What Makes a Landing Page “Good?” 20 Landing Page Templates That Convert Leads, Fast

Sean Lund-Brown

Everyone knows that first impressions are important, and as the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your website’s first impression matters as you try to turn potential website visitors into leads fast.

As a business, you want to make a good first impression on potential customers. That means your website and your landing page, specifically, are of vital importance. Your website and landing page are the first things potential clients and customers may see when accessing your business information, so keep it simple and to the point.

Choosing a landing page and website design can be overwhelming. Let us take some of that stress away and show you 20 landing page templates that can convert to fast leads. But first, what makes a landing page good?

What makes a landing page good?

Before discussing specific templates, think of the top priorities you want your landing page to accomplish for your business. For example, do you want potential customers to see your products? Hear a message from your CEO? Or see your company mission statement? Whatever you choose, choose wisely and with purpose as a landing page may be the first impression you give a potential customer.

Your landing page should be organized, truthful, easy to understand, etc. Every business is different, but all landing pages meet many of the same criteria. Let’s review some of the basic landing page criteria you should keep in mind when choosing a landing page for your website and business.

Keep it simple and organized

Generally, a landing page should contain an organized, straightforward design. It should be streamlined and easy to identify important information. Do not let your landing page get too messy. Your main goal with your landing page is to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

Be bold and true to your brand

Be deliberate and thoughtful with your choice of color and images. Stick to designs and colors that complement your products and services. Do not use derogatory images, videos, music, etc. You want all to feel welcome to your site. Less is more when it comes to the overall design of your landing page.

Make it easy to navigate

Your landing page (and website in general) should be easy to navigate. Otherwise, potential customers may get frustrated and move to one of your competitors’ sites. Too much information can be overwhelming for a new visitor, so make sure to focus only on what is most important for the landing page.

Whatever information you do put on your main landing page, make sure it's clear and to the point. An ideal landing page will have a clean appearance and be easy to maneuver. Your website menu should not be difficult to find or use. Think simple.

Use the landing page header

You can use the header of your landing page to show potential customers what you have to offer. If you have a sale or special offer, consider broadcasting them on your website header. This is where visitors’ eyes are drawn most often, and you may be able to entice them with a great deal.

Additionally, don’t forget to create a useful footer on your landing page. Usually, footers contain legal information, contact information, a corporate location, etc. Landing page footers can contain vital information for potential clients getting in contact with your business.

Be trustworthy

Unfortunately, we cannot trust everything on the internet. There are countless numbers of schemes and fraudulent websites out there. Customers need to know that your site is not one of them.

A valuable tool for you may be client testimonials or links to your Google Reviews or Yelp Reviews. Show potential customers that you are legitimate and ready to meet their needs.

Another tool may include a “Trust Badge.” Trust badges are logos of well-known brands; they symbolize that another reputable brand thinks your business is reputable, too. This can serve as another form of endorsement and show your customers that you're the real deal.

Offer a mobile version of your landing page and website

Websites are often visited from a mobile device. It is likely that this will happen more and more frequently. Potential customers must be able to easily view your landing page on these devices.

Your page should be easily viewable on different-sized screens and load quickly. Some pages are not set up for mobile devices and can quickly be frustrating for the people you are trying to attract. You don’t want to miss out on a potential sale due to a clunky landing page.

Be professional

You should thoroughly test your chosen landing pages. Do they make viewers strain their eyes? Is the font too small? Reviewing and asking relevant questions will help to make your landing page land with your potential clients.

To be effective, your landing page should fit the criteria listed above and include no spelling or grammatical errors. Above all, it should be true to the company’s ideals.

What should you expect to spend on a landing page template?

There are many kinds of businesses in operation, and there are also many kinds of landing pages. Some are specific to unique industries, and some are much more dynamic. Landing page templates come at various prices, too, from free to over $100; there is a landing page to fit every budget.

You can learn about 20 free and low-cost landing page options in the list below.

20 potential landing page templates

You can customize every landing page listed below to fit your business, brand, ideas, and potential clients. Note that these potential landing pages are listed in no particular order, and thousands of others are available online.

Squarespace, HubSpot, and Wix are just three of many websites which provide potentially free or low-cost landing page options. Sit back, relax, and let’s get creative as we look at 20 landing page templates that convert leads fast.

20. Glint (from Colorlib)

Source: Colorlib

Glint is a template from the website Colorlib. It's priced at $19, but check Colorlib for more details and potential savings.

This template is clean, clear, and bold. Glint displays a large, dark background. In contrast, the text on the template is a bold white font. This template would be good for a landing page because it directs eyes right to the key information. Remember, too much information on a landing page can be overwhelming. Glint provides a professional yet functional option.

Glint is an option that will allow a company to keep its message simple and direct (with links for additional information). If your company is interested in a sleek, stylish, and modern design, you may want to consider this template.

19. Fagri (from Wordpress.org)

Source: WordPress screenshot from WP Beginner

Simply put, the Fagri template immediately looks like a professional website. There is a navigation bar, a beautiful design, and a form embedded into the page.

The Fagri template could be effective for a new business because of its minimalist design. You can customize this template, as pictured here with a simple form and a button to increase visitor engagement and attract new customers. Upon pulling up the Fagri template with this feature, the form is clear and enticing.

The background for the Fagri template has bright blue and purple gradients for a futuristic feel. The customizable Fagri template would serve well as a landing page for businesses across many industries.

18. Bandmates (from MailChimp)

Source: Mailchimp

If you did not like the look of Fagri, perhaps Bandmates might suit you better. Bandmates stands out as a good landing page template with a boxy, simple-to-read design.

Bandmates is a simple layout. There is no toolbar; instead, navigation is folded down from the top. Large block font is used for the banner. The middle of the screen focuses on a simple form. In this case, the form simply asks for an email address.

However, you can customize these templates in various ways if they do not suit your specific needs. You can bring in even more elements with the Bandmates template, including additional images. Though the Bandmates template starts with a royal blue background, you can customize this to fit your brand. Consider Bandmates for a variety of industries.

17. Skyline (from Wix)

Source: Wix

Websites are a work in progress, just like a business. Maybe you're still getting your business off the ground. If your website (or your business) is just getting started, you might want to consider the Skyline template.

The Skyline template from Wix contains a grayed-out photograph (of a skyline) with large bold text in the center. A form and an action button follow a small paragraph of text as you scroll down.

When starting a business, it can be difficult to find new customers. With a new website, you do not want potential customers to get away. With the Skyline template, you will generate leads for your new business proactively. Consider this great landing page template for a newly formed business (or website).

16. Product Showcase (from Unstack)

Source: Unstack

Unstack advertises Product Showcase as their original landing page. Product Showcase allows a company to put its product into focus, as indicated by the name. Product Showcase is a professional yet functional option for various landing page functions.

The Product Showcase template features a clean white background and well-organized blurbs. There are multiple places to show pictures as customers scroll down. There are areas for customer recommendations, trust badges, and more. You could truly use the Product Showcase template in any industry to help foster growth and engagement.

15. Invest (from HubSpot)

Source: HubSpot

Invest is a clean and clear template. There is limited space for information, but sometimes less is more. Invest might be a good fit for your landing page if you have less information to present to potential clients and customers.

Invest is a template that can help you make a great first impression. It's simple, including only a photograph, text, and a short form. This can help customers see what they are getting with your company. A simple image and short form may have you generating more leads than you know what to do with. For pricing information, check HubSpot. Invest in a professional yet functional landing page template.

14. Bold (from HubSpot)

Source: HubSpot

Another template from HubSpot with a similar aesthetic is Bold. Bold features a picture on the left side of the screen and a small blurb with a form on the right side.

Bold fits its name. With a large font, clients cannot miss your headline. Use this opportunity to get your brand name out there with a large, clear logo. This is a great landing page to encourage membership within your company or organization.

One shortcoming (if you could call it that) is that Bold contains very little space for explanation. There is a short section beneath the fold at the bottom of the page. However, for garnering attention and communicating a clear and concise message, Bold is a good choice.

13. Dizzi (from Colorlib)

Source: Colorlib

Dizzi is a bright, clear template that will wow your customers. Dizzi has an artsy, sophisticated design that looks like a modern website. It's available for free from Colorlib but be sure to check their website for additional details. As a side note, Colorlib offers a wide variety of free templates if you're still looking for that perfect fit.

Dizzi will not make you dizzy. It's a straightforward design, containing a toolbar, a large action bar in the center, and a vibrant background. This is another template that can serve various purposes and a variety of industries. If Dizzi suits your style, consider giving it a spin.

12. Bustle Realty (from Unbounce)

Source: Unbounce

Bustle Realty, as it sounds, is intended for use in the real estate industry. It features a large, simple form encouraging visitors to sign up. This could be used to drive more real estate leads when establishing a new business or expanding territory. Real estate is a very competitive field; a clean, professional landing page could help give you the edge you need over your competition.

The Bustle Realty template is most useful in the real estate industry without serious customization. The bold font and simple form make it easily navigable for potential leads. Acquire new customers with this sleek, simple landing page design.

11. Architecture (from HubSpot)

Source: HubSpot

Another template design from HubSpot is called Architecture. Check their website for details on pricing and potential savings plans.

The Architecture landing page helps garner more subscribers. Architecture features a large, bold banner with a spot for your logo at the top. Further down the page, there is a beautiful layout to feature customer reviews, ongoing deals, and more.

Architecture is a template that can fit multiple purposes across industries and warrants consideration if you're rebuilding a website (or starting from scratch). You can edit the background picture (though striking) to fit your needs. Show clients and customers the image you want to project with the Architecture landing page template from HubSpot.

10. Ronin (from Colorlib)

Source: Colorlib

The Ronin template is a tidy, organized template to consider for your landing page. Colorlib lists pricing for Ronin on their website as $19. Please check their website for more specific details and potential savings.

Ronin allows you to feature a person or item. By default, it focuses on a single person. There is a picture of a man displayed, with a short blurb about him underneath and an action button on the right side of the page. The Ronin template seems like it could be useful for many purposes. However, the template was originally designed as a portfolio website.

Freelancers, including artists, writers, real estate agents, and more can use the Ronin landing page template to promote themselves (and their brand). This is a good landing page template to demonstrate your value to potential customers and clients.

9. Selfer (from Envato Elements)

Source: Envato

If you're trying to promote yourself, Selfer is a viable landing page template. Selfer is a one-page template meant to capture a personal portfolio. Selfer features a dark background with white font. Use the flashing banner in the middle of the screen to promote your skills. Writers, musicians, artists, architects, and other freelance businesses might benefit from the sleek look.

Further down the Selfer template, sections illustrate your services to your customers. As you continue to scroll to the bottom, there’s a section to display your portfolio. There are areas to put contact information, client testimonials, and the crucially important social media links even further down.

The Selfer template gives you room to show a lot of information. It’s streamlined, clean, and the information is well organized. Nothing about the Selfer template feels cluttered. Aesthetics are important to the careers of artists and musicians. The Selfer template from EnvatoElements can help you look good for your first impression with potential clients and customers.

8. Lead Generation Landing Page (from Unstack)

Source: Unstack

Unstack has provided a Lead Generation Landing Page that may help your business generate leads. The simplicity and large fonts make this template clear and easy to understand for new customers.

Remember that sometimes customers are overwhelmed by excessive information on a landing page. With the Lead Generation Landing Page template, you do not need to worry about that. The Lead Generation Landing Page template features a form right in the middle of the template. This form requests five pieces of information (but could be customized). This form could help new clients join your mailing list, leading to more potential leads for your business.

Further down, there are built-in features. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to include frequently asked questions (this may be a great space for client testimonials as well). Finally, at the bottom of the page is a large light blue action button. The functionality of the Lead Generation Landing Page template makes it seem appropriate for just about any business.

8.1 Lead Generation Landing Page (long-form version from Unstack)

Source: Unstack

If you like the template’s look above, but want to communicate more information, consider the long-form version of the Lead Generation Landing Page template.

Like the original, the long-form Lead Generation Landing Page template features a simple landing page intended to focus the viewer on a short form. However, the long-form version saves the left side of the page to present information. Use this space for more content, your company motto, client testimonials, and more.

The long-form version of the Lead Generation Landing Page template is still sleek, good-looking, and straight to the point. This template just gives you the option of adding more key information.

7. Startup Home Page (from Unstack)

Source: Unstack

The Startup Home Page template is useful for many kinds of businesses. It features a toolbar at the top for easy navigation. The Startup Home Page template is clean, crisp, and modern. It features bright white and shades of blue for a bold look.

The top banner of this template has two main components set side by side. The left side offers a large heading so you can display your brand name with pride. Under the heading, you can include more information, and there is a large purple sign-up button.

The right side of the Startup Home Page template allows you to insert an image representing your company. The image is shadowed by multiple shades of dark blue, with abstract shapes. The Startup Home Page template quickly draws your attention to key areas. It could be a great starting template for many new companies.

6. Landing Form (from HubSpot)

Source: HubSpot

The Landing Form template appears both professional and functional. Landing Form, as it sounds, encourages visitors to fill out a short form. Landing Form also has a simple, streamlined look, with no toolbar at the top of the page. Instead, the top of the page displays a large, bold action button.

With a customizable background image, show your potential customers what you're about. The background image is darkened to make it easy to read the font on the page. Below the image fold, there is a section to add supporting details. You could use this for client testimonials, more images of your products or services, or anything else that may suit your needs. The Landing Form template is an enticing way to engage new clients and garner new potential leads.

5. Go Crepe (from ColorLib)

Source: Colorlib

Go Crepe is another beautiful template design that might fit your taste. It contains a large background image with a blue overlay. Over the top of that, a banner contains three vertical images stacked on the right-hand side. There is an action button on the left side to encourage client engagement. At the bottom of Go Crepe, you can use up to six sections for additional information.

The Go Crepe template can help your business stand out. The bright colors give the page a happy, easy feeling. Creative types, like sculptors, artists, or musicians, may benefit from this landing page template.

The Go Crepe template is ideal for showcasing beautiful images. With this template, however, there are many options for adding more information. Be aware of the key points you want to get across to your potential clients. Go Crepe is a good landing page template if you want to show the beauty in your business.

4. Lead-Gen Landing Page (from Wix)

Source: Wix

Wix created a landing page template design to generate more leads. A foundational element to successful businesses, lead generation is invaluable for finding prospects and closing sales. The Lead-Gen Landing Page template is professional in appearance, crisp, and can serve various businesses.

The Lead-Gen Landing Page from Wix starts with a form at the top requesting some basic information. Scrolling further down, you can see there's a lot of space. Beneath the fold, there are three tiles to promote three aspects of your business. Still, further, there are three areas to include client testimonials. Very cleverly, after scrolling beyond this, the form from the top of the page appears again. This will certainly encourage customers who have just read key information about your company to submit a request for more.

Another neat feature of this landing page template is the background. The background currently has some business people talking, but it is not just an image. It's a short video playing on a loop with no volume. This has a slick appearance and is memorable for sure. The Lead-Gen Landing Page template has room for anything you need and is specifically designed for attracting new leads.

3. Selling (from ColorLib)

Source: Colorlib

The Selling template may be a good fit if you're selling a product. The Selling template allows for a variety of product displays. From the top, there is a large toolbar for easy navigation. There is a large banner with two action buttons prominently featured upon landing. The sample shows a clothing store, and the two buttons say “shop now” and “club membership.” Upon scrolling down, products are featured with a large clickable image. Each product has two bold action buttons directly underneath.

Below the products, there are many sections for bolstering your page. You can add client testimonials that really pop. Consider highlighting specific employees or a discount you're offering to your customers. At the bottom of the template is a contact form encouraging potential customers to join your network.

There are also sections for additional links (the template currently has blog posts in this section). This is a dynamic template to help you move products. Selling from ColorLib may help you sell your business (and your product) to customers.

2. Coser (from Unbounce)

Source: Unbounce

Another template that can help you show your stuff is the Coser landing page template from Unbounce. Coser has a large banner with a grayed-out image and large white text. This is a great section to introduce visitors to your company and illustrate your values and what you offer. There are trust badges and an area to provide your company mission statement directly below. Building trust with potential new clients can help you get started on the right foot.

Further down, there are sections to display your products and services. Illustrate exactly what you're offering to your client here. Next, pricing is listed in a bold, clear way that is easy to read. Large pricing like this can signal to potential customers that you're upfront and honest with your business. Below the pricing, there are two tiles for client testimonials.

Finally, you can type a key message at the bottom of the page. It's currently a bold, white font on a black background. Coser appears to be set up for a retail clothing store; however, this template could work for a whole range of different businesses with a few changes.

1. Gradient (from HubSpot)

Source: HubSpot screenshot from webdew

Last on the list is Gradient from HubSpot. The Gradient landing page template features a sleek design. This simple layout includes a form, a headline, a photo with descriptive text, and a company logo. That is it. As you have read throughout the article, sometimes less can be more.

Gradient allows you to select a background image to represent your company.

This image appears behind a gradient, darkening your image for a smooth appearance. There is a short form to encourage customers to join your network alongside another image. Make a strong first impression with the Gradient landing page template from HubSpot.

Getting from landing page to long-term customer with Smith.ai

First impressions are everything, particularly for a new company. Consider some of the landing page templates above to make your content stand out from the crowd. When you stand out with your landing page, you're more likely to convert leads into new clients.

You need your website and landing page to work for you. With the sample pages above and the help of Smith.ai, you can grow your brand and gain new clients. Smith.ai can be your business’s sidekick, offering a 24/7 answering service with our live agents, appointment scheduling, sales development, payment collection, and more. Plus, Smith.ai has been recognized by Clutch as a top sales outsourcing provider. Book a free 30-minute sales consultation today and take a look at our pricing. We are the solution when you’re working with more than you can handle.

Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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