10 Best Legal Blogs to Help You Run Your Firm More Profitably


Attorneys are not always naturally adept at running successful businesses. Sure, you might have deep expertise in your area of focus, but do you understand how developing trends will affect the flow of clients into your practice? What about changes in the industry? New technologies? 

Lawyers learn from others, both in law school and in the school of practice management. The problem is that running a successful law firm often means dealing with limited time, and that makes it challenging to find accurate sources of information to provide the guidance that you need. 

We get it. You’re busy, your office is slammed, and you just don’t have the time to find the best legal blogs out there. That’s why we created this list. You’ll find 10 of the most informative, value-packed blogs in this list so you can get the information you need to build a thriving, profitable practice. 

The National Law Journal

Looking for a way to stay up to date with legal issues the law industry is facing? Want more insights into today’s hottest law topics? The National Law Review blog is a great place to turn. It covers just about all areas within the legal industry, too, from family law and criminal justice to immigration. 

Above the Law

Above the Law is an interesting legal blog for a few reasons. It offers opinions, insight, and guidance into a wide range of legal topics (it’s not focused on technology, family law, or any one particular legal sector). It also offers several important divisions. There’s “small law”, which is ideal for solo attorneys, and “big law”, which is better suited for attorneys with large firms. You’ll also find a career center that provides important resources for attorneys throughout each stage of their career path.

The Artificial Lawyer

Technology plays an ever-greater role in the practice of law. Not only do you need to deal with things like practice management software and CRMs, but now AI is making major inroads. How will these technological shifts affect your practice, your clients, and your success? The Artificial Lawyer blog focuses on technology and its impact on the legal industry in just about every way you can imagine. 

The Legal IT Insider

The worlds of technology and law meet in some interesting ways. The realm of IT law is one example. It’s a unique blend of the two fields and can be incredibly tricky to navigate. The Legal IT Insider blog can help. You’ll find important news and updates covered, as well as deeper dives into areas of IT law that might not be very clear. 

Law Technology Today

Here’s another important legal blog for those dealing with technology-related cases. Law Technology Today is part of the American Bar Association, and you’ll find that it covers topics that bear directly on the things you experience every day like cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and AI to name just a few. The blog is well-known for bringing a wide range of perspectives to these topics, too, so you get insight from experts both inside and outside the legal industry. 

ABA Journal

Don’t have time to go to individual blogs but still want the best information to inform your practice? The ABA Journal is the option for you. It aggregates posts from over 4,000 of the best legal blogs out there in one place, so you can save time without sacrificing access to the information you need. It’s well organized and delivers something for just about any legal practice to benefit from, as well.

ACC Docket

Like technology, corporate law is a realm unto itself. ACC Docket offers insight into important issues for attorneys focusing on corporate law, ranging from compliance to technology and ethics. In addition to opinion pieces and topic reviews, you’ll also discover rich interviews with in-house counsel, as well as plenty of other things that offer value. 


IP law is complex and convoluted. It’s also rapidly evolving thanks to the advent of AI. IPWatchdog is an excellent legal blog for IP attorneys and related practitioners thanks to its in-depth coverage of patent and trademark cases, as well as important insights into pertinent cases, particularly those involving legal technology trends. 

Health Law Advisor

The healthcare and life sciences industries are incredibly intricate and governed by unique rules and regulations. It’s important that attorneys focusing on health law have access to guidance and information, and Health Law Advisor does just that. It covers everything from major cases to legal analyses, all to help attorneys chart a successful course through these often murky legal waters. It specifically focuses on healthcare, life sciences, healthcare labor laws, and technology within the healthcare industry.


It’s no secret that the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is responsible for some of today’s landmark legal decisions. The SCOTUSblog focuses on petitions coming before the court that deserve special attention. Readers also value the site’s morning read feature, which includes a list of important news pieces and articles that bear on the Supreme Court in some way.

Putting information to good use

While reading the best legal blogs will help you gain perspective and provide guidance on important topics, you must put that information to use to truly get value from it. To do that, your legal team needs to focus on what they do best, rather than dealing with lead intake, billing, or client communications. That’s where the virtual receptionists at Smith.ai can help. 

When you need a legal answering service, our team delivers. Not only do we free your staff to focus on mission-critical tasks, but we also help you surface important insights through call intelligence and metadata, as well as call recordings and transcriptions.

To learn more, schedule a consultation or reach out to hello@smith.ai.

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