10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Veterinary Clinic's Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


Video marketing is a must-have for any business that expects to succeed in today’s digital marketing space. Veterinary clinics might not think that social media has much to offer, but they’d be quite wrong. In fact, one of the best influencers we discussed in our coaching series was the ASPCA, notorious specifically for their YouTube marketing campaigns that attract a lot of attention (and more importantly, donations!). 

The case for video marketing is strong and there is a lot that you can do with your own strategy to make it work for your clinic. Whether you’re trying to draw in new clients or just trying to build your social following, there are plenty of people who can help you along the way. Below, we’ll cover the 10 best marketers and brands that can help you grow your own followers on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media sites. 

First, though, it’s important to understand just how important video marketing is these days. For starters, by the end of 2021, it’s estimated that 82% of all traffic is going to come from videos. This includes live videos, which are expected to grow exponentially in popularity in the same amount of time. Plus, people expect video. They don’t just want it—they demand it. On average, Internet users consume between six and sixteen hours per week of video content. 

That’s a lot of opportunities to grow your audience. Whether you publish 45-minute-long educational talks or five-minute marketing spots, you’ll get a lot more attention than you realize when you put video to work. 

Ways to incorporate video for vet clinics

Some brands and industries have an easy time figuring out how to create a video marketing strategy. In the veterinary world, however, it might be less obvious when you’re trying to figure out how to put video to use. Beyond basic commercial-style videos, after all, what is there?

Well, as you’ll see in the list below, there are a lot more types of videos than you might think. You can use videos to educate and inform, promote and persuade, and even just to entertain and engage. 

Consider making a series of videos of your favorite furry patients. Maybe you’ve got a clinic pet—give them some video time and give your audience something fun to watch. You could even do like some vets do and create videos of various procedures or information about them so that pet owners and others can learn from the comfort of home (or anywhere, really, thanks to mobile video). 

Some vets post videos about procedures like anesthesia and routine surgeries (such as spaying and neutering) so that pet owners know what to expect and can have some peace of mind when taking their pets in. There are also vets who offer testimonial videos from current clients and their human owners, allowing the audience to get a firsthand perspective of what it’s like to work with the vet clinic in question. 

If you put your mind to it, there’s really no way that you can’t find value in video marketing. You could even post a selfie series where you answer questions or talk about things that have been going on. Maybe you’ll share your favorite cases of the week. Whatever it is, that style of video will give you the chance to connect to your audience differently, so it should at least be on your list to consider. 

You can share interesting cases or current industry events or news that are relevant or engaging. This allows you to stay connected, inform your audience, and show them that you care about your industry as much as you care about them—it’s a win all around. Ultimately, video can become the key to building your social following, no matter which platforms you decide to use. 

And yes, for those who are curious, there absolutely is a place for vet clinics on TikTok. Too often, certain businesses (including vets) assume a platform like TikTok isn’t going to do anything for their video marketing. The fact of the matter is that it’s actually a great place to find an audience that enjoys some quick entertainment, or even short educational clips. As with all of your video marketing, the sky’s the limit.

Do some research and see what others are doing before you get into your own strategy. And speaking of others, let’s dig into the top 10 video marketers and brands you should be following to help build your own successful strategy. 

The 10 video marketers you need to know


As we mentioned, the ASPCA is really on point when it comes to video marketing. They know just how to tug at the heartstrings of their audiences to rake in donations and get people’s attention. They have informational and educational videos, too, such as preparing for disasters, what to do with pets in emergencies, and so much more. They aren’t just pandering for donations all day long, which helps lend them credibility and make people feel better about donating to them. Check out all the ways they use video to draw in different audiences and take notes of which ones you can use in your own strategy for video marketing. 

2. Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch is a channel that showcases all kinds of different videos of animals, from injuries and abuse cases to surprising cases and more. They have a video of a vet saving a fish and even post some selfie-style videos to create that personal connection with their audience. This channel has a lot of different content and with over 2 million followers, they are definitely doing something right. Part of it comes in knowledge but part of it is the variety of content that they have available—it keeps people engaged and gives them plenty to look at. 

3. Dr. Andy Roark

Host of his YouTube show entitled “Cone of Shame”, veterinarian Andy Roark is all about showing people the human side of veterinary work and help uplift other professionals at the same time. He’s an innovator and educator and loves to connect with other professionals and pet owners alike. His channel has an impressive list of videos, plenty of subscribers, and a lot worth checking out. You can also explore his other social profiles to see how he’s carrying that human connection through in other marketing efforts. 

4. Purdue Veterinary Medicine

For those in the industry who are interested in seeing how a higher education institution embraces social media and video for the sake of marketing and building visibility, this is a great channel to watch. The channel is published so that the community can stay updated on what’s going on at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, and it’s a great example of how to create a channel that your audience can use to stay informed. They also have a lot of great variety that will help you get inspired when creating your own videos. 

5. Jane RVN

Jane is a vet nurse that has won awards for her efforts throughout her career. She has an impressive YouTube channel that has plenty of information and insight on her own career, the veterinary industry, and more. She can help the general public, as well as other veterinary professionals looking to expand their own video marketing efforts. Her channel has tons of videos to explore, and you will find plenty of insight and resources on her other social media profiles, too. She’s really into connecting with the people, and that’s what makes her a good choice to learn from. 

6. Dr. Mike, the Bow Tie Vet Guy

Dr. Mike takes a unique, charismatic approach to educating people on the world of veterinary medicine and care. He’s a veterinary expert and he’s got all kinds of videos to share, from the inspiring to the personal and even the outright educational, ensuring that the audience has plenty to see. He’s got more than 100 videos and over 4.2 million views, and his 26K YouTube follower count is nothing to sneeze at for an industry like this. You can learn a lot from the way he presents his videos, his marketing style, and even the information that he offers in his videos, so take note. 

7. Cody Creelman

Cody Creelman has over 50K followers and offers plenty of different videos on his YouTube channel. As part of his social media efforts, he publishes a web series known as Fen Vet, along with other short videos and fun shares. There’s a little bit of something for everyone and his casual, charming style will reel you in as much as his bright smile. Most of his videos are getting thousands of views and he updates content regularly to keep people engaged and keep his audience growing. 

8. Animal Planet

While they’re a television channel and not an individual or vet clinic, Animal Planet has definitely done well to create a YouTube channel that keeps their audience engaged and helps grow their audience. From clips of their shows to exclusive YouTube content, firsthand videos, and even shares on various situations and how to deal with them, there is so much here to see that they will attract all kinds of audiences and people will never get bored. That’s how you need to do it when you create your own video marketing strategy, no matter what you have in mind. Engage people by keeping the content coming and giving everyone something to enjoy. Check out the rest of their social media to see how they’re doing on those fronts, as well. 

9. Bondi Vet

Bondi Vet is a huge channel on YouTube. They offer tons of information about caring for animals, as well as recordings of various procedures and experiences that happen at their clinic. One video shows them delivering newborn Maltese puppies, while another shows them helping an elephant all the way in South Africa—it’s amazing how far their expertise and their content span. They even have compilation videos, funny videos, and more. You will get a lot of insight about how to make your own videos, as well as to see what kind of content attracts the best audiences. 

10. My Veterinary Job Board

Ben Caplan runs My Veterinary Job Board, posting videos on all kinds of relevant veterinary topics, from how to manage student loan debt to getting more clients, marketing your clinic, and so much more. He’s got a lot of great information to offer and knows how to get results. He’s very analytical, too, which allows him to home in on things like how to increase traffic and generate more marketing value from your video content. Plus, he’s fun to watch and can teach you how to “keep it real” with your audiences when you’re making your own videos. 

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