only offers free setup for the premium plan, without the option of a free trial period. Although AnswerForce offers a 30-day prorated money-back guarantee, there’s no option to try before you buy.

Monthly Plans

Here’s an overview of and AnswerForce’s monthly plans.

  • $140 for 20 live receptionist calls and 1 live transfer number
  • $300 for 50 live receptionist calls and 2 live transfer numbers
  • $600 for 120 live receptionist calls and 5 live transfer numbers
  • Custom plans available
  • 15% annual discount when paid up front


  • $129 for 100 minutes and standard features
  • $279 for 200 minutes and premium features
  • $299 for 270 minutes and premium features

Discussion: Both and AnswerForce offer pay-per-usage plans. However, AnswerForce charges by the minute and only offers their premium features for the more expensive plans. charges per call, leading to much more predictable costs each month. If the average business call is five minutes, as noted by Invoca call intelligence research, and AnswerForce are priced competitively to each other: However, overage costs may significantly alter that, as discussed below.

Overage Costs

  • $7/call on the $140/month plan
  • $6/call on the $300/month plan
  • $5/call on the $600/month plan


  • $1.50 for each additional minute on the $129 and $179 plans
  • $1.30 for each additional minute on the $199 plan

Discussion: According to Invoca research, the average business call is around five minutes. Assuming a 5 minute call,'s price per call if you go over on the cheapest plan is about $1.40 per minute. The price goes down to $1.20 per minute for's $6 overage charges and only $1 when you scale up. So is cheaper than AnswerForce in this instance, and you're not worried about one call causing extreme overage costs since has a flat fee structure.

Features and AnswerForce offer the following similar features:

  • Live call transfers
  • Bilingual answering
  • Lead capture & intake form completion
  • Custom call handling scripts
  • Call history reports
  • Integration with popular CRMs and calendaring software
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Messages texted to you
  • 24/7 live call and webchat answering offers the following additional features:

AnswerForce offers the following additional features, some of which are only available on their premium plans:

  • eCommerce order taking
  • Web landing page creation

Discussion: To get certain features from AnswerForce, you must pay more each month. delivers a far more personalized experience because we map the client call history to each incoming number, giving our receptionists the ability to understand who the caller is as soon as they get on the line. also offers outbound calls, so follow-ups with existing clients, appointment reminders, and more are taken off your plate.

Summary virtual receptionists are trained to understand your business, not read pre-approved lines off a script. They're North America-based professionals with experience in customer service and hospitality; they're friendly, helpful, and thorough. If what you're looking for is a scripted call-center experience for your customers, AnswerForce can provide that, but is the best option if you prefer to give your customers the sense of an in-house receptionist working alongside you and your staff. behaves as a true extension of your business, not just a third-party service for hire. Client Testimonial

Don't just take it from us! clients appreciate our quality of service and solutions for small businesses, and here's just one example:

“Amazing service especially for new small business owners providing a breath of fresh air in direct contrast of having artificial intelligence taking over creating such as disconnection without customers. Smith has been great as it allows calls to be filtered before they are transferred to me. Especially love that spam is not charged and eliminates the ever persistent telemarketers. Also just want to say that how appreciative I am for the discreteness of the staff and what a wonderful job these people that have been doing while answering the calls. HIGHLY recommend.”

- Ernest Santos, Driving Fitness Evaluations

Learn More About virtual receptionists are trained to learn your business and build a relationship with your customers. Discuss your options with us by calling (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT. You can also reach us by email at Signing up for our 20-call / 14-day free trial is a great way to get started.

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