5 Ways to Run a Better eCommerce Business with Virtual Receptionists


The Internet is a valuable tool for everything from gaining knowledge to conducting business. As an eCommerce company, it is your backbone, holding you upright in an a highly competitive space where delivering excellent service is your only option. Our virtual receptionists at Smith.ai assist with these challenges by offering helpful solution that takes the taxing burden of customer service off your shoulders, serving as first line of contact for your incoming callers.

Customers today are conditioned for immediate satisfaction and keeping them in the dark about anything for even a short while usually means a loss of revenue. As a double-edged sword, taking a call to handle one issue means neglecting another. Aside from taking calls, all kinds of other matters need attention – we completely understand the stress.

The five benefits of the Smith.ai virtual receptionist service listed below are invaluable to a bustling eCommerce business that help your company keep up with client needs.

1. Answer questions for callers

Though your website is an informative place where customers should be able to learn everything they need about your services or products, you know this isn’t always the case. You’ve likely noticed a pattern in the questions callers ask. We can use this information to build an FAQ to answer common questions asked during inbound calls. Over time, we can add more to the list as our virtual receptionist team will identify common new queries over time.

2. Escalate service issues

No one is perfect, as anyone who answers a service line is well-aware. A lot of moving parts need to be in sync or customer experience can go “Bye, Bye, Bye.” In all seriousness, a good example is when someone is expecting an order in three business days and week passes with nothing arriving in the mail except bills. After we receive these calls and interpret the caller’s frustrations, we’ll pass them to the proper channel to resolve the problem.

3. Ward off wrong numbers and spam

No matter what kind product or service you sell, a website indexed by Google means other bots will eventually crawl your site and scrape your contact information. What results is a deluge of calls about “great services” you don’t want or need, generally originating from spam callers. We can prevent these people from reaching you and we won’t charge you extra. The same holds true for wrong numbers – we don’t detract from the calls allotted by your Smith.ai plan.

4. Automatically call your leads

On the sales side of eCommerce, getting back with leads that came from genuine interest (e.g. clicking a paid ad, filling out a contact form, or any act to establish contact made by a real, live human) is huge to conversion. We can automate a lot of your tasks, hence reducing the calls you or your internal team needs to make.

5. Schedule your appointments

On the business development end, setting up appointments with investors and the sales people you actually need to talk to is another process we can handle on your behalf. We integrate with a variety of calendar apps and can also plug information into your CRM. Because we learn your business and mind your schedule, we won’t set you with a call during lunchtime with shampoo supplier when you’re an MSP for network services. We can even call with even call clients or vendors with appointment reminders.

A Smith.ai Customer Testimonial

We provided just shy of a handful of ways the virtual receptionist service from Smith.ai can benefit your eCommerce business. Here is what one of our online merchant clients had to say:

“So much more than an answering service. Smith gives us a personal way to focus on executing at the fast pace required in startup life.”

Merchbar – ‘The Leading Retailer of Official Music Merchandise

Learn More About Smith.ai

Some businesses are fortunate in the sense that they run themselves with only few hiccups but for everyone else, a lot of time and energy is spent just keeping up, especially in a competitive eCommerce environment. Sign up for a free consultation with our team or get started risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Nick Epson

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Nick Epson is a professional copywriter and a well-versed content marketing expert.

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