How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Posts to Appear More Often in the News Feed


Maximum exposure is always the goal with social media, as well as other marketing efforts. And considering that Facebook is home to almost 3 billion users, “maximum” is reaching all-new heights. This is a critical platform that needs to be part of your social media marketing strategy, no matter what business you’re in. Having a Facebook Business Page will allow you to build a reputation and credibility, reach customers and leads who may seek services on social media exclusively, and stay in touch with customers and industry connections on a regular basis. 

Of course, the rules and algorithms change all the time, so it can be hard for anyone to keep up with the best practices. Fortunately, if you learn a few things about how Facebook works, you can do much better at getting your Page posts to appear more often and more regularly in peoples’ news feeds. 

Understanding the Facebook algorithm for 2022

Facebook carefully created its algorithm so that it shows users the most interesting content to keep them on the site longer. It also wants to make sure that people can find what they need and rely on Facebook as a valued source of information. Therefore, the main values of the algorithm are the same as those of users:

  • Informative, meaningful content
  • Authentic, accurate stories
  • Respectful, safe behavior

To make sure that content lives up to these standards, Facebook will go through four steps to figure out how best to arrange the news feed for each viewer, as well as where to rank business posts, and more. 

First, inventory will be taken. All the possible content that could show up on a news feed will be gathered so that it can be evaluated. Then, signals will be checked, including: when the post was made, who posted it, how much interaction the user has with the OP (original poster, AKA your business), how your company interacts with similar posts, the type of content it is, and even how fast the connection is and what specific time it is while you’re scrolling. 

All this information will be used to make predictions and aggregate content for each user based on the details gathered thus far. The algorithm attempts to figure out how likely a user is to interact with a post, based on past behavior as well as surveys that are conducted regularly. Finally, the content is scored and the highest ranking posts will be the first to appear. 

So, now that you know more about how Facebook judges content, let’s look at how you can guarantee that you get visibility on everyone’s news feed. 

Share relevant, accurate stories 

The only way that you’re going to rank well anywhere online is to provide relevant and accurate information. Whether it’s a news story about your latest office opening or a blog post that you’re linking that helps people understand how to choose a digital marketing firm, make it relevant and make the relevance clear to the audience. If it seems out of place, most people will look right past your post and move on. 

Share user-generated content (UGC)

Another great way to stay relevant and get noticed is to share other user-generated content with your audience. Companies that only share information about their business aren’t going to get as much engagement as those who actually interact with people and share other posts, even if it’s just for a laugh or to get people’s attention from time to time. Find UGC that’s relevant to your business and take advantage of adding it to your posts. 

Take advantage of video 

Facebook is a big fan of original video content, so if you can create and share some of your own, you’ll see much better rankings and your post will likely stay visible for longer than a text post. Just make sure that the video is of good quality and relevant to your audience. Like anything, you can’t post videos just to post them—they have to be a part of your strategy. When you use them well, however, videos can revolutionize the way you engage with people on your Business Page and elsewhere on social media. 

Don’t share fake news or use clickbait 

If you can’t find a source for a “news” post besides that one random person who posted it, it’s probably not valid or relevant. Make sure that you take the time to vet all the information that you share so that you don’t ruin your reputation by sharing fake news or spam. You should also avoid clickbait, which is just an industry term for the use of exaggerated headlines and sensationalized summaries to get clicks without delivering substance. This is a bad look and Facebook users will call you on it, as well as find someone else to do business with. 

There’s so much that you can do to help your Facebook posts get more visibility, but it’s mostly about building a strong following, staying relevant in your posts, and taking advantage of the algorithm and how it ranks posts. Keep these things in mind and watch as your Business Page posts go further and get more views than ever before. 

With more views come more leads—are you ready?

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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