Clio Grow

Clio Grow is legal intake software that helps attorneys capture, qualify, and convert new potential clients.

Clio Grow is the newest addition to Clio, a popular choice for legal practice management software. With Clio Grow you can capture, qualify, and convert new potential clients for your law practice.

With this integration, receptionists can add new leads and post-call summary notes to your Clio Grow Inbox instantly after every receptionist call.

Clio Grow also integrates with web chat. New leads, contact information, and chat transcripts will all be added to your Clio Grow account immediately following each chat conversation.

From your Inbox, you can choose to add the new lead as a contact, complete quick intake for the caller, or ignore it.

Whatever next action you choose, the primary benefit of the instant addition of the new lead's info and the receptionist's call summary or chat transcript to Clio Grow is that you don't have extra items on your "to do" list to manually add all new leads who contacted your law practice each day — their data is automatically logged in your intake software. It's just one less admin task on your plate (or your paralegal's)!